There is a deep love after no love

In the summer of 19, she just graduated from high school, in order not to increase the burden on the stretched family, she resolutely gave up the college entrance examination and went home to earn money. With a good scorpion born by a cousin, I came to a private song and dance troupe to be a solo actor.

That day, the cousin led her to see the head of the team. She was about to enter the door. A little boy with a tiger head and a tiger brain slammed out, and it was just right, and it happened to hit her leg. She quickly bent down and took the boy up. The little boy didn’t even recognize his life. A pair of big eyes flashed a few times, and then he put a small face on her shoulder.

At that moment, looking at the little boy who was chubby and white, her heart was hot, and she suddenly had a thought in her mind: This child is so cute! What if my son should be good!

Thinking of this, she can’t help but be a bit shy: a girl’s house, actually…

From that moment on, she could not help but like this little boy named Baker.

Later, she gradually learned about some of Beck’s situation. It turned out to be the head of the head of the team, just two and a half years old. A year ago, Baker’s mother ran away with a dancing handsome guy in the group, and the two men lived together. The parents of the head of the group have passed away, no one has helped him to care for the children, so he has to bring his son to the side.

Little Baker was teased and teased in the group every day. It was simply the pistachio of everyone. It’s just that at night, it seems to have changed personally. No one except Dad.

But she is an exception. The head of the team had to work overtime at night, and Xiao Baker could not only play with her, but also be happy to stay in her dormitory to drill a bed with her.

This time, the head of the team was happy and broke. In order to express gratitude, she specially arranged for her to play some opportunities. This made her a child who loved singing since she was a child, and she soon became a pillar in the group.

But what makes her even more gratified is that she and Xiao Baker have become inseparable, and they have been solemnly promoted to Xiao Baker’s godmother.

As the saying goes, a woman from a hundred schools asks that as the age grows, the seven aunts and eight aunts begin to come to her to give birth to her, and the mother is urging her.

She was not in a hurry. The mother asked her if she had someone in her heart? She just smiled shyly and didn’t answer, as if she was waiting for the arrival of that person.

At the same time, there are heads waiting in the midst of it.

In the end, the cousin saw the clue, and then a finger smashed the window paper. Therefore, she was finally turned into a well-behaved stepmother by Xiao Baker’s godmother.

The days after marriage are very happy. She lost her father when she was 9 years old. She has long been eager for the care of the mountain. And this man, who is 10 years old, suddenly evokes her complex that has been buried for many years. For her, this father and her husband’s love is the ultimate. What makes her happy is that in the heart of Little Baker, she is his biological mother.

In a blink of an eye, in the past three years, because of the rushing around the year, there is no place for them, and they have no need for another child. She didn’t even forget about it if she didn’t mention it with her mother. I think that I have to run for three, and I am anxious. However, her husband was not in a hurry, and said that she would wait until after two years of stable life.

To put it bluntly, there were a lot of big-name singers who started to walk a lot. In contrast, these small groups gradually disappeared from the market. After half a year of hard work, the song and dance troupe was forced to disband, and the family of three had to return to the small town to live.

In order to make a living, she and her husband negotiated and took out all the savings in the house and took down a small hotel in the city. Due to the distinctive features of the dishes and the well-managed business, the business soon became a mess. Then the couple pursued the victory again. In less than two years, there were two branches in the town.

When I was busy with my career, I wanted to have a child and I was thrown behind it. In a blink of an eye, Little Baker has grown into a size of one meter and seven. Especially when the two women are walking around with their arms, they often praise that they are really mother and son. She moved to think that she and Baker must be the mother and son of the destiny, or how long it will be like it!

This is moved, and the thought of wanting another child will gradually fade, but occasionally it will sprout, and it will be itchy. It wasn’t until after she accidentally heard her husband’s drunken mantra that she completely broke the idea.

Her husband told his comrades that he didn’t want to have another child. He worried that once she had her own child, she would slowly cool Baker, but she felt sorry for her.

