Indifferent and low-key

Indifferent to this way of life seems to be more effective for men, because the core of men’s survival is useful, and it is aimed at the existence value of society, acquaintances and family members. Indifferent is not to evade responsibility, but to take the initiative to marginalize one’s society. There are not many wishes, and some things can be figured out. It seems that there is no day to compete with the world. And low-key? I rarely talk about myself, I don’t have to say it, I don’t exaggerate it, I don’t publicize it, I keep a kind of ordinary people’s modesty, and I am a kind of cultivation.

Whether it is indifferent or low-key, it is necessary to be qualified.

Not long ago, the weather was excellent and the mood was good. I suddenly wanted to have a good tofu. So I went back to Ningyuan Town, Bin County. Not only is the tofu good here, but my hometown, though not born here. I remember that I went there once when I was six years old. It’s not a bad thing to say “back” this time.

No one knows me on the street in Ningyuan Town, but I don’t feel strange. A few decades ago, Ren’s family was the No. 1 in the town. I heard that there is a forest with lush mountains not far from the town. It should be Manchuria, my ancestors spent money. In the courtyard of the adobe, there were two plastic wheels that came in and out, and the long whip of the blushing red slammed on the street.

I am coming, wasting three days for a bite of tofu, is it a kind of indifference?

Inquired along the way to find a cousin, he raised a wrinkled face in the courtyard, is Xiaoheng? I have never seen it, but I always listen to my uncles.

“what are you doing?”

“It’s raining, the soil is loose, and the yard is flat.”

“Do you use cement to wipe it?”

“The same, it doesn’t cost that much.”

Standing in the house, I returned to the 1960s, and all the furnishings were like a museum of the Northeast. My cousin said that when I asked my family, my income and my body, I only said it was good, not bad, okay.

“I will eat old tofu tomorrow morning, open the bag at four o’clock, I will pick the first knife.”

There is a bridge at the door, there are trees in the courtyard, and the table is eaten by myself. There is a small shochu in the corner of the house. I laughed. Is this life indifferent? He also laughed. I read another meaning. The people in the city are really strange. The gasoline is not well water, just for an old tofu?

Most of the people who had been in charge of the department more than 20 years ago were over 55 years old, and their thoughts began to turn. So they talked about life in WeChat, talked about health, and talked indifferently. I believe that we have a new understanding of life and a realistic understanding of the past and the future, so we have embodied this type of existence today. So what is the impact of this sentiment? social experience? read? Still hopelessly created by social marginalization? In general, the term indifferent is quietly sneaking with age.

In the past few years, I have used the most words. I often ask myself, what is the meaning of lighting up the oil? Nothing is known, making money meager. I also went into the morning market to sell a few boxes of fruit, but that’s not what I did, and I have to be qualified to suffer. But what else can I do? Always pass the time. As for whether this is not indifferent, I know that people who are talking about or in the study of indifferent, at most, want to “indifferent” to do it? The gas in my heart has not been put clean.

Low-key is not the case, it is a noble, self-discipline, is not a shame. No one gives the car to the car and then opens it. Sitting on the catering banquet also feels nothing. It introduces the bureau level into a departmental level, and says the national-level members are provincial-level, and the sound is not fixed.

And sometimes my low-key is really helpless.

I am always a famous writer. I have rarely said that he has written books, published books and won awards for more than a decade, but he has published more than one hundred books. He said that this is my profession. The meaning of occupation is to do it. It is the duty to do well. Like a farmer, you should plant the land well.

Making big money, being a high official, making a big name, is it your career? If it is a profession, then everything should be done. If you don’t do it well, you should blame yourself. You don’t have to be high-profile, you don’t have to brag.

Indifferent is a living method, and low-key is self-cultivation or realm, all of which contain “put down.” It is a struggle that can be put down with the release. Since everyone is dying, is Shenma really a cloud? For another question, will I tell my child to live indifferently? If he is really indifferent, I can be a big deal. Renting a house, looking for a wife is a woman, away from money and power, a useful friend does not pay, beef does not eat, this trip?

I said that indifferent to qualify, my cousin is not qualified. There are many qualified people, and there are not many people who can feel happy after being indifferent, because indifferent is a culture.

