Focus, in the end, is the direction

Focusing is the most effective means to quickly improve competitiveness and enhance combat effectiveness. It is also the only way for enterprises to move from 0 to 1, from weak to strong.

Let’s take a familiar example. Why is Sun Wukong, who is making trouble in the Heavenly Palace, so powerful? Focus! The goal is very clear, the thief first smashed the king, Laozi is looking for the Jade Emperor to settle the account, and everyone else gave me a flash, and the result was that the Lingxiaobao Temple was smashed and beaten, and the Jade Emperor drilled the table for help.

The question is coming. Why is it that Sun Wukong on the way is not amazing? All kinds of things can’t be done, and the soldiers are rescued everywhere. I think the reasons for various analyses are actually caused by not focusing and distracting too much energy. Also take care of Master, but also to rescue two younger brothers, the old man can not fight, the woman can not fight, the child can not fight, not only can not beat people, even throwing sticks will not work, how to deal with flowers and plants? You see, so many conditions to restrict and distract Sun Wukong’s energy, the combat power naturally declines sharply, and it is not good to change anyone.

Therefore, enterprises want to let the fighting power burst into a watch, let them continue to move from victory to victory, we must focus and take the focus strategy.

As for the benefits of focusing, everyone knows that they also know that the focus is good, but why not focus on it?

The main problem I see is that I don’t know where to get together. Focusing on the final direction is the direction. North or south, herbal tea or milk tea, cheap or refined? The direction is right, that is, facing the sea, spring blossoms; can not be gathered, the direction is wrong, that is the abyss, life hanging a line, worked hard for decades, returned to liberation one night.

Where should I focus?

To get together in the field that you are good at

In the field that you are good at, you can maximize your strengths and have the foundation to win. You must see the Eighth Route Army playing the devils to lead the enemy to the mountains, because this is the field that they are good at. Playing the devils in the mountains is much better than playing the devils in the plains. Therefore, basically, there are many wins and one fight.

Gree, who is good at air conditioning, is the ultimate in air conditioning, which is the scale of hundreds of billions.

Shuanghui boss Wan Long often said: I have no other skills, it will kill pigs and meat. It will kill the pigs and sell meat, not only to achieve the scale of 100 billion, but also to reversely acquire Smithfield, the largest pork products company in the United States, for $7.1 billion, becoming the world’s first pig to sell meat. No matter how the food industry changes, Shuanghui can always sit and watch the clouds and rivers.

There is also Dong’e Ejiao. Dong’e County has only been donkey-hide gelatin since ancient times. In fact, A-collagen is a very small market, but Dongya has done the ultimate in Ejiao, look at the market value of Dong’e Ejiao and see the profit rate of others. You will know how great a business strategy is to focus on strategy, and how to make a wise decision.

Therefore, to focus, first of all to gather in the field of their own familiarity. Don’t worry about the focus, the product is less, and the market is small. The so-called less is more, small is big.

Any product, there is much to be done to achieve the ultimate, naturally there is a vast world.

Focus, but also different

There is a very important concept in marketing—Zi Niu, which means: If a purple cow appears in a black and white cow, what will happen? It will immediately make your eyes shine, and its distinctiveness will attract you.

What do I mean by that? If you are in an industry or sector that is highly competitive, of course, this is a high probability event, and now any industry is a highly competitive industry (except monopoly industries).

Then we must go to different places, let ourselves be different, follow the trend, and imitate, although they can survive, but in terms of long-term development, it is definitely not good to follow the trend and imitate, and there is no market.

Back to the beginning of the example, only by doing something different, the market can pay attention to you, consumers can notice you, have the possibility to choose you and consume you.

For example, UGG designed the wool on the shoes. This is different. The result is a wave of fashion. UGG shoes have become the first choice for fashion girls. In the era when white wine is more and more packaging, Jiang Xiaobai has pioneered the launch of small bottles. Wine, redefining liquor; 7-11 to make the supermarket a 24-hour convenience store, the extension of time is not only convenient to buy, but also changed the development pattern of the world retail industry.

At the same time, for consumers, consumers are no longer buying for function, but for different purchases. Apple’s corporate culture is different, so Apple’s products can reflect their own everywhere. Different.

Consumers will be complacent and self-satisfied, and become a show-off capital, but if they buy the same shirts as others, they feel as if they have experienced a car accident.

Who said no, because with the toilet lid, the toilet looks different, so the market has set off the toilet heat, but this time it is a smart toilet; because of the difference, the Chinese people will not hesitate to travel to Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and More distant UAE, the United States, the United Kingdom, buy! buy! buy!

Remember, people will never pay for mediocrity, even if you are low in the dust, everyone will only be different, fascinated by the difference, paying for the difference.

Therefore, focusing, we must go to different levels and gather together. The product has been differentiated, and there is a trump card of competition, with a killer.

Of course, in the understanding of differentiation, we can’t just limit ourselves to the product itself. This is not enough to meet the needs of modern competition. We can understand and strengthen the business behavior of “different” as widely as possible. The product category and appearance can be different. The performance, function, taste, packaging, shape, specification and size can be different. There are also business models and channels. (Online or offline, WeChat, Weibo or Vibrato, O2O or O2B2C), terminal retail (direct, agent or joint venture), communication form, language, personality must also be deliberately made different.

