Streaming media holding red Hollywood “high price screenwriter”

Who is the top of the Hollywood “screenwriter power chain”? “Hollywood Reporter” said on the 7th, streaming media giant Netflix (Netflix) signed “play of power” two screenwriters – David Benioff and Daniel Weiss (pictured above), net fly for two Provide a number of periods

A film and television agreement worth up to $200 million a year. The two are not the only screenwriters to get a Hollywood price tag: Amazon spent $150 million to sign the Western World couples – Jonas Nolan and Lisa Joe (below), Netflix and “American Horror Story “American Crime Story” producer Ryan Murphy signed a legendary five-year exclusive agreement of up to $300 million, and signed a well-known producer who had produced “Grey” and “Scandal”. Shanda Lemes… This may be unbelievable in the eyes of some Chinese audiences. Shouldn’t the capital chasing be the top traffic star? In the Hollywood power field, in fact, there has always been a “play of power” of the writers.

The rise of “200 million screenwriters”

Prior to his role as the “Game of Thrones” masterpiece, David Benioff participated in the most famous project as a screenwriter for the 2004 epic film Troy, which he became the author of the industry’s experience in producing screenwriters. But it wasn’t until “The Game of Power” that David Benioff and Daniel Weiss became top screenwriters. Not only did they win the Emmy Award for best screenplay, but they also won the Hollywood and drama fans. However, until the final season, the key plots such as the Dragon Mother Blackening and the Snow Snow Killing Dragon Mother were questioned by global drama fans, and even the remake petitions with more than 1.5 million signatures were set on the Internet. As Disney announced that they would create a new series of Star Wars movies, and a new petition urged Disney and Lucas to dismiss them, Disney was not moving. Lucas Films President Catherine Kennedy praised in a speech, “David and Dan are the most telling people nowadays. They can control complex characters, explore the depth of the story, and apply colorful myths.” HBO also made it clear that The game of Power will not be retaken in the eighth season.

Writer union guarantees compensation

Screenwriters have always been respected in the Hollywood industry. As long as you join the writers’ union, the minimum fee for the first draft of the script is $65,000 (about 2.5% of the total budget). The agent will also help the scriptwriter to try to modify the number of scripts, each time a small commission (the revised average price is $100,000). The most profitable screenwriter of Hollywood in the last century came from the film industry. The first script of Shane Black, who was the highest paid man, was the classic Hollywood action series “Fatal Weapons” (1987) starring Mel Gibson. The high price of 10,000 US dollars is sold. The film succeeded in making Black’s worth soaring. In 1996, the movie “Agents” was sold for $4 million, the highest price in Hollywood at the time.

Since then, Hollywood screenwriter pay has not changed much. “Hollywood Reporter” said that the current top screenwriters like Alan Sokokin (works “Social Network” “Steven Jobs”), each book sells 3 million to 5 million dollars, compared to the last century The top remuneration has not grown much.

According to the annual report of the American Western Writers’ Union in recent years, the writers industry has shown a steady upward trend. The television industry has become the main force driving the growth of screenwriters’ income, and the film industry has begun to “slow back”. For Netflix and Amazon, the Hollywood “outsiders” used a sky-high price and exclusive agreement to bring together a group of top creators. They continued to create the best quality original content for the platform, which is obviously “dead” than individual projects and traditional players. “It’s much more labor-saving.”

In fact, American drama writers are not standing at the beginning of the “power shackles”. The “art watershed” that truly lays the role of American drama writers in the minds of the audience is considered to be the “The Sopranos” that began broadcasting in 1999. Later, the “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” and other high-profile American dramas gradually increased the status of the writer. In 2017, the strike of the Hollywood screenwriter not only won the 130 million US dollars in income compensation for the writers, but further laid the role of the writer in the industry. The entry of streaming media directly brings the industry’s top screenwriter income into the “high price era.”

The big director can also be a screenwriter.

Not all top-level screenwriters have been snatched by episodes. For example, J.J. Abrams, who is famous for his “double-faced female spy” and “Lost”, is also the chief screenwriter of many of his works. . After the success of “Lost”, he was quickly absorbed into the film industry, and successively directed “Star Wars 7” and “Star Wars 9” and the replayed version of “Star Trek” which will be released in North America at the end of this year. – In these works, he still serves as the chief screenwriter.