I want to make friends with low-key points. The low-key is self-confidence. It is “there is a wave in the chest like a Pinghu”. It is a person who once lived in the stream by the sea. It is the fist that is caught in the chest and not sent… High-profile is what? It’s amazing.

Indifferent and low-key are two neighbors. It is a scene of life in our distant mountains. This topic is not to say, it is to do. If I say it, I will be qualified, and I will be born with a common person.

In fact, everyone is talented. In a certain field, he is likely to be stronger than others in a certain skill, but he sometimes does not know or like his strengths. Even if people around you see it, it is generally not easy to say, because the effect is not good. If someone is suitable as a worker, if you tell him, he will be unhappy, and the social position will determine his face. Then, some people walked into the “misunderstanding”. What they did in the “misunderstanding” was not what they should do, but some things they wanted to do. The people who didn’t want to be ordinary people became ordinary people, so the world is ordinary. People will be more.

I believe that talent may determine fate. Suppose I am suitable for being a farmer, but I don’t want to be a farmer all my life. It is a dream. No dreamer still has a living. We say that dreams are best matched with their own talents, otherwise they are easy to become delusions. So what about hard work? You can work hard to choose the distance that belongs to you.

Being good at correcting oneself is a kind of quality. Communicating with people in revision is an important force. In the eyes of others, we can improve our understanding of ourselves and find a way that is most suitable for ourselves.

What if others say it is not true?

Not long ago, someone told me that a literary fan we all know has passed away, and my heart suddenly has a burst of sadness. This kind of reflection has nothing to do with feelings, it is due to one thing.

About six months ago, he was invited to participate in his work discussion meeting. After getting the book, he felt that this was not a quality book, the text was naive, and there was no literary feeling. The postscript said that he wrote this book for nearly forty years, which made me doubt, because during this time, China has undergone tremendous changes, and the most brilliant is the subversion of the traditional concept of survival. At the beginning of his writing, he was a “special age.” If he accepted “change”, it would be difficult to maintain the continuity of a novel’s writing. If he did not accept it, he would not have to write it down. I have always thought that literature should not be a “one-year sword,” because spirituality is often fleeting. Why do you want to participate in the workshop? First, it is supported by people, and there are also 500 yuan for horses and horses.

At the meeting, the famous writers and university professors gathered, and the high level of their comments made me stupid. The beautiful words piled up the elliptical desktop, which was the candidate for the next Nobel Prize for Literature. The old comrade was so excited that he cried, and the tears fell on the white new shirt, and an irregular brown color appeared. He announced on the spot that he would start writing the second part of this work from tomorrow, and write eight hundred thousand words… my God.

When I got out, I asked the friend who came to me: “Do you say this?” “If people spend money, they don’t want to buy a happy one.”

When I saw the writer again on the way to work, he took the process of writing. “I have always felt that my body is not very good. I have to write it quickly. I don’t even have time to read it.” I have never heard of it before. People who can’t read and write.

It is that he is dead, I hope it is not tired of writing.

It’s easy to publish books at your own expense in recent years. In the past, the book was only sent to people, showing “talent”, and recently started a seminar. A man working in the county town opened the workshop into the capital. A friend of the Imperial City, who is mixing the sun and the moon, puts my shoulder:

“Where are you coming to this man? Really funny! Find us and say something else.”

“Then you say a few words.”

“Then close your mouth.”

“This man can be a bit serious. If you go back to the axis, you can get in the second half.”

“Love literature is right, it’s always better than you are all day long.”

“If you want to be your buddy in the future, you have to wake up. He is not the master of the same literature…”

Literary creation is not necessarily noble, but it is indeed a relatively special kind of labor. She relies more on talent. Experience tells us that sometimes we can’t make up for it. If our famous people are always ignorant of ignorance and enthusiasm, such a style of writing is harmful to people. I am not here to say that in the evaluation of the works, we should focus on criticism, but we hope that we can leave some sincerity and friend-like care in the encouragement, so that the parties are passionate and clear-headed.

Red landmark in my heart

In life, most of the people who help others grow are not role models, but lessons. The reason for this does not need to be expanded, and the lesson is closer to reality.

