Rechargeable candle

Jack is working in an IT company in New York and is very busy every day. What he most hopes for is more leisure time. The favorite feeling is that a person is lying in a soft chair, making a cup of tea, and playing his favorite music in the sound. Tea and music floated over the room, and the kind of coziness, beauty and happiness could not be said.

In October 2015, the strongest hurricane in the history of the Western Hemisphere, Patricia, swept across the eastern United States, causing a large blackout in New York. The company took a vacation, and Jack stayed at home to rest. He wanted to cook a cup of coffee. After pouring the water, he suddenly remembered that he couldn’t do anything without electricity. The sky was more and more gloomy, and the room was as dark as the night, but he had no choice but to put a candle on it and pick up a book and lay it on his bed. He wants to ask her girlfriend what her situation is, the phone has not been dialed, and the phone is out of power. Jack was a little annoyed, looking at the tearful candle, and his thoughts drifted in his mind. Suddenly, his brain opened wide: If you can design a charger that can provide power in the event of a power outage, how good! The burning of the candle will release heat, and the heat can be converted into electrical energy… Jack thinks more and more feasible. He was born in engineering, and he always thought about it. He started to try this thing.

Energy conversion, there must be a conversion device, Jack thought of a wonderful way: design a thermoelectric generator, with candles and water can generate electricity. After many attempts, Jack finally designed a small, foldable charger with a miniature thermoelectric module mounted on the base and four movable brackets around it. When using, just put a candle on the base, open the bracket and put the container of water. The blade on the bracket will start to generate current with the ignition of the candle. The USB port on the base can be connected to the mobile phone. It is charged. Since the water container placed on the device is cool, the temperature difference can drive the thermoelectric generator to generate electricity. Jack’s charger looks like a small stove, and the water in the container is ready to drink while providing energy. After one liter of water is cooked for about an hour, you can reach the sterility standard of drinking water, which is used to make coffee, absolutely no problem.

With candles, you can both charge your phone and make coffee. The invention of Jack makes many people feel incredible. When they watched Jack’s operation with their own eyes, they even expressed their admiration. A candle can burn for 6 hours and can fully fill 2 iPhones. It is small and weighs only 7 ounces. After Jack posted the invention on the Internet, he was supported by many netizens. At the same time, the manufacturer also sniffed the business opportunities and asked Jack to negotiate production.

Soon, this “candle” charger was launched, and each price was only about 80 dollars. It was favored by many travelers, and many travel agencies came to order. Its advantage is that it can be powered around the clock, there is electricity and electricity, in the wild without electricity supply, in the weather of heavy rain and hurricane, this charger can come in handy.

Charging with a candle and making coffee seems impossible, and even some of them are irrelevant, but Jack uses a small invention to make it cleverly realized and solves the big problem that people sometimes have no electricity in their lives. There is always trouble in life, but when you are in trouble, if you dare to think and explore, everything is possible.