At that moment, her heart was really mixed, sour, and a little pain. That is, at that moment, she finally learned the weight of blood.

But she did not blame her husband, after all, such fears reflected the heavy fatherly love, although somewhat selfish. So, she secretly made a decision in her heart, this life has a son of Baker, enough.

When she told this decision very seriously, her husband suddenly burst into tears.

Looking at her husband’s grateful gratitude and getting more and more to her son, she felt that her contribution was really worth it.

In the world of feelings, whether it is family or love, the more concentrated they are, the more relaxed they are, because they have nothing to worry about, so they are more comfortable. She and the old justice are because each other is no longer entangled in the children’s affairs, so the next days will become more intimate and clear.

People tend to be like this, and they have a good mood. Their business is also high in sesame blossoms. With more and more savings, they bought two properties in the small town, leaving the big one to the son and the small one to live. Then, the son was very competitive and admitted to a famous university in Beijing.

She hurt her husband, a good son, and a smooth career, she thought that such happiness will continue. unexpectedly……

In the autumn of my son’s graduation from college, the husband who gave her and her son a joke while eating breakfast went out to do things in the morning, and suddenly the myocardial infarction fell to the street. When she and her son received a call from a good-hearted person and rushed to the scene, although the number of people had hit 120, the ambulance had already arrived at the scene before they rescued, but still could not retain her husband’s life.

After finishing the matter, she seemed to be old for many years, and the son of the sensible person comforted: Mom, it’s okay, my dad is gone, and me, my son will always be with you.

Subsequently, the mother and son cried with a headache.

However, the fate of her teasing is far from stopping. Just over a month after her husband’s accident, a middle-aged woman with a heavy makeup suddenly came to the door. The misfortune is not alone, this woman is the mother of Baker.

When she looked at the posture, she knew that the visitor was not good. It turned out that this woman had run away from the people in the same year. Although she had no news for more than 20 years, she secretly peeked at the family. The reason why I came to the door so quickly, I claimed that the purpose was one – to return to my son.

When the son saw this woman, although she was extremely strange and even repulsive, she was still thinking about the moment when she touched the two eyes.

This kind of picture made her feel like a knife but she still wants to cry. Despite the tens of thousands of reluctance and unwillingness, she thought that if she had to fight, she might not have a few points. I also woke up awkwardly. Even if I gave up my son and gave me a special treatment for this son, I wouldn’t be able to endure the love of the blood for more than 20 years! Moreover, she really couldn’t bear to see her son’s dilemma.

So she secretly left a letter to her son and chose to leave alone.

The letter is written like this: Dear son, please forgive my selfishness and conceal your life for so many years. But please be sure that everything I do is just because I love you, and I have no intention. Because love is afraid of losing. Don’t hate me, don’t hate your mother, because she gave you life after all. The big house is the wedding room that my father and I bought for you. Naturally, it is none of you. Now that we live in this small house, since she wants it, leave it to your mother and son to live. The hotel will go out if you are not interested. Don’t worry about me, don’t look for me, except for the passbook left for you, I still have some savings. If there is no major illness, it will be enough for the rest of my life. Dear son, please allow me to call you this time again. Please rest assured, I will not do anything stupid, I will live well, because I will continue to witness your growth, although I am not blessed to see it, but I heard it far away, it’s enough…

After reading the letter, the son suddenly burst into tears. After he screamed “Mom,” he ran out of the house and began to frantically search.

The next day, I finally found her in the old houses of my grandmother who had been idle for many years. When the son pushed the door in, she was holding the photo of her grandmother and weeping silently.

He suddenly squatted on his knees and choked and said, “Mom, how are you! My dad is gone, why don’t you worry about me!”

She quickly turned around and pulled up her son. She sobbed and teased her son and said, “Children, I don’t want to make you embarrassed. I am not your biological mother after all!”

The son stood up violently, clutched her hand, pulled her out of the old house, and said in a word: “Yes, you are not my biological mother, but you are my closest mother. Mother, go, go home with my son!”

Looking at her son’s firm eyes, she finally broke and laughed…