Why is your IP product not hot?

To build IP products, all industries are chanting.

Specific to the jewelry industry, what kind of products are IP products? What kind of subject matter has IP potential? Gold bullets, football, QQ expressions, Piggy Page, geometric figures, cartoon characters in anime, nature of animals, plants, representing the crown of the imperial power which are IP products? What are pseudo IP products?

Why do many brands use the popular TV dramas to implant products or claim IP product development, but they have not achieved the expected sales results? There are also many brands that use the hotspots to develop new IP products. As a result, the hotspots are fleeting, and the products have not yet spread out.

It takes a lot of money to develop IP products, but it is just a flash in the pan. In the end, what is the problem?

Is the IP product a physical product? Is there a virtual product? Are IP products just built by manufacturing companies? Can retail companies build IP products?

The logic behind jewelry IP products

What is IP? There are different opinions. Products can be IP, such as Apple phones; brands can be IP, such as Rolls-Royce; founders can be IP, such as Jobs, Ren Zhengfei; anime characters, mythical characters can be IP, such as Mickey Mouse, God of Wealth.

The so-called IP is the familiarity of the public, fans, fans, and traffic, and the symbol of commercial realization. This symbol can be a ritual process of objects, characters, image symbols or culture.

Today I mainly talk about jewelry IP products. If you define the jewellery IP product, it is: IP products are market-tested symbols that can carry human emotions. Religion, love, peace, civilization, prosperity, democracy, courage, and justice are all symbols that carry the good emotions of human beings. Any product that expresses these beautiful emotions in a material form or an immaterial cultural product (such as a cultural ritual) is an IP product.

Based on this premise, IP products have four indicators: First, the core of IP is the content of human consensus, and everyone is familiar with this image or story. The second is that the product is the performance carrier of the IP core. The product comes with the IP core and comes with the topic, comes with traffic, and can gather fans. Third, the product is easy to commercialize because the IP core can be self-promoted. Fourth, it can withstand the test of time and can last forever.

The hot thing seems to be a product. In fact, it is the IP symbol that carries the beautiful emotions of human beings.

The difference between permanent IP products and hot IP products is the test of the time dimension. The IP products that are sold well in a certain period of time are called hot IP, and the long-lasting sales are called permanent IP products. The product with the anime theme Piggy Page is called the explosive product, and the pig Peggy is the hot IP. The Guanyin and Buddha products of religious subjects are called permanent IP products, Guanyin and Buddha are permanent IP.

Great myths, film and television works, and literary works are the interpretations of the images of the full-fledged personality and twists and turns, and praise these symbols that carry the good emotions of human beings – IP. The brand develops the product accordingly and seamlessly grafts the product with the cultural symbols behind the IP. This is the development logic for brand IP products.

Original IP: Cultural Parasitism, Diversification and Segmentation

The IP awareness of the jewelry industry has been awakened, and leading brands are actively practicing the development of IP jewelry products, such as Chao Hongji’s “Doraemon” series, Chow Tai Fook’s “Hello Kitty” series, Chow Sang Sang’s “One Piece” series, Pandora’s “Ice Snow” “Edge” series and so on.

IP product development is divided into original development and authorized development, and its development ideas are different.

Original IP product development, we must learn the cultural symbol parasitic. In other words, your original product is parasitic in the cultural cognition that carries the good emotions of human beings. These cognitions have been deposited in people’s mental resources, can be easily identified, spread, can bring their own topics, gather fans, and achieve self-sale of products. Chow Tai Fook’s Fuxing Baby Series, the brand of jewellery’s Jinyi jade food series 3D hard gold products can continue to sell well, the logic behind is that the product is parasitic in Chinese traditional culture.

The cultural symbols that jewellery products can parasitize include: religious culture, constellation culture, Fushou culture, love culture, privileged culture, and civilized culture. These IP products can be materialized specific products, such as the key to love, the romantic Eiffel Tower, the crown representing the dignitaries, the statue of peace, or the ritual culture of process, such as marriage confession, worship of the moon Inquisitive for the peace ceremony, the vows, the marriage, the gratitude, the children’s grasp of the week and other intangible cultural heritage.

