Sleeping posture is also about your health. What kind of sleeping position are you?

About one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and different sleeping postures can affect our health. How to sleep on a healthy feeling? Which sleeping position is more suitable for you? Let’s talk about sleeping and healthy things.

Right side
The sleeping position is interpreted as the body is lying to the right when sleeping, and about 25% of the people in this sleeping position.

Advantages Give the heart on the left side of the chest ample space for movement, without stressing the heart, without disturbing the blood circulation throughout the body. It helps to remove waste from the brain, spine and nervous system and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases. The right side also helps to keep the muscles relaxed and the quality of sleep is stable.

Disadvantages have a certain impact on right lung activity. Pregnant women should not adopt this sleeping position. If the right middle and late stage of the population is lying on the right side, it may oppress the inferior vena cava of the abdomen, affecting the blood circulation and circulation, and interfere with the development and delivery of the fetus; while the male adopts this sleeping position to induce the testicles. The possibility of reversal is more common in young people who are 12 to 18 years old.

Medical analysis In the various sleeping positions, the right side is relatively best, especially for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, patients with pulmonary diseases such as emphysema and pregnant women are not suitable.

Baby lying
Sleeping posture interprets the body slightly, holding the pillow side to sleep, like a baby sleeping posture. About 41% of the people in this sleeping position are women, and women are about 1 times more than men.

Advantages Keep the flexibility of the spine and let the body relax, which is conducive to the change of sleeping position. It can effectively relieve the pressure of the spinal disc and help repair the back pain. The sleeping position has a certain relief effect on psychological stress and anxiety.

Disadvantages can increase the pressure of the skull base joints, people with neck soreness can induce or aggravate pain symptoms. In addition, most of these people’s hearts are sensitive, and it is easy to affect digestive function due to anxiety, thereby inducing or aggravating the symptoms of dyspepsia.

Medical Analysis This sleeping position is suitable for people who are stressed and physically and mentally exhausted, but pay attention to the abdomen to keep warm. To prevent stiff neck or shoulder pain, use a relatively stiff pillow so that the neck and spine are on the same line. People with back pain can have a pillow between their knees. It is best not to use this sleeping position for patients with cervical spondylosis.

The sleeping position is interpreted with the head face up and the torso lying flat, using about 60% of the crowd. If you stretch your hands and feet while lying on your back, it is called a “soldier” sleeping position; if you lift your shoulders with your hands, or spread your legs as much as possible, if you look like a starfish, it is called a “starfish” sleeping position.

Advantages Do not oppress the organs of the body, can relax and breathe the face, keep the facial skin vital, so that it will not wrinkle due to the squeeze of the pillow, so it is a beauty sleeping position. Sit back can distribute the weight of the body evenly over a large area, providing the best support for the spine and benefiting the health of the spine. This sleeping position does not oppress the male reproductive organs and does not cause the testicles to twist.

Disadvantages In the supine state, the tongue falls to the back of the mouth due to the gravity of the earth, which can narrow the respiratory tract, leading to snoring and sleep apnea, which is more than double the probability of lying on the side. In addition, supine has a certain correlation with health problems such as daytime sleepiness, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression, and obese people are particularly prone to occur.

Medical Analysis The supine is most suitable for healthy women who are interested in beauty, as well as patients with joint diseases, long-term low back discomfort and male adolescents; but obese people, asthma patients, people who usually have snoring or sleep apnea are not suitable. In order to overcome the drawbacks of supine, we can choose a more solid pillow to prevent the neck from causing pain due to excessive pressure; the snorer can put a pillow on the back, or raise the pillow by 1 to 2 cm, so that the bed slightly presents the head. The state of high feet is low, so the breathing will be more comfortable.

People who like “starfish” sleeping posture can do two small activities to relax muscles before going to bed:

1. Shoulder muscle relaxation method: Place the right arm on the left elbow, the right shoulder to the left, and stretch the muscle around the right shoulder for 3 times, then change the other side to do the same.

2. Relaxation of the thigh muscles: Heat the palms and apply a little force to the muscles in the thighs until the legs feel hot. The purpose of this method is to relax the whole body muscles, promote blood circulation, and thus help sleep.

Left side
Sleeping posture Interpretation When sleeping, the body is lying to the left, using about 15% of the crowd.