Getting to know Yang Lan’s prose is an accidental opportunity. I was twelve years old that year. In the late July of the “special era”, we grew up on campus, no melon can steal, then go to steal books. The library in Binxian No. 1 Middle School was stolen and stolen for ten years. Some bookshelves were still full. One evening in the summer, only the wild cat was jumping in front of the library, and there was a bird’s nest in the big lock. A few years later, I read Liang Xiaobin’s poem: “I am running on the red street, China, my key is lost…” I always remember the lock.

The door lock has nothing to do with me, I walked through the window.

Prepare the black tape, look at the four people, stick the tape “meter” on the glass, pick up the hard things, smash it, the sound is not big, the broken glass does not fall, anti-Soviet wartime learning. The house is full of books, and it is a good idea to steal melons. It is best to write a fight. It is not important for anyone who fights who fights. At that time, we were taught to prepare for war. When children from other countries were playing ice skating, our childhood toys were guns and wooden machete. Therefore, fighting with people or watching people has become the fun and nature of our lives. There was a slanting shot, and I squatted on the pile of books, one by one, and it was really quiet. Only the mouse and me were not in a hurry.

There are eyes outside the window, angry: “Bunny rabbit, roll out.”

It’s a flat father, I’m still a little scared, after all, it’s an adult. I just climbed out with a few books, not your home, not white.

“Put the book down and give it to your face?” He kicked my ass up, he has this power, he is my dad’s college classmate. I ran on the leg, and he picked up a book and slammed it at me. He didn’t play, and one would do it. I picked it up and disappeared into the night.

That book is Yang Lan’s prose.

In junior high school writing, I copied Yang Shuo’s prose, “Xiangshan Hongye”, “Chahua Fu” and “Snow Wave”, which is very popular. More critical is that others do not. He wrote “Litchi Honey” “There are many cute little bees, which are not good for people. It is a very good thing for people.” I wrote “Hedgehog”, although it is a long thorn, it really brings people a beautiful spring. “There was a first prize in the county middle school students’ essay award. Poor teachers, there is no hedgehog in the north.

“Yang Yu’s Prose” accompanied me into the youth, copying is also reading, I learned Yang Shu-style writing, seeing the scene – entry – lyrics – sublimation – point questions, the subject matter is true or not, it is not important, just say good. I feel that I not only love literature, but also understand, for ten years, from hope to disappointment, after a drink, fold a hero card number 100 into two.

The eight-year-old son asked me what is written in today’s diary? I am casual, writing you as thin. He wrote: “Is it thin because it is not good to eat. This month, I live in my family. When I eat, I chew, I want to vomit, I don’t want to eat delicious food. Why? Because when I was a child, I couldn’t eat hard things, she used her mouth to chew and feed me. At that time, I didn’t understand things. She fed me and I ate. Now I remember, she used my tongue to pass into my mouth. I just I want to vomit. I can’t tell her that she will be sad…” The son is better than me, he is real. I didn’t know what I was saying when I was without Yang Lan.

At that time, I was reading “I and the Earth” and read Shi Tiesheng. He said to me in his ear: “I have a lot of time to sit in front of the window, look at the high walls and low walls that are close to the cliffs. There must be walls in some places. We are all in the wall. There is not much to worry about. In the broad daylight, the high standard is reminiscent of the library’s catalogue. Only God can open every small drawer and look at the secret history of hundreds of millions of souls. The dream of seeing the broken wall is smashed in the wall. And the god of death arrived on schedule, reaching out and grabbing a few like a touch…” I sighed and sighed and then rolled out tears.

I still always think of Yang Lan, in Shi Tiesheng’s text, in front of his son’s twisted diary, he also remembered “sucking his mouth and putting food on his tongue.”

I can’t find the “Yang Yang Prose”. I have sold a lot of old books.

After a certain age, I said that I know a little about writing articles, that is, drying out my heart and being friends with the sun. My friend said that the whole mysterious, I understand that it is, interesting, and kind.

Expected to be real, interesting refers to language, kind? Conscience? He said better than me.

Perhaps, Yang Lan is not wrong, which soldier on the battlefield wants to die? But only that. I was helpless when we came out of that era and looked back red, so I didn’t want to look back. This became the driving force for me to look forward.

