Want to burst traffic? Optimize the fission process first

I often have friends asking, what do you think is the problem with my fission process? Which link will affect the fission effect? This is also the beginning of this issue that I want to talk about: fission process design. Because the fission process directly determines the effect of fission activity.

Case background: My friend’s company is doing life insurance, and the amount of insurance ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Insurance can be paid directly on the WeChat side to complete the insurance. Of course, the relevant information such as the ID card before the insurance is required to be filled out.

Fission ideas: Friends hope to spread in the circle of friends in the form of posters to achieve fission effect. At the same time, an insurance fund is planned, that is, the user can receive an initial amount of insurance, and then by making fission, the old one can increase the insurance amount. Insurance premiums can be used to directly convert low-value insurance or to deduct high-value insurance in red envelopes.

Fission process: In the first step, the old user enters the fission activity through WeChat; in the second step, the old user can directly receive the insurance premium on the activity page, and each user is a fixed amount; in the third step, the old user fills in the ID card information because When the insurance money is used, it needs personal ID information to be insured. In the fourth step, if the old user does not generate a poster, he can only receive a fixed amount of insurance. If the poster distribution is generated, the insurance amount can be increased. The fifth step, Through the poster is an old and new way of playing, you can send a poster to a circle of friends, or you can send it to a WeChat friend. Every time a new friend receives a insurance premium, it is deemed to be effective, and the old user can increase the insurance premium of a certain amount.

There are actually two problems with the above fission process:

1. The fission target is not clear and the operational indicators are mixed.

As you can see, the entire process is designed to do fission. But it is mixed with an operational goal to improve the cost of conversion. It is to fill in the ID card. This is the work that needs to be done when the user finally takes insurance with the insurance money, which is the so-called payment conversion.

2. The fission funnel narrows.

The above fission process, converted into a funnel, is such a structure. You can see the third layer, the old user needs to fill in the ID card to generate the poster, which means that the funnel of this layer will be narrow. That means that the ultimate goal of the entire fission activity will be less effective in pulling new traffic.

Fission optimization: The optimization of fission is actually a process optimization. Directly remove the ID card link. I received the insurance money and wanted more insurance money. It was very simple and the cost was very low. I created a poster to pull the new one. The entire fission link removes the paid conversion. Because insurance is a higher-priced product, users who pay for conversions have a longer decision-making cycle and should not be placed in the fission process to affect conversion.

Fission process design

Some friends think that a set of tools can solve fission, and some friends ask me if there is any tool recommendation. In fact, there are tools that do not mean that they can be fissile. Otherwise, fission tools are so cheap, and even more free, so that no one is not lacking in traffic. Why are you still looking for traffic?

Fission itself is an operational operation that requires an operational framework to support it. This framework is simply a fission process design. The specific process design method is as follows:

Operational goal

The beginning of fission is your operational goal. If you lack such a goal, it may lead to a fission activity, with too many operational targets, thus affecting the final fission effect.

The most common is to mix the cost of conversion and fission. It’s not that you can’t be together. As usual, I will make a summary:

If the price of the product is not high, it is generally less than 200 yuan, and it can be considered together with the paid conversion and fission. If there are some distribution mechanisms in the payment of their own products, then the payment conversion will increase the fission.

If the unit price of the customer is increased, the user’s decision period is longer. It is important to separate the payment conversion from the fission, fission is fission, and there is no need for users to pay. For example, the insurance in the above article, for several thousand yuan of insurance, the user’s purchase decision must be discontinuous, he will go to other platforms to compare, will go to Baidu to understand, and so on. Therefore, the conversion will be removed and the fission will be smoother.

Fission process

Think of yourself as a user, run the entire fission link, and do a flow chart similar to the one above. The process is not as long as possible, but the shorter the better, the longer it means that the number of fission funnel layers will increase, and the final fission effect will be greatly reduced. In the process design, it is also necessary to consider which node in the process should be paid for the conversion if there is a paid conversion. Below is a fission process with no paid conversions. It mainly includes the following points: (Depending on the product, there will be some differences)

Activity Portal: Let users see fission activity and participate;

Fissile material collection: for example, let users receive posters, receive red envelopes, etc., and encourage users to share through certain fission incentives;

Reward users: Users complete fission and reward users.

Fission funnel

The fission process is nothing more than two types: fission with paid conversions, and no fission with paid conversions.

Every process of fission, when you graphically map it, is a funnel from top to bottom.

The purpose of the fission funnel is to have coherence in fission. This means that the fission link, from the user’s entry into the activity to the completion of the sharing, must be coherent. If it is not consistent, it will cause the fission funnel to narrow, which will affect the final fission effect. In order to ensure consistency, it is necessary to comb as follows.

1. Widening the funnel: From top to bottom, combing each layer in the fission funnel, within the current budget, what is the way to make each layer of funnel wide. The upper the funnel, the wider it is, the better the fission effect. For example, the top layer of the fission funnel is the user entering the fission activity. If the user entering this layer is 10 people, the effect of fission must be less than or equal to 10 people to bring the new one. And if there is a way to achieve 1,000 people in this layer, then the effect of fission is less than or equal to 1,000 people. Therefore, you will find that fission is a systematic project, not rewarding, and good play can have a good effect.

2. Improve coherence: Next, sort through each process link from the activity portal to the user’s completion of sharing to check if there is a point that affects consistency. For example, in the case of insurance, you need to fill in the ID card. This is the point that affects coherence.

3. Optimize the process: Find the point that affects consistency and evaluate if it can be removed. If it cannot be deleted, it can be post-set. The so-called post-position is to put this point in the link after the user completes the sharing. Because the user completes sharing is the most important layer in the fission funnel, and the last layer. Users only need to share the content and let the user do other things, it will not affect the fission effect.

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