The advantage is that the digestive organs in the body are in a line, reducing the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux. Pregnant women do not have the drawbacks of lying on the left side when lying on the left side, which is the best sleeping position in the middle and late pregnancy.

Disadvantages Compressing the heart, it is easy to make people turn around and cause sleep instability. Nearly half of the people lying on the left side are prone to nightmares, and the probability is higher than that of the right side (only 15% of the right side is easy to be a nightmare). Lying on the left side can cause excessive pressure on the nose and lips, accentuating the occurrence of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and corners of the eyes.

Medical analysis of the left side of the biggest advantage is suitable for middle and late pregnant women, the biggest drawback is that it will oppress the heart, so cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, stomach disease, liver disease, gallstone disease patients should not be used. In addition, mental fatigue, psychological stress should not be used, otherwise it can lead to nightmares. To reduce the formation of wrinkles, it is recommended to use a soft silk pillow.

Sleeping posture interpretation is to sleep, like the position when the sun is shining, also known as sunbathing sleeping position, using about 5% of the crowd.

Advantages There is no pressure on the spine and the waist, which can effectively prevent snoring, avoid nightmares, and have a sense of security after falling asleep.

Disadvantages Compress the heart and stomach, affecting heart rate and digestive function, thus inducing or aggravating certain diseases, such as angina pectoris and gastric ptosis. Men’s reproductive organs will be oppressed, hindering blood circulation, easily causing frequent nocturnal emission, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms. Due to the formation of pressure on the lungs, it may cause poor breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath and wake up. Prone can also lead to molars, which can cause pain and numbness in the hands.

Medical analysis This is the most sleepy posture of health problems, and will affect the quality of sleep, so it is only suitable for patients with severe cervical spondylosis or spinal cord injury. When using this type of patient in a prone sleeping position, it is best to choose a latex foam or a spring mattress, or put a pillow on the abdomen to reduce the back pressure. In particular, patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, and cerebral infarction cannot use prone.

Sleeping posture Interpretation of the side of the arm when the arms stretched on both sides, looks like a person’s desire for a certain life, the use of the crowd about 13%.

Advantages The body can get a certain stretch, which is good for falling asleep.

Disadvantages The arm stretches to one side, causing one side of the shoulder to be in a state of exertion during sleep, which can increase the weight of the cervical vertebrae and easily cause cervical spondylosis.

Medical analysis choose a good pillow to reduce the pressure on the neck and neck. The butterfly-shaped grooved pillow can “take the responsibility”. It can fit the physiological curve of the cervical vertebrae, reduce the strength of the shoulders, and keep the shoulders and even the spine in the most natural. status. It should be noted that do not put any items on the pillow after getting up, otherwise it will affect the function of the pillow and reduce the quality of sleep.

“高高贵手” lying
When you are sleeping on your back or lying down, hold your hands up over your head.

Advantages The chest can be opened, the heart and lungs can be more fully active, the oxygen capacity can be improved, blood circulation can be promoted, blood pressure can be adjusted, and the comfort of sleep can be improved.

Disadvantages Raise your hand to cause muscle traction, forcing the diaphragm to shift and increase abdominal pressure. In particular, sleeping and eating too much and the elderly can cause reflux of stomach contents to the throat, forming reflux esophagitis. Raising your hand can involve the retraction and relaxation of the thorax, affecting the natural breathing of the lungs, and easily causing chest tightness and fatigue.

Medical analysis This sleeping position suggests that your body has insufficient oxygen carrying capacity, or there is a tendency for blood pressure to rise. You should go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time.

Sleeping posture interprets the body curled up, hands clasped with both legs and lying.

Advantages can relieve abdominal pain and reduce the feeling of cold.

Disadvantages Reduce the space of the chest and abdomen, which is not conducive to the stretching of the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and other organs, increasing the pressure on the spine, and the lumbar spine is particularly vulnerable.

Medical Analysis This type of sleeping position is only suitable for certain situations as a “quick fix”. If there is a menstrual period in women with dysmenorrhea, the contraction of the dysmenorrhea can reduce the pain of abdominal pain. In addition, people with body cold often use this sleeping position to achieve the purpose of heating. It is necessary to strengthen the warmth of the bedroom and bedding. Hot feet can also be used before going to bed to improve the chills.