Original IP product development, but also learn to diversify. The symbolic culture that carries the good emotions of human beings is a big concept, and brands must learn to diversify. Today is the era of globalization, Western culture, and Eastern culture are all in harmony. As long as they are good emotional symbols, in addition to nationality and faith, these cultural symbols are recognized by the West, such as love, civilization, wealth, courage and justice. For example, the East recognizes the zodiac culture, while the West recognizes the constellation culture. Its IP content is similar.

In the Chinese market, the IP products of religious culture are mostly Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. There are few IP products in Western Christianity and Islam. But there are a lot of people who believe in Christianity and Islam in China. Brands can build products around Western IP to achieve diversification. For example, Western marine civilization and pirate culture, Greek mythology, including Western festival culture, such as Christmas , Thanksgiving, Easter, these deeply rooted IP can be developed and utilized. Especially the “post-90s” and “post-00” young consumers are more likely to recognize foreign cultures. Every Christmas, the golden apple will be hot, which is the light of the Western cultural IP.

Through the original IP development, use the market segment to seize the niche and the circle. In the past, product development focused on the logic of the public, and now product development should pay attention to personality and circle logic. The market logic of the future is that both the mass brand and the niche brand exist at the same time. Brand original IP products, to learn to subdivide IP, so as to seize the circle market.

For example, in the Buddhist culture of China, Bodhisattva and Buddha are IP products that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, the entire jewelry industry develops popular IP products. The Bodhisattva is mainly Nanhai Guanyin, and the Buddha is mainly Maitreya.

In fact, Bodhisattva has Puxian Bodhisattva (Daochang Emei Mountain), Manjushri (Daochang Wutai Mountain), Guanyin Bodhisattva (Daochang Putuo Mountain), and Dizang Bodhisattva (Daochang Jiuhua Mountain). The folks have “seeking peace to Putuo and seeking for wealth to Jiuhua.” According to these legends or classics, the brand can completely refine the relevant IP products of the four Bodhisattvas to meet the different psychological needs of believers.

In the Taoist culture, the God of Wealth is also an IP product that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The development of IP products in the jewelry industry is also a popular IP product. The God of Wealth is the image of Guan Gong and Zhao Gongming. In fact, in the folklore of China, there are five great gods of wealth, namely three martial arts gods and two wealthy gods. Can the brand develop IP niche products related to the Five Fortune Gods based on folklore and historical books?

They are Zhao Gongming (the all-powerful Wu Caishen, the mythical figure in the Romance of the Gods, Zhao Gongming and his four-member ministry will be called the Five-way Fortuna), Guan Gong (the loyalty of the Wucai God, the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period), Fan Wei (the wealth of the Tao God of Wealth, historical figures of the Spring and Autumn Period, also known as Tao Zhugong), Bi Gan (just literary and wealthy gods, historical figures of Shang Dynasty), Shen Wansan (a partial wealth of wealth and wealth, historical figures of the Ming Dynasty, folklore by the cornucopia).

Authorized IP: Combine brand features with hot IP

In addition to using the historical and cultural symbols that humans have deposited for thousands of years to develop original IP products, the brand can also be authorized to develop from the excellent original high-quality IP image of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign countries. It is to obtain the image authorization of hot film and television dramas and hot animations to develop products.

To get authorization with hotspot IP, pay attention to the following three points:

First, the product or image developed must conform to the beautiful emotional carrier of human beings in order to obtain the dividend brought by the IP core.

The yellow gold warhead product is a hard gold product developed with the help of “Wolf Wolf 2”. Why is it not popular all over the country? Because bullets are weapons in everyone’s mind and cannot represent the beautiful emotional symbols of human beings. Although the personality is different, it can only be recognized by the minority and it is difficult to sell well.

