Tell you a real Venezuelan

With the overall escalation of the US economic sanctions against Venezuela, Venezuela has once again become the focus of attention of the international community. What is the current living situation of the Venezuelan people under the turbulent situation?

“Everything has changed.” This is the most talked about when the old friend meets after returning to Venezuela after 6 years. There is no previous blockage in the street, and Chinese brands have more vehicles than in the past. The strongest moment of happiness is when you refuel – almost free of charge, giving you more tips than gas. A box of 50 liters of gasoline costs 300 Bolivars, less than RMB 0.15. But after all, gasoline can’t be drunk, and food and daily necessities are too expensive. A can of Coke 12400 Bolivar, equivalent to the price of 42 boxes of gasoline. The monthly minimum wage of 60,000 Bolivars is equivalent to 4 cans of cola.

Under extremely high inflation, the market uses almost no cash, and bank cards are used to purchase goods. It is alleged that robbery cases are much less than in the past because people have basically gone out of cash. But if you go to Venezuela, don’t expose brand-name mobile phones. Ordinary people use old-fashioned mobile phones.

Basic public service facilities also have many problems, especially water and electricity are not guaranteed. The author has come to the committee for nearly a hundred days without a normal water supply. Bathing to half of the sudden water cuts often occurs. The author saw many water supply pipes on the street running out, but no one was repairing. In the case of abnormal power supply, street lights are on in the streets during the day, many traffic lights are out of order, and the city is negligent in management. As the law and order situation deteriorated, residents have become accustomed to self-restraint. There are no pedestrians on the gray streets in the evening, only vehicles that pass by. However, there are also bold Venezuelans who are so excited when they have a lot of people, they are still happy.

With the tightening of sanctions against Venezuela in the United States, the domestic supply situation has deteriorated, and the general public is simply unable to purchase basic daily necessities and food. Many people rely on food subsidies distributed by the government to live.

There are more and more people leaving Venezuela. According to incomplete statistics, since 2017, the number of Venezuelans who have gone abroad to seek vitality has reached 3 million. Some neighboring countries began to worry about this immigration army, requiring visas and orderly immigration. Some official diplomatic institutions were accused of opposition, and the “ambassadors” appointed by the opposition appeared in diplomatic situations. The army is the key force for maintaining the Maduro regime. The current popular slogan is “Always loyal, never rebellious!” But the worry that cannot be ignored is that the people’s families are also facing difficulties and hope to end their abnormal life earlier. The danger of coup d’état in Maduro remains.

The government has begun to make long-term preparations for resisting the embargo, with particular emphasis on increasing foreign exchange earnings. The author is concerned that under the escalation of US sanctions, Venezuela is in danger of becoming an island. At present, the air passage between the committee and the outside world mainly relies on the route between Caracas and Panama City, and most of the direct flights between Europe and the United States have been suspended. The spirit of the struggle of the Venezuelan people is really going to face the test.