Tea dance

Playing tea is the latest thing. recent? Time is still not accurate as it is not good. The childhood is the most recent yesterday, the youth is last year, and the old age? It’s been in the past five years.

There is no tea in the north. If someone was accompanied by tea, there would always be a reason, such as the father drinking tea or staying in the south…now it is not.

In the past, some people talked about tea. I was a light-hearted one. The tea was cooler than white or beer. It was a little less extravagant. Even if I drank it, it was cool and the cow was drinking. It’s easy to get close to tea since I’ve had a leisure time. Say no, leisurely has nothing to do with busyness and not busy, a state of mind. The influence of the people around him, the tea will be more intimate. When I was farther away from “the nearest”, I often sent fungus to friends in the South. They sent tea to raise their hands. Most of them are sent immediately. If you have a long time, the taste will be reduced and you will lose your love. If you don’t drink, you will not have the patience of making tea, and you can’t drink well. I listened to people who advised me to drink some tea recently because they could think less about wine. Drinking tea is not a bad habit. It is said that green tea is also anti-cancer. I still love to drink Tieguanyin, and I have more strength than green tea.

Playing tea means that friends send each other, do a conversation or gather together to drink, to the realm of the product, has nothing to do with thirst. Get new tea, you will have a good mood this day, and you will share it with your friends. Unlike wine, it is better to have a good wine besides giving gifts or leaving it for yourself. Say that tea is a gentleman, does it mean that tea itself is still a tea drinker? I don’t know. One day, scholar Ye Jun and the poet Li Qi said, please drink tea. The accent of Hubei is already in the evening. “Should you eat something first?” So he called several elegant people who could talk to tea.

I count? Li Qi’s guests are always afraid that people can’t eat well, just no wine. In fact, I want to drink a little, and the dishes on the table are really good. In addition to the in-person elegance and refreshment, and we have to go to drink tea, not only the tea but also the “dao”, the wine is always a bit cheesy in front of the tea. I hold on, and I am a temporary realm. I will be a book reader tonight. That group of people is really good. Although they are not always in a city, they always have to be deeply a few days.

…… Sitting down in silence, watching the tea artist’s hands turn over and over, showing the respect for tea and the fascination with his profession. I feel good, my mouth is guilty of poverty: “All are full? How about doing one?” The tea artist said, smelling, moisturizing, and after the three bubbles will be rewarded.

That’s the size of a dumpling: “Can you find me a big bowl?”

People say that this tea is a few thousand dollars a pound.

I didn’t say no, I just want to have a mouthful of utensils, thirsty. Some people regret it. This virtue also has tea. Bring him twice, it will ruin the millennium reputation of tea.

Some embarrassment is instinct. In fact, I already like tea. I usually respect the tea as respect for the book. One of the reasons for drinking only the Oolong series in these years is that several people who supply my tea throughout the year also drink Tieguanyin. The family also has a Yixing teapot.

After the drink, the tea artist changed a set of glass tea sets: “This bubble is the best of Xinyang Maojian, Cheyun Mountain. This tea not only smells, but also looks at it.” The needle is vertical, the leaf is slow. Zhang, one big one is as small as a mother and child. When the water does not move, it goes up and down, drifting left and right, like a boat like a flower…

“This is a tea dance.” Well, my heart is moving.

“The more beautiful tea dance is a kind of green mountain water, a kind of Kuding tea. After the water is released, the tea is released. When the water does not move, the tea begins to change, like a ceremony to show people.”

Tea dance. I became careful and became afraid to unfold the word and dare not give her some philosophies because she was more lovely than philosophy. Because of the tea dance, the whole world calmed down and the guzheng rang. In the silence, I think of a gossip that I heard: in the ancient town of Jiangnan, a tea merchant suddenly felt that making money was boring, and then went back to the countryside to build a house, blue brick brown tile, cypress Zhumen, and the moire of the cloud was engraved with a big heart. “Two words. Abandon the sedan, there are Ma Yuting, Tong Cangkou, Yin Saddle Bridge, and the purple bell is ringing. Consciously feel the feeling of tea has a cloud outside the environment, a flag of the wind, invite the world to understand the taste of tea, and there is better tea. No one came to the door in the month, and they all know that the road of the main tea is unfathomable. The wonders of the tea are rare in the world. Not a day, there is a person who goes to the door, eats and asks for a cup of tea. Sent, only smell no drink, face is shy. The owner is free, and he feels that this person seems to understand tea, and he personally leaves the house to have a cup of tea and watch it move.

