The most West Coast scenery in continental Europe

I don’t know when I started to have a close relationship with Portugal. From the first experience of Portuguese culture in Macao, to the land of Portugal, I met my photography partner and friend Jose Remus, but for about four years. Although it was only four years, for me, a new harbor was established. Everything in Portugal seems to have melted into my blood and is inseparable from me.

This Portuguese photography tour lasts for 11 days. We set off from Lisbon and filmed the magical cape on the far west coast of the European continent. Every time I come to Portugal, I put the beauty that is different from any place in the world into the lens. This time is no exception.

Gold Coast’s gift is a hard work to record the strange stone scenery
The Algarve Sea is located at the southernmost tip of Portugal, and the coast is known as one of the world’s gold coasts. We are here, ready to shoot the rock on the shore.

The formation of rock formations in the sea requires years of sea erosion and wind. It is said that the rock of Australia’s Great Ocean Road is shocking, but the stones of the Algarve Sea are not inferior and more refined. They are compact in composition and even have a promising mix. I shot three times before and after, from cloudy to few clouds, and then from dusk to dawn, the pictures were different. In order to be able to shoot in the best light conditions, we shoot at 10 o’clock every night, and then get up at 4 o’clock the next morning. The rest time is less than six hours, but there is no tiredness.

With the different angles of shooting, these boulders look completely different: from the cliffs, some look like heart-shaped, others are like an arch, some sharp, and some round. The yellow sandstone shines in the blue sea and combines into a unique pattern. My teammates and I are mainly looking for color contrasts on the composition. A green shrub will highlight the roughness and the sky, and a red cloud will make the blue color of the water more cool. And when we walked to the beach and were close to these behemoths, they looked so majestic, like a block of walls blocking the sea and the waves, bringing us peace and tranquility. At this point, I led my teammates to put a piece of moss-covered reef into the picture, using the changes in water flow and light and shadow, to shoot a beautiful portrait of nature.

In addition to the Algarve coast, Portugal’s long coastline, the most abundant rock resources are Big Bear Beach. This is a little-known beach. To find it, you must climb down the cliff and walk through the long gravel road, so visitors rarely visit. Rather than being a beach, it is better to say that it is a rocky beach. Large and small rocks are covered with beachheads. The shape and color of the stones make any beach in the world feel ashamed. The image of these stones can make you The association of anything.

The sign of Big Bear Beach is a huge reef that has been sharpened by violent storms. It is said that the locals have conquered the top of it, and the traces of rock climbing are vivid. We look for the foreground while enjoying the stones on the beach. The sunset light is scattered on the sea, the beach is golden, and the reefs on the beach are still black, as if deliberately rejecting the sun, slowly, the tide completely submerges them. The shooting at the beach is always exciting. Only one teammate wearing water pants can go deep into the water, and others can only stand far from the shore. I use the light to determine the distance. If I encounter the best light, I am willing to rush into the huge waves to make a wave, even if the clothes are soaked, I don’t care if I can put the most beautiful scenery into the lens.

The evening tide gradually flooded the shore. At the end of the last dying sun, we ended the shooting, and everyone’s camera memory card was full of photos. Some teammates wet their pants, and some even drenched, but they didn’t want to leave for a long time.

Go deep into the sea and explore the caves and mysterious grids
The day of going out to sea is here.

The Algarve sea is covered with a variety of sea caves created by seawater erosion. These holes are connected one by one, such as arches, such as minarets, such as beasts… some are deep and bottomless, some can be seen at a glance; some are like mirrors, some are full of eddies, we will take a boat to explore these An elf standing on the sea.

The most talked about is the captain’s hole. We entered the hole and found a huge skylight above, and the sun shone from the window. From a photographic point of view, this skylight from the top is no better. The yellow stone wall is full of texture, as if it is blocking the inner palace wall. Shooting the captain’s hole requires a good sense of balance: standing on a swaying boat, pressing the shutter at the sun’s position, and avoiding the speedboat that sails in and out, freezes at the calmest moment of the tide, in order to make a grotesque The scenery is on the paper.

The Paradise Cave is the most unreachable. Only when the water level is at its lowest and the cave entrance can accommodate a small boat can we rush into it. Arriving in the cave, it seems to be in another world: the dazzling beam of light shoots from the top of the head, the walls of the cave are all sparkling purple limestone, the sea is also stopped here, gently pushing us to swing around, like a kind mother Reassure the baby to sleep.

A black hole, as its name suggests, is a very dark cave. There are no fingers in the hole, and you need to open your eyes to adapt to the darkness. Smell the taste of the diesel engine of the speedboat, we drive straight along the swell, and the crystal reflection from the rock wall can barely see the direction. At this time, the camera in the hand has already stopped recording, and everyone can only enter the experience through the feeling of the hole.

