Shortcuts have become my most tortuous road

Confused in front of the eyes
Ten years ago, Ye Xiaoyu graduated from university. For the choice after graduation, on the one hand, the hometown town where the parents insisted on pulling her back, there is a comfortable business unit waiting for her; the other side is the big city that she has always dreamed of, where there is a fashion avant-garde calling her.

Ye Xiaoying thinks that it is very confused.

Parents kept ordering her to return to the small town, saying that the stable work would allow her to eat and drink for a lifetime, and that the girl’s life is not a stable one? Ye Xiaoyan did not agree or refuse, and continued to think differently.

On the day of the classmates, Ye Xiaoyan was taken to a party by the girlfriend Xiaoyan. At that party, she met Jiang Ming, the male god who was so intoxicated at first glance. Yes, it is a male god, and his body is full of charming temperament. The most important thing is that his father is a famous commercial giant in the South. Ye Xiaoyan, she suddenly has the feeling that the stars have married into the giants, isn’t that the life that I have always wanted?

She couldn’t help but think of ways to get close to Jiang Ming. She made her words and deeds instantly become a goddess, intellectual, generous, intelligent and decent. The girlfriend seems to see her intentions, quietly telling her that Jiang Ming has a girlfriend, that is, their department flower Qiu Yangyang. However, Ye Xiaoyu has been completely enchanted by Jiang Ming and her own dream of weaving. She will take care of her regardless of those.

Ye Xiaoying is not a god of learning for many years. He is clever and clever. He did not show a few words and captured Jiang Ming’s eyes. Perhaps such a rich family has a flower heart, and the wind and moon field changes faster than anyone else. At the time of the game, Jiang Ming took the initiative to shine and gave the phone to Ye Xiaoyu. Xiao Xiao smiled sweetly and was excited about his initial victory.

Carefully care for your own fruit
They are on the line, Ye Xiaoying is so beautiful, she seems to have married into the giants to become a little grandmother, she wants to seize this “happiness” enough to make himself proud of his life. Of course, she is also very clear that with the birth of a small family working in a small town, with Jiang Ming certainly not. But the birth can not be changed, and there is still hope for improvement!

Ye Xiaoyu began to do his homework from the inside out: When he tried hard to study, he would go to the city of Jiang Ming and let his education be worthy of Jiang Ming’s family. To be beautiful, let the face be worthy of Jiang Ming’s family; Let the literacy be worthy of the family of Jiang Ming… She worked hard, studied day and night, and finally went to Jiang Ming’s city study and obtained the sweet words of Jiang Ming, completely squeezing Qiu Yangyang’s upper position. success.

During this period, she was not judged by morality, not by Qiu Yangyang, but she firmly believed that people are selfish and everything must compete for survival. This is her biggest step victory, and then she wants to further build her ideal country.

Jiang Ming finally took her to see her parents. Oh, what kind of home is it? It’s really a big villa with a garden pool and various maids in the film and television drama…

Jiang Ming’s parents did not show her like, or did not like it. Ye Xiaoyan thought, this is enough, at least not directly reject her. Next, continue to work hard and strive to enter the giants.

Regardless of the attitude of Jiang Ming’s parents, she always maintains a well-behaved and optimistic attitude in front of them. She walked with her mother Jiang Ming, gently cared for Jiang Ming, and always gave Jiang Ming a high face… For her efforts, the harvest was allowed to move to Jiang Ming’s home.

Ye Xiaoyan felt that she was one step closer to success. She carefully cared for her own fruit. Whenever her parents called her, if Jiang Ming’s family was there, she whispered to her parents, “Go back and fight back,” and hurriedly hanged. All the holidays, she did not return home, are used to accompany Jiang Ming and accompanying Jiang Ming’s parents, she hopes that Jiang Ming said to her earlier, “Marry me!” However, one year, two years, three years, Jiang Ming has never said.

Ye Xiaoying lived more and more unreliable, even if she had two times in the past for Jiang Mingyi, she was not at ease. On weekdays, when Jiang Ming wants to seek happiness with her, she does not dare to resist. She fears that a little disobedience will make her do her best. Of course, she also knows that outside of her, Jiang Ming has more than one girlfriend. However, what is it that counts, which rich family can not be married with three wives, as long as she lives in Jiang Ming’s home, this is the manifestation of status. She kept comforting herself.