“Water is not enough, you can hit the third layer of the Lingshui River in front of the town.”

Follow suit.

“Charcoal is not good, with three years of eucalyptus, a little fragrant green branches.”


After the three bubbles, the person came to be happy, and took a teapot from his arms: “Use this to make another try.”

The host and guest drink together. The owner has been indulging for a long time: “Can I use this house to change your pot?” The laughing man laughed: “I don’t want this pot, I won’t fall to the point where I change the pot’s house ratio. Are you also a house?” ?”

The leaves in the cup are still swimming in the still water, I am speechless, my character has improved a lot that night.

Cultural details show local human feelings

“Harbin is a city with sentimentality, but the cultural taste is not high.” Friends said that we often argued before bidding farewell.

“Need to tell the details?” I shook my head. Like everyone else, we all love our hometown. Moreover, this city is also one of China’s famous cradle of art. We export a large number of artistic talents every year, the high per capita piano possession, and the more pure exoticism, which makes us proud. At the same time, Harbin is the most intense city with multiple cultural collisions. Without its own primitive accumulation, the types of culture brought in by various immigrants are mostly scattered, the level is not high, and the integration and confrontation are parallel. What the friend pointed out is not these, he: “And today’s cultural accumulation is in most cases, reflected in urban cultivation and in the details of life.”

The topic is a few years ago. Not long ago, I had the opportunity to go to several cities in the south. Walking the Three Gorges, Mount Emei, and the Lijiang River, many places of interest did not bring me too much surprise, and the heart was between the little things on the way.

Jiuzhaigou is rainy, and there are many umbrellas hanging on the roadside railings and trees in the scenic spot. It’s raining, people pick it up to cover the rain and continue sightseeing. The rain stops and then hangs in the right place. There are umbrellas scattered around people. The management said that the umbrella was bought at the beginning of the year and was not counted, but not much was lost.

I am very warm under the umbrella. The management department regards tourists as literate, so most tourists strictly adhere to their own ethics. Umbrella has become a kind of beautiful in the scenic spot.

On the hillside road in the Gudong Scenic Area of ​​Guilin, there are four aisles arranged in a row of three people: the first aisle is narrow, when someone can pass, there is a hint: your body is as wonderful as Zhao Feiyan; The second aisle reminder is that the body is moderate; the third passage is written: 呀, the weight loss, a small inspiration to make the tourists have the fun of the game, in the fun, remember the ancient East scenic area and smart managers.

On the way to Yang, I saw an old tree that had been dried for many years. The general situation is that it should be cut down and planted with new trees. It is normal to not plant. But the local people did not, but wrote a sentence on the trunk: “Life is over, the shade has become yesterday, people remember yesterday.”

This is culture, with warnings that can be extended to all areas.

We say that in the cultural conception of the city, the details determine success or failure. The details with typical meaning are a peaceful and far-sighted cultural mentality; it is a rational behavior that does not fight for the moment; it is the unshakable nature of macro control, which reflects wisdom and character.

Harbin is not much worse than other cities. If you choose a commendable detail, there may be some, but it is not enough and it is rough.

Culture is thought, a city’s thinking about its own image and development, what people living here are thinking, where the taste of life points to, is a city’s vivid and spiritual, less about what we have, more to reflect us What was created.

The details determine everything, not the details themselves, but the cultural significance of the details. I remember many years ago, a TV station in Hong Kong had a good family rating and live TV. When the lens is aimed at the living room of a family, the audience is snoring, because the walls of the living room are made of gold and platinum, and the brilliance reveals the vulgarity of the rich, and the criticism points to the aesthetic interest of the TV station. At this time, the host interviewed the hostess. She said: It was an afternoon when I saw this house. When I walked into the living room with my husband, a sunset lighted onto the wall. It was very beautiful. I told the gentleman to leave this sunshine. .

Finally, the family was ranked first, and the audience said that the family has a culture.