Switzerland: the country of renters

What I can’t understand in Switzerland is why all around are renters. Don’t care about money, or do you have to? For Russians, renting a house without special needs is equivalent to letting the money float, or, as the Swiss have said, “let the money fly away with the smoke”. In Russia, people who work are trying to borrow money to buy a house, even if it is a small house in a room. The purpose is to get out of the bag as soon as possible, so as to get rid of the heavy burden of renting a house.

| Renting requirements are demanding |
In Switzerland, however, people seem to get used to living in someone else’s home. At the same time, for the middle class, the chances of renting a house at a “fair” price are small. It is hard to find a suitable house with a lantern! The lessor will create a situation of renting competition. A house may have 400 to 500 people who want to rent. The landlord usually chooses a renter with a high salary or pension. The ability to pay is the most important measure.

Let’s take a look at what the concept of “tenant” is in this Alpine country. First of all, people here don’t have any sense of ritual. Although they are not malicious, their behavior may make your nerves unbearable. On one occasion, at 8 o’clock in the morning of Christmas, someone rang the doorbell of the house that my husband and I rented, saying that it was informed in advance that the rent would rise by 300 francs (Swiss franc, the same below, 1 Swiss franc) RMB 6.93 yuan). The mood of the festival has vanished. I am very angry: This is too no smell, let it not let people spend the holidays? Even if we are caught off guard for two days late!

Second, they won’t let you forget that you are a tenant and you have to be under supervision. For example, after marriage, my husband told me many times that if I lost the key to the door and asked the homeowner to change the lock, I would need to pay about 600 francs. Of course, people have their own countermeasures. Compared with paying this fee – it is more like a huge fine, it is more cost-effective to buy a new lock, and the price is 5 times cheaper.

Also, if the wall of the foyer and the hallway is gone, it is best not to take care of it. Although repainting is pleasing to the eye, if you can’t restore the original “hue”, you have to pay. Want to paint on the wall? Still throw this thought aside, because you have to pay for every irreparable damage on the wall.

Third, subletting is prohibited, and housing cannot be exchanged with others. Other European countries have been exchanging their residences while on vacation. For example, when a German family comes to Switzerland, they can live in your home. When you go to Germany, you can live in their home, thus saving expensive hotel accommodation. This is especially beneficial for people who travel with their children, like family atmosphere, and want to save on hotel expenses. However, this does not work in Switzerland at all.

| I have to find a good home before moving.
The cheapest place to stay next to a single apartment is to rent a room in a house for 600 to 900 francs per month. Needless to say, you will also encounter unexpected things here. If you are the first person to enter here and the other rooms in this home are still empty, you will have to sign a rental contract with the landlord and find other tenants, who will then pay you. For the landlord, you are the guarantor of the other tenants, and the landlord himself does not have to worry about it. If you have nowhere to live, you have to take up this responsibility and spend a lot of time looking for other tenants. God bless, you quickly found the tenant, but life tells us that the duration of a flawless tenant “alliance” is usually very short.

There is also a strange rule in renting a house in Switzerland: when moving away, the tenant must find a home for himself, that is, find the next tenant who has the ability to pay. Moving the house itself is enough trouble, but you still get a place to find someone who wants to rent a house. All the Swiss people I know who have been forced to move have been tortured by this obligation of injury and self-respect.

| Love the frequently renovated landlord |
There is an unforeseen factor in the life of renters, that is, decoration, according to Russian sayings, the decoration is equivalent to three fires and five times. You happily moved into the rented house and purchased the furniture. I hope the interior decoration can last for 20 years, but suddenly I received a paper document asking you to make room for a few months because the landlord wants to carry out a large-scale renovation. . When our city suddenly announced that it would “mainly repair” two high-rise residences at the same time, it was simply unpredictable!

It’s hard to predict when to decorate, so if you choose the wrong place at the wrong time, you can only admit that it is unlucky. Other rental conditions are clear and clear. For example, the free replacement of the refrigerator (if the refrigerator is damaged) is 10 years, the stove is 15 years, the bathtub is 20 to 25 years, and the door lock is 30 years. If the carpet is damaged within 10 years, it will be replaced by both parties: 5 years or more, the cost is half; for more than 6 years, you bear 40% of the cost price, the landlord bears 60%; 8 years or more, you bear 20%, the landlord bears 80%. The replacement period of the floor is 10 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the floor. Don’t forget about fire insurance and flood insurance, and some areas require that this part of the cost be paid by the lessee.

The decoration itself can be tolerated, because you can temporarily find a place to live for a while, but you have to be prepared, that is, the rent may increase. When you moved home, you found that the monthly rent rose by 150 francs, or 200 francs, 300 francs… The rent increase of the landlord can basically compensate for the renovation costs. Why? You are just a tenant, and you have not asked him to decorate it! Take a step back and think, if the house is close to the work place, the children can go to school after crossing the road, and they don’t want to lose their little friends. In this case, what else can you do?

The painful thing about rising rents is that the state tends to protect homeowners, not tenants, in terms of funding. Where is this protection reflected? First of all, the cost of refurbishing the house can be exempted from income tax. Secondly, the scope of tax exemption includes not only the renovation costs of walls, windows, roofs, fences, courtyard doors and roads leading to the house, but also all reasonable use of energy and resources, such as maintenance of water pipes, water pipes, heating. Installation costs for kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. As a result, the comfort of the tenant has increased, the rent has increased, and the cost of the homeowner has decreased. Of course, the things you paint or install yourself are not compensated, and not all the money spent will be compensated. In fact, the tax is reduced to the tip of the iceberg. If your annual income is 48,000 francs, the tax rate (progressive tax) is 14.8%, which is 7128 francs, and you take 10,000 francs to install a new heating system, then the remaining 38,000 francs will be taxed. It became 13.6%, or 5,179 francs, which is actually the amount that is returned to the taxpayer. In this way, the cost of installing a heating system is reduced from 10,000 francs to 8952 francs. Although the amount of money is small, it is attractive enough, so the homeowner will often repair the house. This is why the Swiss house is maintained. A pleasing little secret.