Gibraltar released detained Iranian tanker

On the 15th, the British authorities in the British overseas territories withstood the extreme pressure of the “last minute” of the United States and announced the release of the seized Iranian “Grace 1” giant tanker. Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said that after receiving the official commitment of the Iranian government, he believed that the tanker would not go to Syria after being released. At the same time, a spokesperson for the British tanker “Stanner Empire”, which was detained by Iran, said that this was a positive step for the “Steiner Empire”.

“Trump’s last minute intervention in Gibraltar prevented the release of Iranian tankers seized near Gibraltar.” The British “Express” reported on the 15th that just before the Gibraltar authorities considered releasing the seized Iranian tanker, the US Department of Justice filed an application for the US to continue to detain the tanker. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, Anthony, stressed that if it was not for the United States, it would have been “released” in the middle, and “Grace 1” should have been released. According to the UAE “Arbia” television station, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar opened at 4 pm local time, and the letter from the United States arrived at 1:30 pm. “If there is no United States, ‘Grace 1 has sailed on the Mediterranean Sea by the wind and waves” . However, the tanker captain and three other crew members have been released.

After the ruling of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, the Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baedi Nejad, said on Twitter that “the United States wanted to prevent the British from releasing the Iranian tanker at the last minute, but the result was smashed. Face-to-face.” The Gibraltar authorities’ detention of “Grace 1” expired on the 19th of this month, and the Supreme Court of Gibraltar decided on the 15th whether to extend the seizure again. Many international media have speculated that the Supreme Court’s ruling resulted in the release of Iranian tankers. The Iranian government is even more optimistic, saying that “Grace 1” will be released “very soon.” The Iranian National News Agency quoted Islami, the deputy head of the country’s port and maritime organization, as saying that the Iraqi side and the British side had negotiated on the seizure of the tanker and “exchanged some documents”. The British side is very interested in releasing the Iranian tanker. Islami said with confidence: “We believe that in the near future, Grace will hang the Iranian flag and resume normal operations in international waters.”

In the eyes of the Arab media, Iran is bound to be dissatisfied with the United States. Before the incident, the Iranian naval commander Hussein Hanzadi warned on the 15th that the enemies of the Persian Gulf should “quickly leave the area, otherwise they will be forced to humiliate to withdraw”, he stressed that in this area The era of “Yaowu Yangwei” is gone forever. Earlier, Hanzadi warned that Iran has the ability to detain any vessel entering the Gulf region. If Israel joins the US-led “escort alliance”, it may trigger war.