Anti-sneak shot, became a business

At the moment when the door was opened, Yunfei felt that he was not quite right. “There is some feeling of insecurity.”

This is an ordinary B&B in Qingdao. He is very satisfied with the decoration and layout. The room is warm and comfortable, and there is a big projector to watch movies. “A bit of romantic style in TV dramas.”

Closing the door, Yunfei found a dynamic sensor installed in the entrance of the room, mainly used for the control of smart appliances. He carefully checked, there was no trace of modification, but still not assured, turn the sensor to face the wall, take out the sticker and carefully paste it. After that, put down the backpack, and he pulled out an infrared flashlight from inside, very small, so long as two finger joints.

He held a flashlight, checked the bedroom and bathroom, and swept through the desk lamp, the socket, and the TV set-top box. Even the radiator was checked. The infrared flashlight clearly shows the reflection on the infrared camera. The smoke alarm on the roof is a common problem, and he also checked it carefully. There is also a router with the function light flashing and flashing. Yunfei looked up and saw it again and again, and found no abnormality. Then he pulled out the power of the TV set.

Yunfei, who is in his thirties, is not a spy agent who often appears in movies. He is just an Internet company responsible for intranet security. The continuous sneak shots in the media made him doubtful about the hotel, and he had to take the infrared flashlight every time he traveled.

The infrared camera can clearly capture the night scene, even if the light is turned off in the room, you can clearly record what is happening in the room. Frequent sneak shots have gradually spawned an anti-sneak shot market, helping people find pinhole camera products and training for anti-sneak shot techniques. Yunfei has signed up for such a training class. The series of inspections that I just entered were learned from the training class.

Usually, the inspection is over, but this time he is coming to Qingdao for a holiday with friends. He has friends, and he is more cautious and he is more careful. After packing up the baggage, Yunfei made another check on the room. When he picked up the router again, his heart moved, and the small hole on the far right side of the router showed a slight reflection.

“Textbook-style anti-sneak shot”
Before May 1st, Yunfei and his friends discussed it to Qingdao to play. He inquired about a number of B&Bs through Airbnb and finally set this up. “The price of 3 nights is about 1,700 yuan. The house has a lot of reception in the past.” Yunfei said that he read the comments. The tourists who lived in it have a good evaluation. Some girls also commented that “it feels like home, live. Very comfortable, really recommend it.” The landlord is also the “superb landlord” identified by the platform.

Unexpectedly, in such a superb house, he found an abnormal situation.

Looking at the router for a long time, Yunfei found a special circuit board in the vent. According to work experience, there should be no such board in the router. He suspected that someone had a pinhole camera inside.

Engaged in the Internet industry for many years, Yunfei is sensitive to the inertia of privacy. However, although there are many sneak shots on the Internet, Yunfei has never encountered it.

Since the work involved security protection issues, Yunfei participated in an anti-sneak training course last year, and the system learned how to check the pinhole camera in the room. According to the training course, when checking in the hotel, he has to check in three levels: smoke alarms and chandeliers on the ceiling, TVs and sockets in the eye-level area, desk lamps and TV cabinets at the knee height.

After basically confirming the hidden pinhole camera in the B&B router, Yunfei took the photo of the router and uploaded it to the group of anti-sneak training classes. Please identify the classmates and trainers in the group. Yang Zhe, the person in charge of the training class, said that he must be a pinhole camera. The friends who stayed together were more sensitive to the sneak shot, and suggested that Yunfei should handle the alarm.

Before the alarm, in order to determine the presence of the pinhole camera, Yunfei opened the router and found that the camera and a memory card were hidden inside the board. The police rushed to the scene in half an hour and took the memory card for verification. For security reasons, Yunfei did not contact the homeowner, and the follow-up treatment was coordinated by the police.

Later, Yunfei learned from the police that starting from March, the homeowner’s homeowner installed a pinhole camera on the bed of the two homestays to take pictures of others’ privacy and watch them. According to an evaluation of the guesthouse provided by Yunfei, 94 guests left a comment, many of them were women, “Love Peter said they would contact other residents, I don’t know if I have done it.”