It turns out that I was only being taken up.
Finally one day, Jiang Ming’s parents proposed to see Ye Xiaoyu’s parents. She was very surprised, and she prepared the best clothes and jewellery for her parents and explained how they talked with Jiang Ming’s parents. She did not read it from Jiang Ming and his parents’ eyes, but is this meeting a meeting of the parents before the engagement? She began to marry her own bright future, and even went to the streets to choose 3 sets of wedding dresses for herself, and I intend to finalize it by Jiang Ming.

She also planned their wedding, held at the beach, Jiang Ming drove her on the road. She wants to change her clothes for an hour in the whole wedding; buy a TV station for live broadcast; let all those who know themselves see her dazzling life…

The place where the parents met was in an international hotel in the city. On this point, Ye Xiaoyu was even more convinced that Jiang Ming wanted to marry her.

That day, she wore a dazzling dress, and made a noble makeup, and the manners of talking and talking were infiltrated by the rich family and grandmother. When she was eating, she worried that her parents would lose their face because they would not eat some food, or they would not answer the questions. They kept giving their parents a wink, suggesting that they should not behave like Liu Yujin in the Grand View Garden.

She always rushed in front of her parents to answer Jiang Ming’s parents’ questions, which was more tense than the thesis defense. She is holding a precious porcelain in her hand, always afraid of breaking her hand.

The meeting was soon over. Jiang Ming’s parents did not mention the engagement and marriage, but instead sent Ye Xiaoyu’s parents a pile of jewelry and clothes. At the same time, they took them to Hong Kong for a day. Then… and then on the way back, she told her parents that the two children were not suitable.

When I heard this news, Ye Xiaoyu’s strong image collapsed for a few years. She did not expect this meeting to be a banquet. She pleaded with Jiang Ming to look at her hard work in the past few years and leave some for her. opportunity.

Jiang Ming was only silent at first, but later said to ask the parents, and then disappeared and disappeared.

A week later, Jiang Ming’s parents sent a 200,000 yuan car to Ye Xiaoyu, saying that she was paying her youth for several years. Ye Xiaoxiao smiled and knew that her youth was only being taken care of. She wanted to smash the car.

Jiang Ming’s parents reminded Ye Xiaoyan to move out of the house soon, saying that it would be useless to stay here.

Huang Hao dreams, wakes back to the truth
The most beautiful time of youth is spent on the road to the giants. In the end, the bamboo baskets are filled with water. She didn’t want to be so happy, she wanted to stay in that city. First, she wanted to start all over again. Second, she felt that she had no face to return to the small town. She was afraid that she could not stand the rumors.

However, the mother told her that people should know how to stop loss, you have wasted a lot of time, and you should not continue to waste. In this life, people must know what can be done and what cannot be done.

Ye Xiaoyan thought for one night and felt that staying here would only make him forget. So, picking up the broken dream, opened the car that was replaced with youth, carrying the parents back to the small town. She said that she has always been tested in her studies, and she has not tested the high barrier.

When she first returned to the small town, she did not know how to live. In the past few years, the living standard of Jiang Mingjia was several times higher than that of the small town, and now… she can’t stand it. Due to the psychological gap, she could not find the right person and could not find a suitable job. She dangled and shook herself to thirty-one years old.

Youth is easy to pass away, and the old age is standing. In the year of standing, Ye Xiaoyu recalls the way he has traveled in these years, and then looks at the way his parents have broken her heart. Suddenly I want to understand: I should wake up from the dream of the giants. Instead of immersing yourself in the dreams that could not be realized in the past, it is better to grasp the tail of youth and cherish the long future.

She began to accept the parents’ arrangements to get married, and two years later, she finally found someone who truly loves herself. This person is not tall, not rich, not handsome, but it is true to her: every day to her cold and warm, tolerate her all the little temper. The most important thing is that the two parents are right, the parents of both sides are also very talkative, not looking up and looking down.

Happiness melted away her past little by little. On the day of the engagement, when she looked at her lover and put the ring on her finger, she suddenly cried. This tear, there are sweet and sacred, sweet is the true lover that I finally found, and the sacrifice is his youthful youth.

Now, Ye Xiaoying and her lover run a fast food restaurant, free and happy, and she finally understands that spiritual wealth is truly rich.