“Laughter therapy” against cancer

The human body has an immune system against foreign invasion. In the fight against cancer, oncologists and immunologists have noticed that human cells contain natural killer cells that can destroy cancer cells. Natural killer cells are a type of white blood cells, with at least 50 billion in humans and some as high as 500 billion.

Studies have shown that even healthy people produce about 3,000 mutant cells per day. But these cells are not all cancerous, thanks to the natural killing cells that constantly search, attack and destroy these cells. So, in short, as long as the power of natural killer cells is fully utilized, cancer can be effectively inhibited. Conversely, if the role of natural killer cells is weakened, people are prone to cancer.

Sadness, stress will weaken the vitality of natural killer cells
Medical scientists separate natural killer cells from the blood and place them in artificially cultured cancer cells. The activity of natural killer cells is judged from the number of cancer cell deaths. Studies have shown that widowed women’s natural killer cells are less active than their husbands. Studies have also pointed out that the harmony between husband and wife is also related to the activity of natural killer cells. The natural killer cells of couples who are separated and divorced are less active than those of husband and wife.

This is also why a wife or husband left behind by a couple who died of cancer is often prone to cancer.

Laughter or concentrating on doing your favorite things to enhance the activity of natural killer cells
However, there are many ways to enhance the activity of natural killer cells in daily life. The easiest and most effective way is to laugh, even if it is not from the heart, the smirk in the face of the mirror, can also enhance the activity of natural killer cells.

There are also experiments that show that concentrating on a certain hobby can also enhance the activity of natural killer cells. For example, the experiment of Professor Xing Huizi of St. Mary’s Medical University shows that people who like to sing karaoke, after singing, their natural killer cells have enhanced activity, but people who don’t like to sing karaoke, after singing, naturally kill cells. The activity will decrease. This shows that holding aversion, even if it does something that looks interesting, does not help to improve the activity of natural killer cells. Only by concentrating on your own hobbies can it have a positive effect on such cells.

Laughter can fight off cancer
The University of Texas has conducted a study to determine the activity of natural killer cells in patients who will receive the same treatment for head and neck cancer, and to follow-up analysis of the survival rate of patients with strong and weak natural killer cells. The results showed that the group with a strong natural killer cell activity had a 3-year survival rate of 85% and a weak group of 40%.

Laughter can make people’s emotions tend to be positive, which can improve the activity of natural killer cells. So it can be said that laughter helps to fight off cancer.

Cancer patients with different emotional performance will have different survival rates. A study in the United Kingdom divides breast cancer patients into 4 groups: 1 for patients who are confident in fighting the disease; 2 for patients who do not treat cancer as the same; 3 patients who are calm and face the disease; 4 patients who are full of desperation and powerlessness .

Results The highest overall survival rate after 10 years was the first group with confidence in disease. The lowest survival rate was the fourth group that fell into despair, and the survival rate of the two was 4 times.

Improve people’s enthusiasm for life to treat and prevent cancer
The mental state of a person has a lot to do with the occurrence, development and prognosis of the disease.

As an attempt, in the summer of 2000, a total of 200 cancer patients from Japan and the United States launched a campaign to climb Mount Fuji. The participants were unyielding and challenged the limits of survival. Participants who challenged success said that they “have greatly increased their enthusiasm and courage in life”.

There are many ways to treat cancer, but you must not lose sight of the role of natural killer cells in fighting cancer.