Change: At the university, become the kind of person you want to be

“I can go to school alone”

So far I still remember the uneasiness and lingering worries of the first day of school. When everyone is out of the boring high school life and enters a new free campus and is full of expectation and excitement, I watch Two huge luggage bags around me, sitting alone in the crowded railway station, really mixed feelings. In order to save a few hundred dollars, my family asked me to pack the bedding and daily necessities. This is the first time I have traveled so far, I took the train for the first time, and I don’t even know what to do next.

When I got off the train, I saw my father. When I saw him for a year, he was a lot older. The gray hair and the wrinkles on his face reminded me that he was already sixty years old. Although he didn’t even know when I was in the college entrance exam, when I told him that my school was in Beijing, I heard joy from his voice. “How do you use a broken bag to carry your luggage?” The bag was too many people when it was on the train. I didn’t know when it was scratching a big mouth, and the bedding inside was exposed.

After I left the station, I saw those people sleeping on the floor in the newspaper. Then I saw my father carrying a duffel bag full of dust and could break at any time. I suddenly felt that this picture was sore and hurt. In order to pick me up, he rushed here from the construction site yesterday, and the clothes on his body are estimated to be the overalls of the construction team. I felt very uncomfortable when I thought that he slept on the cold floor like that last night.

“Dad, let’s go, I can go to school alone, you don’t have to send me, go back quickly.” I handed him a bag of food that I had not been willing to eat, and urged him to go. I don’t know. Where does the courage to say that I can go alone, I don’t even know where my school is. Looking at the back of my father, I secretly made up my mind that I have to study for myself. I have to be completely independent when I enter the university, because I know that I can no longer ask him to do anything for me.

On the first day of school, there were many people in the school. Many students stood behind a group of relatives and friends. Some even checked the baggage directly and greeted the new beginning with ease. The first day was really long. I took the first step of the university. When I was quiet in the night, I secretly said to myself: “Come on, you can!”

Opportunity is on your own

I still remember that in the class of career planning soon after the start of the school, the teacher told us that the opportunity was won by myself, not from the sky. That sentence may have no trace for many people blowing like the wind, but I keep this sentence in my heart.

Less than a week after I started school, I found a job at a fast food restaurant near the school. When the restaurant was first opened, people needed to do pre-promotion. I don’t know where to come. I knocked on the door of each bedroom and introduced the recommendation to everyone. As long as others can write their own dorms and contact information on the list, I can get fifty cents. To be honest, I was really scared at that time. After all, I was faced with strange faces one after another. Many times I was suspicious and despised, but at every moment I opened the door, I had to bury all my fears and uneasiness. I want to smile and give them publicity. Even if others don’t want to leave those words at the end, and even ask me to leave, I have to bear it.

Later, I started to serve as a food delivery staff at that fast food restaurant. I hurried after school at 12 noon every day. The time was short at noon. Sometimes I was afraid to go to the classroom without having to eat for lunch. In the evening, a leaflet from the fast food restaurant was inserted from the door to each bedroom. At that time, I really felt like I was playing a bitter drama. During this time, I accidentally sprained my foot and painfully wanted to give up, but I stubbornly told myself to hold back. Later, I ran to the student office to find a teacher, hoping to find a job at school. At that time, basically all the positions were already full, maybe it was convinced by my courage and calmness. After a few days, the teacher called me to go to the household registration section for an interview. In the census of the household registration section, I applied the Excel I just learned to the data survey, which saved a lot of time for the teachers in the workplace. In fact, they did not know that I also came to the university before I started to contact the computer. I still remember that when I first started school, I didn’t even turn on the computer. I was asked by the teacher: “Are you admitted to the exam?” I was especially wronged because the teacher didn’t know that I had never used it before. computer.

Always sit in the first row of the squad leader

From the first day I entered the university, I decided to get a scholarship. I don’t want to continue my loan. So from the first class, I told myself that I can’t be late for class, and I can’t lower my requirements. In most of the classes, I was sitting at the front, no matter how loud the back, my eyes only stared at the front, even if the back rows were empty, I was sitting.

In fact, at that time, I was somewhat inferior. I didn’t even dare to look at the people behind me. I thought about studying hard. Don’t take care of everything else. So for a whole year, everyone’s impression of me was that the person who was sitting in the first row closest to the projector forever, that seat seemed to always be mine, even if the classroom kept changing. Many of my classmates talked about the higher mathematics and linear algebras, and I took the perfect score. I became the “wonder” in the eyes of my classmates. Sometimes, the monotonous blue background of the teacher’s PPT during class makes me sleepy, but the pen tip still memorizes the next string of characters in the notebook, because I can’t face the regret and guilt that I missed a class.

The life of a freshman has passed like that. Most of the days are working and studying alone. I got a 5,000-yuan National Inspirational Scholarship for my own money. I can go to college myself. During the Chinese New Year, I also used my earned money to buy a down jacket for my father. For the first time, my father enjoyed his daughter’s little wish.

But when someone said that I was very indifferent, I suddenly felt that I had to change myself. I don’t want my classmates to know who I am after four years. Sophomore I decided to run for the squad leader. When I stood on the podium, the first time I bravely looked up and looked at the group of students who had been with each other for a year and said that I wanted to be the squad leader, I knew that I was no longer a timid person.

I was thinking about organizing a class activity during the Mid-Autumn Festival that year. I didn’t choose to go to dinner or go out to play, because the number of applicants in the past few times has become a lesson. I decided to give each person a piece. Mooncake, then write a letter to everyone. More than 30 people, I wrote a whole day, every letter is my true feelings and blessings, those are my first-year contact with the students, although some only a few words of communication, But I hope that everyone can see my sincerity and feel that this class is really like a home, I hope they can feel the warmth. I was successful that time, because when this little gift was delivered to everyone, I received many thanks and blessings. Looking at their reply, my heart was really warm. Someone told me that she has put the letter in the most important position in the drawer.

It feels really good to be needed, and my world is no longer alone.