The ball pen is also a kind of happiness

Tao Qi is a Shanghai girl who went to Cuba to seek business opportunities. At a party in Havana, a Cuban man was married and the two fell in love at first sight. After the love matures, her boyfriend took her home to see her parents. At that time, it was six o’clock in the evening.

She thought that she would dine at the man’s house, but everyone talked about the darkness of the cockroach turned into a dark night, and her boyfriend didn’t mean to have a meal at home. She was hungry and couldn’t stand it. She had to rush to leave, rushed to the street stall, bought a loaf of bread, swallowed the jujube, and suppressed the hunger in the belly. Afterwards, she learned that in Cuba, where supplies are extremely scarce, like most of the struggling families, the parents of their boyfriends are unable to come out with food for their guests.

The second time I was invited to my boyfriend’s house, my boyfriend asked her to make an egg fried rice for parents to solve. She opened the refrigerator with only one bowl of rice and three eggs. She took it all out, but her boyfriend said with a look: “You can only use one egg, two other eggs, and my mother must keep it slowly.”

The hardship of her boyfriend is a brick in her heart.

I have read a book about the experience of Castro, a Cuban revolutionary predecessor: when he was a child, he lived in a family of others and could not eat enough every day. However, he did not know that the feeling of pain in the stomach sac was a feeling of hunger.

To this day, insufficient food is still a big problem facing the Cuban people. It has been pointed out that in Cuba, although everyone is not eating enough, everyone has food to eat, and no one will be starved to death.

On the other hand, however, the lack of materials has kept the spirit of Cubans in a state of “hunger”. What makes people feel heavy is that some trivial little things are actually the “luxury” that they can’t hope in their hearts!

When traveling in major cities in Cuba, adults and children who are not familiar with the streets and see us often ask: “Do you have a ballpoint pen?”

In Havana, there was a time when a man was sitting in the park enjoying the greenery and the breeze, and a man was talking in smooth English. He is a university lecturer, speaks English and Spanish, has a profound knowledge, talks about the history of Cuba, and has made an accurate analysis of the current situation in Cuba. He said categorically: “Only if the United States lifts sanctions against Cuba, Cuba can see the dawn of the future!” After talking for an hour, they happily shook hands and said goodbye.

The highly scholarly university lecturer suddenly said: “Do you have a ballpoint pen? Give me one, okay?”

I looked at him in a wrong way. The gentle sunshine in the morning fell on his head, and there was a circle of silvery luster, solemn and solemn. However, his nephew is filled with an urgent expectation, I hope I can give him a ballpoint pen.

Going to the museum to visit, the knowledgeable lecturers have tried their best to make the history of Cuba a real and fascinating one. After the visit, he picked up his thumb and praised him. He smiled and asked, “Do you have a ballpoint pen?”

On the handicraft market, there is a stall owner who points to the four-color ball pen inserted by Risheng in his pocket. Like a thirsty person, he looks like a rain, and said with hunger: “Give me, okay?” My wife is a teacher, she needs it!”

Risheng said: “I only have one, I want to use it, how can I give it to you?” He thought it was an excuse, and picked up a souvenir on the stall and said, “Change, exchange with you!”

Many times, when you take a taxi, when you get off the bus, the driver will ask: “Do you have a ballpoint pen?”

Now, I have returned to the country, but as soon as I pick up the ballpoint pen, I will see a pair of twins full of desire.

Ah, the ball pen, you can buy it when you want to buy it, and you can use it whenever you want. It turns out to be a kind of happiness!