According to the administrative punishment decision issued by the Lushan Public Security Bureau, the homeowner filmed and watched the privacy video of others, and the violation of privacy was established. In addition, the homeowner rented the house because he had not applied for a special industry license for the hotel industry. The two administrative penalties were combined and executed. The homeowner was given administrative detention for 20 days and was fined 500 yuan. The hotel was also banned according to law.

“If the video leaks out, it is a nightmare for these residents.” Yunfei said, however, according to his speculation, the video should not have a rumor or sale, otherwise the punishment faced by the homeowner will be more serious.

The success of Yunfei’s anti-sneak shot was transmitted to the Internet by the students in the group, becoming a classic case of “textbook-style anti-sneak shot”. Frequent sneak shots have made people more and more nervous about the problem of hiding cameras. This time, Yunfei, who would have become a “victim”, took the initiative to protect the privacy and not only evaded the risk of being photographed. Successfully attacked the suspects. He became a legend in the eyes of his friends and colleagues. Even when a friend was out of the hotel, he was connected via video. Please ask Yunfei to check if there is a pinhole camera in the room. As a teacher of Yunfei training class, Yang Zhe, the head of the Ruiying anti-theft laboratory, said: I finally saw the dawn of the arrival of the “anti-sneak shot era”.

Yang Zhe has worked in security for many years. He has worked for network security company NSF, Huawei and Ali. In 2017, Yang Zhe founded the Ruiying Laboratory to inspect, lock and remove eavesdropping, sneak shots, and sneak equipment with professional means to protect customer privacy from being leaked.

Before starting a business, Yang Zhe once conducted research on this market. He found that the protection against stealing privacy, such as sneak shots, was mainly based on anti-stealing, such as office eavesdropping and vehicle GPS detection. Because there is no standard norm and lack of unified reference, the industry is always in a state of chaos, and security companies are “springing up like grass and growing up”. The detectors produced by some manufacturers are indeed effective, but some students have purchased detectors to charge and have a battery explosion.

Some security companies have also begun to involve pinhole camera inspection equipment sales and anti-sneak shot training. Among the 9 security enterprise websites retrieved by the reporters, 2 companies specialize in selling signal detection equipment, and 7 companies provide anti-sneak shot training.

Frequently exposed sneak shots have exacerbated people’s anxiety about sneak shots. On the other hand, they have spawned a variety of anti-sneak tools and anti-sneak shot tutorials, and even mobile phone clients that detect wireless networked camera signals. On the online shopping platform, in addition to the infrared flashlights used by Yunfei, various signal detectors and infrared detection devices have also used the “anti-sneak shot” advertising language.

After Yunfei became famous, he had friends who had moved his mind and wanted to sell anti-sneak shot equipment. “I also asked if I could give him a spokesperson.” Yunfei said that after being rejected, his friend thought of a test to do anti-sneak shot equipment to see which ones were effective and which were invalid.

Sensitive businesses have long noticed this market. In the Taobao and Jingdong, the journalists entered the words “anti-scratch artifact” and “camera detector” respectively, and a series of detectors containing “anti-eavesdropping” and “anti-monitoring” appeared. According to different brands and functions, these detectors range in price from one hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Some monthly sales of detectors with a price of about two hundred yuan are two to three thousand.

In Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, “commercial surveys” – also known as detectives – are completely legal industries, and the Japanese survey industry is widely recognized in Asia and around the world. Yang Zhe led a team to visit 50 or 60 Japanese investigation companies, and even learned from the detective industry how to anti-sneak shots and anti-disclosure. “90% of the work in the detective industry is investigative, and 10% of the work is self-protection. We focus on how they protect themselves.”

After full preparation, Yang Zhe’s anti-sneak shooting training class was done. In response to the different needs of the students, Yang Zhe independently developed the L1 and L2 courses in the Ruiying Laboratory, focusing on popularization and actual combat. On the basis of ensuring personal privacy and security, it will rise to the level of commercial security.

