French college entrance examination results in unfair results caused dissatisfaction

France’s college entrance examination this year can be described as a turmoil. After the invigilator and the scoring teacher went on strike, it has now been smashed into a lawsuit: 17 candidates have considered the college entrance examination results unfair, and the Ministry of Education has been brought to court.

According to the French news radio station on the 12th, due to opposition to the government’s education reform, nearly 20 out of the 2019 French high school diploma examinations (similar to the Chinese college entrance examination) strikes, the original scheduled test results on July 5, However, on July 2, there were still 100,000 exam papers that were not reviewed. Some of the scoring teachers detained the exam papers and refused to submit scores. The French Minister of Education, Brownie, did not compromise the strikers. The candidates who ordered the examination papers to be detained and failed to score were scored according to their usual high school grades, or they were released on the scheduled date. When the list was released on July 5, some students got temporary transcripts with usual points. On the 8th, the strike teacher will detain the test paper and hand in the test. On the 9th, the candidates will get the final score. According to Brown’s measures, if the candidate’s college entrance examination score is higher than usual, then the final score is based on the college entrance examination score, otherwise the usual grade is retained.

The difference between the grades of the school and the scores of the college entrance examination constitutes the source of dissatisfaction of candidates and parents. According to the report, candidates who did not pass the exam were particularly dissatisfied: they thought they could pass if they looked at the usual results. The same is true, but the college entrance examination is defeated, the candidates who have been deducted from the examination papers can pass the usual grades, but they can only accept the failure of the college entrance examination, so they are treated unfairly. Candidates who file a lawsuit may wish to recalculate the score or retake the exam.

An entrusted lawyer said that in addition to the results this year, there were many problems in the examination environment and the seriousness of the examination because of teachers’ strikes. Many students were unfairly treated. According to Agence France-Presse, the French student parent council said that they have received more than 20,000 complaints about the college entrance examination this year. At present, only 17 people are suing, probably because only wealthy families can afford lawyers to enter the proceedings.

In the face of strong public dissatisfaction, the strike teachers believe that this is due to the Minister of Education, Browne, and Browne said: “Every strike teacher will be prosecuted.”