Ten-year-old client

Sasaki is a private detective. This afternoon, his office came to a teenager who was about ten years old and said that he would ask him to be a bodyguard to protect a woman named Sachiko Nishida.

At first, Sasaki did not put it in his heart: “You are a child. If you have any difficulties, you should find a parent or a policeman. Do you understand?”

The teenager said: “But this is ridiculous. I have no way to make it clear that the police will probably not care about me, so please come to you.” After a pause, the teenager said: “You just need to protect her until tomorrow morning. Here is Fifty thousand yuan.”

Under the inquiry of Sasaki, the teenager introduced his name to Daisuke Natsumoto, ten years old, and he was in the fifth grade of the fourth country of Yodobashi. He lived at No. 50, Section 3, Shinjuku, North. On the way home from school at noon, he and his classmates were hiding from the rain at the shrine. After the rain stopped, the official history went back. He wanted to play for a while, and then hid behind the door to see the comic book loaned to him by Zhengshi. At this time it rained again, and two men ran into the shrine to hide from the rain. He heard one of them say: “You went to kill Nishida Sachiko today. She works in the jewelry store of the Black Building.” Because he hid behind the door and was very scared, he did not see the faces of the two men. .

Sasaki is a bit hesitant. This boy, in order to protect a woman who is not known, is willing to spend his pocket money. To be honest, he does not believe it… At this time, the young man asked where the toilet is, and Sasaki said The location of the bathroom. After a while, the boy has not returned. Sasaki wants to go and see, as soon as he goes out, he sees five million banknotes on the mailbox at the door. He realized that he was hired by this teenager.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon, Sasaki came to the black building and sat down at the coffee shop opposite the jewelry store. While observing the jewelry store through the glass window, he called the jewelry store and asked Nishiko Nishida to answer the phone.

Sachiko Nishida is a middle-aged woman. Sasaki opened the door: “My name is Zeqi, I want to ask you something. Someone wants your life. Do you know who it is?” Nishida Sachiko listened. Zesaki explained: “Someone heard two men talking and said that you are going to kill you today. Do you have any clues about this?”

Sachiko Nishida thought about it: “Because of working relationships, I sometimes have to carry some expensive goods with me. It is indeed much more dangerous than ordinary working women, but I have never encountered any danger. Are you a police officer?”

“No, but please believe me.” Then, Sakizaki asked if Sachiko Nishida knew about Daisuke Amoi. The answer is no. Zesaki had a whim and asked: “Do you have children?”

The voice of Sachiko Nishida became a bit hoarse: “There is a girl who is in junior high school.”

Zesaki nodded. Finally, Yukihiko Nishida had to be careful and hung up. However, after this, Sasaki’s line of vision has not left Yuki Nishida, and she changed her clothes and left the jewelry store in a hurry. Zeizaki also followed.

Witnessing robbery
At about 2:45, Sasaki followed Sachiko Nishida into the business hall of a bank. Just when Zesaki wondered why Nishiko Nishida came here, the two men in the business hall suddenly raised their guns. Obviously, they are robbers.

The robbers ordered the staff to pull down the iron gate at the entrance and let all the customers sit in the chair and not move. Then, at the request of the robbers, Bank branch president Wu Teng Rongzhi stood up. A robber threw him two canvas bags and asked him to put the money in the safe. A minute later, Wu Teng took a bulging canvas bag and approached one of the robbers. Suddenly, he took a gun from the canvas bag, shot through the robber’s chest, and quickly turned the muzzle to point to another robber. “Let’s get it!” Muto said. “I have just pressed the alarm bell and the police will immediately surround it.”

The voice just fell, the robber suddenly raised his hand to shoot at Wu Teng. At this moment, Sachiko Nishida shouted “husband, dangerous” and rushed to Muto. In order to prevent Yuki Nishida from being hurt, Sasaki rushed to the past and pushed her away. Wu Teng stunned and waited for the reaction. He was shot by the robbers and fell down. The robbers smashed the canvas bag on the ground and planned to escape, but they were caught by the police outside the door. Later, Muto was rescued by an ambulance, and Sachiko Nishida went to the hospital with an ambulance.

The next day, various media reported on the bank robbery. The report mentioned that when Wu Teng served as the bank’s chief in charge more than a decade ago, the bank was ransacked; six years ago, he was involved in a bank robbery when he was a branch manager at a small branch. The report also revealed that Muto has no life-threatening after surgery. His pistol should be purchased during his visit to Southeast Asia during the January holiday. In addition, the identity of the robbers has also been identified, the one who died is called the courage of the church, and the one who did not die is called Asada. Asada said that everything is planned by the church alone, he just followed his instructions.

After reading these reports, Sasaki remembered the boy who was yesterday, so he found the door according to the address provided by the boy. The boy who could open the door was not the one that Zesaki saw yesterday.

Sasaki felt that he had been cheated and cautiously asked, “Are you a Japanese companion?”

“Yes,” the boy replied.

“Can I answer a few questions? Does any of your friends know the address of your home? Only boys.”

“Classmates in the class know that because there is a address book, there is the address of everyone.”

“How many male students are there in your class?”

“Twenty-three, oh, it should be twenty-two. I transferred to the official history this summer.”

History? The name awakened Zeqi, and he suddenly realized that perhaps the official history is Dasuke, and Dasuke is actually a history.

Dasuke told Sasaki that he and Zheng Shi are good friends and know each other’s address. After the transfer of the official history, they also passed the letter and called. In the last letter, Zheng Shi said that his parents might be divorced. Suddenly, Dajie seems to think of something and said, “Yes, the father of the history of yesterday was at the bank…”

Sasaki’s brow is tight: “The history is surnamed ‘Wu, right?”

Dajie nodded. Zesaki quickly said goodbye to him and left in a hurry.

Sasaki intends to wait for Wu Teng to get better when he gets better. After waiting for a few days, he made an investigation into the Wu Teng couple. It turned out that the divorce was proposed by Sachiko Nishida, and she did not raise the alimony, but the condition was that her daughter and son were raised by her, but Muto refused. Since March, the two have separated, and the daughter lives with her mother, who lives with her father. Zesaki also learned through his friend, the police, that the two robbers had never been to the shrine at noon on the day of the incident…