Who is studying anti-sneak shots?
Yunfei is the L1 course. “Before attending the training, I thought it was a training focused on business security and anti-stealing.” Yun Fei said that the training fee was still relatively low, and it cost 800 yuan. At that time, I thought it might be useful for the work. I didn’t expect it. The first aid knowledge is the same, and after the study, it is used very quickly.

According to Yang Zhe, the L1 course is now aimed at individual anti-sneak shot training. Each period enrolls 10 to 15 people and the training fee is about 1,000 yuan. The training time of the L1 course is three hours. It mainly introduces the type of the camera and the installation method to introduce the domestic environment and improve the safety awareness of the students. Yang Zhe hopes that the students will find the hidden camera more quickly and accurately by mastering the installation rules of the pinhole camera.

In the daily training, Yang Zhe found that there were not only Internet practitioners and business executives, but also many officials, public security system personnel and sports stars. Due to personal privacy, Yang Zhe refused to disclose more personal information of the students.

The training course is only part of the laboratory work, and the company’s main business is to provide commercial security testing for the company. Yang Zhe said that the fees charged for L1 course training are not high. The cost of equipment for renting venues for each training course also needs more than 10,000 yuan, but many of the students in this course have become customers of laboratory enterprise safety testing.

L2’s courses are more professional than basic anti-sneak shot training courses, and applicants are required to provide proof of unit identity. Most of the students are the person in charge of the company. The laboratory will also cooperate with the law enforcement department to investigate the background of the students, and avoid illegal personnel from participating in the training to grasp the crimes after the anti-sneak shot.

In the course, Yang Zhe randomly divided the students into two groups. One group of students was responsible for installing the pinhole camera in the room, and the other group of students were to find all the cameras within the specified time. Yang Zhe believes that group confrontation allows students to think more realistically from the perspective of the sneak shot.

Yang Zhe’s lab also set up an analysis team to track the video of the sneak shots on the Internet, analyze the characteristics of the hotel and the installation method of the pinhole camera. Through the explanation, cultivate the students’ anti-sneak shot awareness. “With three hours of training, I can only teach them to develop good check habits so that they can gradually strengthen their safety awareness in their work and life.”

After Yunfei discovered the camera in Qingdao, it quickly became a network hotspot. Yang Zhe feels that the registration of training courses has increased significantly, and 15 training courses have been completed in three days. Yang Zhe introduced that in the backstage of their WeChat public account, people from multiple places contacted themselves and hoped to open training courses in their cities. In the past two years, the laboratory has set up training courses in 13 cities across the country, and the number of cities that have opened training courses this year has increased to 17.

“I will bring one (pinhole camera) with me.”

Sitting in a coffee shop, Liu Tao, the co-founder of Anhui Science and Technology Co., Ltd., explained the camera to the reporter, and took a pinhole camera from the bag and placed it on the table.

“Camera, antenna, chip, you can use the mobile phone to broadcast live when you turn on the power.” The whole set of equipment is folded and can be inserted into the coffee cup cover. The size of the lens is only one-half of the size of the mobile phone lens. It is difficult to block under the black lens. Pay attention to the existence of the lens. Liu Tao said that by scanning the QR code on the chip and setting up the signal source of the camera, you can realize the networking of the mobile phone and the camera. “As long as the camera is constantly connected, you can broadcast the captured content abroad.” ”

In his office, two similar pinhole cameras are connected every day. “Of course, not for sneak shots, mainly for testing.”

Like Yang Zhe, Liu Tao also noticed the proliferation of sneak shots and the market prospects of anti-sneak shots. “In the past two years, (I have been impressed) one or two sneak shots have been exposed every month.” Internet security practitioner Liu Tao is a big-line boy, and he does not care whether he will be photographed when he is on a business trip. However, the frequent exposure of the sneak shots still left Liu Tao with the impression that “the sneak shot is serious.”