If the caves in the sea are amazing, then the unique lattice features are truly eye-opening. This is the most amazing and most worthwhile view of the Portuguese coast. When shooting, you must make a foreground with a green grid and a sunset in the distance. What’s more interesting is that the grid only appears twice a month. Due to the tides, most of the time they sink in the water, and now we are able to see the truth, from the previous scientific calculation of the date. The plaid is as hard as a rock, green from beginning to end, one by one connected closely, separating the sea water into tiny water rafts. Jose stood by my side, staring into the distance, using his camera with a filter to frame low and low. I am looking forward to the upcoming light and shadow.

Sure enough, the sky at night has changed a lot. When the white clouds gradually dim and the sunset glows with golden light, these natural grids are like a sudden life. They dance with the light, sometimes jumping, sometimes quiet, and the water between the grids is like countless mirrors, faithfully mapping. The picture of the sky. For a time, the sky, the earth, and the flowing water are golden, like a giant painting carefully created by the top painters. We raised the tripod and tried to fit all the plaids into the lens. They were wide and wide, and the momentum was magnificent. When the angle was lowered, the edges of the plaid became thick, exaggerated, twisted, strong and powerful. The sun gradually fell, and the last glimmer of light faded on the horizon, and darkness became the main theme. However, everything is not over, red, purple, these more gorgeous colors jumped out, the air is full of bloody atmosphere, the plaids all become irritated and mad. We kept pressing the shutter and wanted to record the most beautiful scenery of nature. Then, everything suddenly disappeared, and the darkness of the silence shrouded the earth. I was stunned by the unparalleled performance of this nature. I gently released the finger by the shutter and looked at the horizon, making a long deep breath.

With us, there is a geologist, professional instinct that allowed him to carefully study the cause of the lattice. “I need to live here for three months, but I have to check a lot of literature and do some experiments to verify it.” He leaned down meticulously, and his fingers walked up the green grid. But what I care most about is not how they are formed, but how many years they can leave the photographer with the opportunity to shoot. I have seen the increased sand in the otters, these fragile sandstones are being destroyed, they will become shallower and smaller, until they disappear.

The past and present of the city and the style fishing village into Lisbon
In the natural scenery, we decided to visit the cities and villages of Lisbon to find the best angle to record the history and culture of this area.

First of all, aiming at Belem Tower, one of the oldest buildings in Portugal, this ancient building that has experienced endless storms still stands tall, its body is stalwart, and the river under its feet flows peacefully. My teammates and I like the image of the sunset, especially when the red clouds are flooding. This seems to be incompatible with the color, but it shows the luxury and elegance of the Portuguese aristocrats a hundred years ago. When the wind is strong, the lens seems to add a natural filter, and the boundaries between water and the sky, and the lines in the water are blurred.

The Da Gama Bridge is extraordinary. The scenery on the bridge is especially lovely at night and sunrise. What surprised me is that the bridge of Changhong has no cold feeling of the man-made objects. The bridge is soft and curved, and it stretches to the opposite side. We took the bridge from different angles and pressed the shutter with our fingers. Taking pictures is the best way for us to talk to the bridge.

In Lisbon, the most pleasant thing is to take a tricycle and take a look at the old town. In fact, most of the old buildings were built after 1755. A major earthquake that year, along with the accompanying tsunami, destroyed most of the city’s houses, leaving only a narrow community protected by riverbeds. – The old alley where the lower class people live. In the alley, public laundry, small theater, cherry wine workshops and other places where people have lived still exist. These remnants of the 11th century are like the old alleys of Shanghai, but they carry a more ancient atmosphere. We walked on the stone road and lost ourselves at one corner and crossroads.

What impressed me a lot was the cliff town by the sea.

This town is like the Italian Cinque Terre. In the early morning, the town has not yet woken up, looking far away, the lights in the town are looming. The shooting point is on the cliff opposite the town. This kind of shooting requires courage. Our group of people cautiously squeezed on the cliff, and the blast was passing by. The top of the head was a fast-moving stream of clouds and free-flying seabirds. The huge waves underneath hit the reef, which was extremely exciting. At this time, the far side of the horizon has just been white, the simple and pure sky and the dim light on the shore constitute a sharp contrast of colors.

The sun rose slowly, and the lights in the town gradually dimmed until it disappeared completely, but the color of the clouds began to appear, and the water and the sky were very touching. I patted the shoulder of a teammate and pointed him to the boulder under the cliff: “That is the best shooting point, I will give you a model.” So I took off my coat and showed a red down jacket, and ran to the one-meter square where I put in different positions, and the shutter sounds sounded one after another. The work that was taken was very satisfying. I think, above the huge waves, under the sky, in front of the cliff town, “the clouds and fog” waiting for the photographer to shoot the best works, probably one of the most heroic and passionate people in the world.

I love the Portuguese red-and-white wall building, and the town has brought the color of this building to the extreme. When the fog locked the earth, I released a drone into the air, trying to find out what the land was. In the display, the ancient town seemed to traverse. The bustling crowds of thousands of years were faintly visible. At this time, people have not yet awakened, the world is quiet, nature has begun to interpret its magnificence, when the hidden roof from red to yellow, then orange, that is the light of the sunrise is tweaking the tone. I am intoxicated, and I can’t tell the illusion and reality.