Tired mother’s tired and happy

Who says that today’s products are delicious, catching up with fashion, and chasing the trend is a patent for young people? In our community, the 70-80-year-old Chao Ma Chao Da is everywhere, their children and grandchildren are full, and some are already grandmothers of the four generations. They are so cute that they are envious of young people. Let’s talk about the things that Chao Ma is doing today.

I heard where there is delicious food. I went to Chunxi Road today to eat “Dragon Hand” and went to People’s Park to eat “Zhong Dumpling” tomorrow. After a few days, I ate “Leshan Tofu Brain” on Gaopan Road. On the Babao Street, you can eat “Tan Douhua”… Every time you eat it, you have to evaluate it. Which dish is delicious, which dish has changed its taste, and then entangled some reasons: Some are the successor’s craftsmanship. In the past, some dishes were not good enough. As long as any Chao Ma has something to eat with his children, he will call his friends and eat again. In their hearts, they have to walk around and take a taste of the various snacks in Chengdu. But every time you go out to eat everyone is “heads blossoming”, and the average share of expenses, this is a rule, they said that the only way to stay the longest. Of course, every time you travel, you will have to postpone the rain because the old people are old, and they are afraid of being careless and falling, and they are not worth the candle.

In addition to eating, the tide moms still have to play. On a good day, the tide moms agreed to go to various scenic spots around Chengdu: Sansheng Township, Pujiang River, Shuangliu… As long as there is a fun place to set off. But Saturday and Sunday are for family members. The children are busy for a week, and only when they are resting can they reunite.

In some cases, the tide moms also agreed to participate in a day trip organized by the travel agency. They wear their most beautiful clothes, some of them also have light makeup, and some have beautiful hair and vitality. The young people in the car are silent and don’t talk. Only the tide moms are like sparrows. “Wow wow” is called non-stop, and they talk loudly about where to play the day after tomorrow. Today’s Chao Ma is not like playing “farm music, playing mahjong” in the past, they pay attention to eating, pay attention to wear, fashion leading, play everywhere, and tired and happy! Go home and take a shower and get a good night’s sleep. After today, tomorrow’s things will be said tomorrow.

Aunt Li is very particular about people who are 80 people. The spirit is still like six or seventy years old. Every day, I take care of my wife at home. The spare time is also very rich. I got up at 7 o’clock and walked in the courtyard. After eating breakfast at 9 o’clock, I went to buy food and cook, and the morning passed. She said: doing housework is also exercise. At noon, Aunt Li took a break, sometimes taking a walk, sometimes doing exercises, or watching TV, or chatting with neighbors and sunbathing.

Aunt Li is really very capable. Don’t look at her age. She is very proficient in all kinds of affairs. She helps her neighbors to register, accompany them to see doctors, organize them to go shopping and enjoy flowers. Old people love to ask her for help. She never shirks herself and always does her best. Aunt Li always said that people have something to do to be full of happiness, and it is convenient for them to provide convenience for others. Maybe old friends will leave us tomorrow, and they should cherish and be friendly together. This is also the happiness of the old people.

Aunt Liao is 60 years old. She used to help her daughter bring children from the countryside a few years ago. Now, the older child is 4 years old and the second grandson has just been born. When I took a child, Aunt Liao didn’t mention how happy she was. The first time she was stunned, and it was very easy to bring a child together. It was fun all day long. The grandson is very delicate, and the child grows very well. After the child goes to kindergarten, Liao Aunt often dances square dance with the grandfather and aunt of the community. With the birth of the second child, the family invited an hourly worker to clean and cook every day. Liao Aunt took the child with full time. Now two children for more than three months, although Liao aunt is still very happy, but never come out to dance in the square. Sometimes I saw Liao Aunt, she and several of our old sisters said that although they are still very happy, it is also willing to contribute to their children, but it is really too tired.

Qu Aunt is also in her 70s. When her husband died in her youth, Qu Aunt raised her two daughters with great enthusiasm and raised her two grandsons to 12 years old, and when she was enjoying her family. But she just can’t sleep, the daughters are far away from her, one lives in the east of the city, one lives in the west of the city, and the aunt of the song lives alone in the south of the city. Although the daughters also took her out to play with them three and a half, but she felt that there was no fun and happiness with the old friends of the community. In addition to the weekend, Qu Aunt is sunbathing in the community all day, playing a little mahjong, and sometimes go out for a while with friends. In her opinion, this is the greatest happiness.

The tide moms have their own tiredness and have their own happiness. But because they have fulfilled their mother’s responsibilities, they have no regrets.