Cameron sells paintings

British Prime Minister David Cameron likes to paint, especially the modernist art. Whenever there is a painting exhibition in London, as long as he has time, he will be happy to go, even like a normal fan, take a picture of the master with a camera. Then go back to Linyi.

The most prolific is the May 25, 2011, when US President Barack Obama visited the UK. Cameron deliberately painted a modernist work for Obama, and Obama particularly liked this painting.

I didn’t expect this news, which was not so sensational, to attract the attention of a person. He is the head of a London charity. John’s whim: Why can’t we invite Mr. Prime Minister to paint a painting for a charity organization to commemorate the charity awareness of British nationals? So he boldly wrote an invitation letter to Cameron. After the letter was sent, he waited uneasily for the result. Because he is not sure if Mr. Prime Minister will give him this face.

Half a month passed, John did not receive any news, he regretted a bit: Are you the President of the United States? Mr. Prime Minister has no reason to paint for you. It was half a month passed, and when John was already disheartened, the postman brought him good news.

Cameron wrote a letter, he wrote: “Please forgive me for my late greetings. I went to South America a few days ago. I have delayed some time. Now I am offering my little work, please smile.” John opened the picture. : A black sheep bowing forward; drawing the inscription: ThinkingofEwe; the payment is: David Cameron. John carefully asked the assistant to frame the painting and hang it in the studio.

Just as John ended the matter for this matter, the staff of the Prime Minister’s Office came to the charity with a copy of fifty sheep paintings and said to John: “Mr. Prime Minister has ordered that the original paintings can be kept in charity. These copies The pieces can be auctioned. The donations are donated to the charity.”

What surprised John was that. Each painting has the signature of Mr. Prime Minister. The staff also handed John a note with the words: I would like to be a sheep and give fat to the people. I hope this painting can be a little thin. force.

Soon after, John held a special auction, the first auction is Cameron’s paintings. An entrepreneur from the City of London finally took a copy of the first painting with Cameron’s signature for three hundred pounds.

The entrepreneur said in an interview with reporters: “My 10-year-old daughter especially likes this painting. I took it and wanted to tell her daughter that charity requires extensive participation of the society, including Mr. Prime Minister himself.”

Although Cameron’s paintings did not make a huge sum of money, he used his actions to send a signal to the people that charity can form a huge force as long as everyone participates.