For example, Tencent’s QQ expression is a hot spot, but all kinds of emoji are just social props, lack of culture, and can not carry the beautiful emotional sustenance of human beings. Although the production company has obtained authorization, it is difficult to build a successful IP product.

Second, the hot IP of the potential should be familiar to the whole people, not too small, otherwise it will not heat up. Authorized by Disney’s latest and most popular movie and video anime images, or the protagonist image or product implant license of the Hollywood classic series. These works are able to withstand the review of the global audience, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, these images are deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and the development of related IP products is easy to succeed.

The jewelry industry has also launched the Mifi rabbit series, Peter Rabbit series IP products. The products are only sold in some areas, and the reason is that these IP animation images are not well known to all. In many third, fourth and fifth tier cities, many users have not seen these works.

Third, obtain authorized IP products or implant products in hot IP film and television dramas, and match the brand with the brand. Because the hotspots will always be outdated, only the brand advantage and IP film and television dramas will be grafted. This IP product can be remembered by users as a brand feature, so as to enjoy the IP dividend.

Mingpai Jewelry once sponsored the hot film drama IP of “Sansheng Sanshi, Shili Peach Blossom” and developed a series of peach blossom products. During the hot broadcast, the peach flower series products are very popular, this drama is soon replaced by new drama, but peach blossom The brand assets of the series and the Ming brand do not match, and it is more difficult to enjoy the bonus. The explosives of the past may become tomorrow’s yellow flowers with the past of IP hotspots.

Laiwu Tongling once invested in an IP film and television drama “Carat Lovers”, and then grafted the brand assets (highlighting the diamond category) with the script, and matched the new products developed with the protagonist. After the end of the bonus period of the film and television drama, the product is still being memorized by the user. Alice Jewelry sponsored “Alice in Wonderland 2” for the authorized development and implantation of IP products, which is a successful example. This brand has a strong natural connection with IP film and television dramas.

Gangfu Jewelry also used the “Transformers 5” to create the glory series of IP products, but the product’s shape, meaning and the film and television hotspot “Transformers” IP core matching is not enough, is not widely known; Safir with the help of “Fantastic Circus” The series of anime image IP products developed, because the content of “Fantastic Circus” is not well known to the public, is not helpful for the popularity of the product.

With hot video dramas developing hot IP products, there are two main points:

1. This IP is hot, and the symbolic meaning of its image and symbol is known to the target users.

2. This IP has a good correlation with the brand. This relevance includes product styling, name, meaning and the number of times the product appears in the play, or the brand characteristics are consistent or strongly related to IP.

New IP: Clever use of scenes and culture

Not only manufacturers can build IP products, but retail companies can also build IP. This kind of IP is not a specific physical product, but an immaterial cultural product, such as a ritual feeling is IP. These ritual feelings are scene experiences. The scenes of the experience include life scenes, love scenes, memorial scenes, and festival scenes.

The MLE Super Marriage Ring of the Century Edge created the “One Life Only One Person” purchase ceremony. Both parties need to take out their ID cards and sign the true love certificate by handprint. And DR (Dairy) Jewelry “Love only one person in one lifetime” purchase. The ceremony is: only men can be customized by ID card, and only one piece of life will be given to the only one. These rituals are all about the promise of love, the genes of the brand, and the IP of the brand. It carries the beautiful emotional sustenance of human beings, comes with a topic, can be circled and can be self-promoted.

All the stores under the Starlight Jewelry Group are carrying out activities such as “marriage confession”, “Pearl Pearl”, “Jewelry Class” and “Children’s Week”. These ceremonial services with profound experience not only carry the beautiful emotional sustenance of human beings, but also Bring your own topic and you can also sell yourself. These ritual scenarios are the IP products of retail companies.

Not only that, Starlight Jewelry also often launches the purchaser’s innovation in product weaving, creating the original IP entity product. For example, the “baby evil spirits artifact” “waist-wound” products, as well as the “green silk weaving gold enamel” bracelet products that are popular throughout the year, are all IP entity products created by retail terminal enterprises. These products are new IPs created in conjunction with scenes or holiday scenes.