When differentiation is integrated into the blood and becomes a habit, different natures are everywhere. When you take a shot, it will attract people’s attention, and it will be fascinating and exciting.

The coin has two sides and the focus has two sides.

Never go to the hot spot

Numerous painful business cases tell us that we must not chase hot spots, we can’t see what fires and what we do. When you see what makes money, it means that the money has already been earned, and you can only make cannon fodder.

For example, “coin circle”, P2P, the number of the most fire, this year, do not understand the “coin circle”, the blockchain’s high-tech knowledge, do not dare to go out, the results are everyone can see, proper scam, financial disaster.

Including the entertainment industry and the film industry in the past few years, many companies have begun to enter the film and television entertainment industry. Sunac is directly investing in LeTV and preparing to do a big job in the entertainment industry. As a result, it has not been done yet. It is found to be a tiankeng, Jia Yuetingyuan. Going to the United States, Sun Hongbin threw in the fifteen billion real gold and silver and even heard it, and he cried his heart.

There is also Metersbonwe, watching ZARA’s model is quite good, but also started to do fast fashion, a small number of small, the results are not how fast, but it is accumulating more inventory, directly being stocked to death.

It can be seen that hotspots cannot be chased. Many people are used to chasing hotspots. When it comes to big markets, how much do key markets have to do with you? If you just catch up, make a profit, you will be happy, but you can’t beat them with you. You also fly. Catch up in the past, just like you are selling a fritter, not to take control of Vanke, is it not self-reliant?

And now the new retail fire, selling drinks, selling masks, selling underwear, selling wine, are starting to make new retail sales, I can only send five words: and cherish.

Therefore, focus on not gathering at the hot spot.

Two difficult points of focus

Focusing is a typical difficulty. In my opinion, there are two main difficulties that need to be overcome.

1. Keeping loneliness and loneliness is the time when the wind is warm.

Focusing, more in an undisclosed market or in an area that is not being noticed by people, is dead and self-sufficient, and the quality of death can only be seen in the fog. You see that Luo Ji thinking is so powerful now. What you don’t know is how Luo fat died every day for 60 seconds. The wind and rain are unimpeded, and it hurts the fire line. Innumerable nights, I can’t sleep, and I’m so excited that I’ve come up with Luo Ji’s thinking. Today, we have redefined the look and pursuit of knowledge in this era, and we have driven the whole trend of knowledge payment by ourselves. It’s too big, this is the core value of focusing.

2. At the same time, focus is abandoned.

Focusing means you have to give up, meaning you have to give up the entire forest for a tree. It’s really hard to say that it’s really easy to do. Take the example of the Great Wall Motor. When the Great Wall decided to focus on the SUV, the car had already invested 3 billion in the early stage. It’s 30 billion. It’s not a painful problem. It’s a very painful thing. Moreover, the car can see the benefits immediately, and the SUV has only just emerged. Who knows what the future is, the pain of abandoning the car can be imagined.

There are also Marco Polo tiles. When focusing on antique bricks, I don’t know what antique bricks are, but Marco Polo’s existing production line is worth at least one billion. In the end, it was abandoned.

No way, for the sake of development, temporary abandonment is necessary. If there is no room, it will not be available. For a bigger and better development prospect, it can only be abandoned.

Focusing on the strategy In the real implementation phase, what is difficult is not what to do, but what not to do. Everything understands, it is very difficult, but for tomorrow, in order to better develop, in order to concentrate the superiority to continue to expand the results of the war, we can only choose to focus, and can only abandon the products or fields that they did not want to give up.

Well, regarding the focus, let’s talk about the last question, and it is also a case that everyone generally questioned more – Xiaomi.

Someone said, Xiaomi didn’t focus, didn’t he do it very well?

First of all, Xiaomi is strong enough, and its foundation is sufficient to support diversification. If you are strong enough, you can also operate in a mixed business.

Also, if we carefully analyze it, if the product does not mean it will not focus. On the contrary, Xiaomi is very knowledgeable. Xiaomi just does not focus on the product link. It focuses on the user level (C-side) and focuses on meeting user needs. All of its products, you feel very intimate when you get it, are designed for yourself, to meet their own needs. For example, the 90-point suitcase that is often mentioned solves the muffle and light pain point of the suitcase. The millet patch panel solves the pain point that we often use the data cable to charge. The millet mattress can be rolled into the size of the quilt to solve the pain point of the logistics. All of Xiaomi’s products are designed with deep insight into consumer demand, focusing on meeting user needs and focusing on a better user experience.

In retrospect, Xiaomi was focused on smart phones when he started, and he had the fastest growth rate of the year. Xiaomi is not without focus, but is too focused to play. It has been separated from the primary form of focus and is a higher-level focus strategy.

Finally, emphasize again: the more intense the competition, the more focused, the more focused, the more combatable, the more competitive.