The bullet flew over and then went to sleep

Living in the ocean of Palestinian sniper hatred, everyday life is a performance that despises death and wins.

The Jewish settler, the Baidi family, is an Israeli model settler and spokesperson, demonstrating their willingness to retreat and hold the land in the face of death.

The geographical connection between the Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Jewish settlers is closer than in the total blockade of Gaza. Through the deserted Palestinian streets, you can see the large satellite Israeli flag. A few days ago, the Israeli army had just completed a military search in the Palestinian region of Hebron, and most of the Palestinians closed their doors. Several small settlers with Jewish hats, sitting on the stone steps, playing with curled hair on the corners. On the way, encountering a group of American Jews who “seek the roots to visit the ancestors”, Hebron settlement spokesman David Wilder played with the model and introduced the “Jewish community” to each visitor.

There are 14 children in his family. His father is a script scribe. The most indoor furnishings are scriptures and children’s toys. The holes on the walls can be seen everywhere. The back of the living room, the bathroom, the study… This is Heber. One of the seven households closest to the Palestinian village in the Jewish settlement. 30 meters away from the bar control area, Baidi opened the window to the outside, 300 meters away is a small hill – the ideal shooting location for Palestinian gunmen.

The bullet may be shot into the room at any time, and the 15-year-old daughter Hadassah said she never thought about moving.

“They (the Palestinians) just want to scare us away, so that we can’t let them succeed.” She doesn’t speak English, telling me through Baidi’s translation. Hadassah was very ashamed to see the stranger, and kept turning the line in his hand.

Before going to sleep one day, my father entered the room to see if the children were asleep, and suddenly a bullet flew over his head. Hadassa said that her reaction with her 8-year-old brother was: go to sleep!

“When parents come here, they know what kind of life they will face,” Hadassa said.

Not far from his home, a demonstration was also taking place against the “unilateral action plan” proposed by the Israeli Prime Minister. Settlers and victims of suicide bombings are opposed to Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

“Withdrawal means surrendering to the Palestinian terrorists.” A woman holding a wooden sign said that there was a three-person Israeli man who had suffered a suicide bombing in a wheelchair. She is about 50 years old and speaks aggressively: “We are ‘Palestinians. When Jews came to Palestine, there were no Arabs at all… There are so many Arabs, why do we have to occupy our place?”

I asked her if she had heard about what happened just an hour ago: a pregnant settler in the Gaza Strip drove four children to Jerusalem to vote, was ambushed by Palestinian gunmen on the road, and all five were dead.

“Even if they were attacked, the settlers could not retreat,” she said, “the terrorists would have to smash.”