Liu Tao was also working on cyber security before. When discussing this topic with friends, he began to consider whether he could detect the camera by technical means because of his professional habits. As a result, he found that there is no mobile APP that can detect wireless networked cameras in China.

The Liu Tao team has purchased 70 or 80 pinhole cameras on the market and found that more than 85% of pinhole cameras are wirelessly networked. Under rough calculations, Liu Tao felt that based on the existing network security technology team, developing an app for a wireless webcam did not require much capital and effort, so he began to invest in it.

On March 10th, the “Little Listening” App Android version developed by Liu Tao was launched. According to him, the app has attracted 300,000 users to download. As of the afternoon of July 25, Xiaoyue official website showed that it has provided security services for 384,662 users and found 229,348 networked cameras. Liu Tao added that the data is real raw data, but there is also a situation where the user scans the same camera multiple times. “The scanned camera is divided by two, which should be the number of cameras scanned.”

These cameras are not all sneak shots, but it is a visual representation of the character of this era where everyone lives under the camera. Every day, people pass by countless cameras, and even do some secret, private things, but rarely realize that there is a lens in a certain position.

Small listening is based on monitoring wireless signals, looking for wireless networked cameras under the same signal to achieve detection. At present, it is only possible to detect whether there is a networked camera, but the camera that is not illegally sneak shots cannot be determined, nor can it find the location of the camera. When there was a business trip, Liu Tao detected that there were two cameras in the room. “If you find it several times, you can’t find it, and you can’t.”

Although the effect is not 100% accurate, this anti-sneak shot app also reduces the threshold for detecting cameras. “Lighting (anti-sneak shot) training, the coverage is too small, the equipment will be more convenient to use.” Yang Zhe also understands that the number of groups targeted by the training is a minority, they are now also paying attention to the mobile app, and another network security company to find a reward The most effective anti-sneak detection instrument or mobile client.

“Many people can’t do this.”
When the mobile phone is connected to the wireless in the cafe, Liu Tao opens a small listening, and a circular scanning interface appears on the mobile phone page. After one minute, the scan results appeared and no networked cameras were detected. “B&B and hotel are places where the camera is often pinned. There should be no pinhole camera in the cafe.” Liu Tao said.

There are various anti-sneak tactics on the Internet, such as turning off the indoor lighting, scanning the room with the camera function of the mobile phone, etc., because in the usual impression, the pinhole camera will emit red light, and the mobile phone camera is easy to detect. However, in the eyes of Liu Tao and Yang Zhe, most of the tutorials on the Internet do not play a role in preventing sneak shots. According to them, many pinhole cameras on the market do not use red light, and because the pinhole camera installation location is hidden, ordinary equipment and mobile phone cameras must face the camera to discover the existence of the camera, it is difficult to play the actual anti-sneak shot. effect.

More important is the anti-sneak shot consciousness. After Yunfei’s incident, many people asked him about the anti-sneak shot experience. “I will simply talk to them,” Yunfei said, but he feels that many people are three minutes of heat. “This news is fermenting.” During the period, they will pay special attention when they go out, but after that, you want to cultivate a habit and inertia. Every time you go into a strange situation, you will check it. This is actually very difficult. Many people can’t do this.”

Liu Tao believes that users can only detect whether there is a networked camera through the mobile phone, and it is difficult to accurately find the camera. “Unless professional anti-sneak training is available, it is difficult for individuals to find a pinhole camera.”

This is also a reflection of the industry after a small listening to the line. Next, they developed a testing system for hotels and police, and cooperated with the police in the two provincial capitals. “In the hotel and within the jurisdiction of the police, abnormal cameras can be detected through the system, and then traced back to the camera production and sales vendors.” Liu Tao said that he could not disclose more detailed information because of the requirements of relevant departments. But he believes that this is the key to solving the sneak shot. After all, the victim finds the camera, and the subsequent processing requires the intervention of the hotel and the police to solve the problem of the sneak shot or the attack on the sneak shot.