Go to the Barcelona Red Card Museum

There is a famous chocolate museum in Barcelona, ​​which has become a must-see for tourists from all over the world. Not long ago, the author went and went.

Barcelona has always wanted to build a chocolate museum, which is said to have existed before World War II. Although the people of Barcelona lived in poverty at the time, the European desire for chocolate did not diminish. Later, several chocolate companies in Barcelona decided to jointly fund the construction of a chocolate museum, which was intended to bring their history of chocolate production and chocolate works to the museum for people to visit. But in view of the political and economic environment at the time, the museum has not been built. It was not until the initiative of the Barcelona Chocolate Association in 2000 that the dream was finally realized.

Today, after nearly 20 years of operation, the Chocolate Museum has become a famous attraction in Barcelona. Visiting the Chocolate Museum is more than just watching, it is more important to eat. Because the chocolate here is fresh and delicious, and it is not available in the supermarket, it is produced in limited quantities every day.

The museum covers an area of ​​about 500 square meters. Most of the museum is made of chocolate sculptures and some original tools for making chocolate. The chocolate sculptures in the museum are very fine and are hand-carved by professional sculptors, each with only one piece. The content of the work is a character in the Spanish classic story, such as the characters in the “Jon Quixote”, fairy tale characters and so on. In addition, the famous Barcelona architecture, the Sagrada Familia, is also a work of chocolate sculptors.

There are also many animal works, and one of the gorillas carved out of white chocolate is the “treasure of the town hall” of the museum (pictured). This snowflake gorilla “has its own scar” and is well known in Barcelona. Because of the rare skin disease, snowflake is all white when it is born, and its parents are downright chimpanzees. Snowflake lived at the Barcelona Zoo until his death in 2003. It is the only white orangutan in the world, so Barcelona’s sculptor white chocolate carved a statue of snow in the museum to commemorate.

In addition, the Barcelona Chocolate Museum has a special feature: it can eat, see, smell, and listen, so that people can feel the charm of chocolate from all senses. The most curious thing for the audience is “can listen”. Can chocolate not sing? After I understand it, I know that although I have not reached the level of singing, as long as I bite the chocolate mouth, I will make a “beep” sound. If you eat a lot of people, everyone will “squat” together, just like listening. The feeling of “symphony”. It is said that this is because a special raw material has been added to the chocolate, and the sound of is especially popular among children.

Opposite the Chocolate Museum is the Barcelona Dessert School. Whether it’s a casual visitor or a team organization, after visiting the museum, you will usually go to the dessert school to continue your tour. At this school, we saw the whole process of making chocolates and other desserts. The audience couldn’t help but feel the emotions – it turns out that our chocolates and desserts are just like this! The Dessert School also has a special venue for students who come to visit to make desserts.

After coming out of the dessert school, it was a chocolate cafe. After the audience is full of eyes, they will be able to enjoy themselves. I can’t help but feel excited at the moment. There are more than 200 varieties of desserts and chocolates in the cafe, all of which have just been baked, and many products can only be tasted in this cafe. Finally, under my proposal, my friends tasted the chocolates , and a group of middle-aged uncles felt a childlike joy in the cafe