Love to sit on the plane, the Harry couple “green people set up” collapse

The carefully crafted “environmental protection” has collapsed? According to the itinerary information disclosed by the British media, in just 8 days, Prince Harry and his 3 month old son Archie used the 12-seat special plane with a market price of 15 million pounds, two of which were from the UK to the Spanish resort. Ibiza also had a flight to the beautiful city of Nice in the south of France two days after returning from Ibiza. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate Megan’s 38th birthday.

According to the British “Times” and other media reported on the 19th, London to Nice has more than 20 flights, the choice of small private jets is not only expensive, and the average single carbon emissions is seven times that of the ordinary passenger business class, the Harry family is expected The flight to France has a carbon footprint of 3 tons, and the carbon footprint of a luxury private villa vacation to Ibiza is more than 4 tons.

The British “Daily Mail” said that not long ago, Prince Harry talked about the environmental behavior of “leading by example” in the September issue of “Vogue” magazine edited by Megan. He announced in a high-profile manner that he and his wife, Megan, will “generate up to two children” for the sake of environmental protection. In addition, Prince Harry presented an environmental speech at the Global Climate Super Summit in Sicily at the end of last month, calling for people to work together to protect the environment. Recently, he wrote that “nearly 7.7 billion people live on this planet, and every choice, every footprint, every action will bring about change.” There have been reports that Prince Harry refused to use plastic products. When I stayed at the hotel, he found that his shirt was packed in a plastic bag and called on the hotel staff not to use plastic products.

The high-profile environmental movements of the Harrys are now being “hammered” by luxury vacations. “Frankly, this is hypocrisy,” said Ken Waldorf, a former British royal security official. “Harry can’t talk to people about the catastrophic consequences of climate change and travel around the world on a private jet.” Members said “too surprising, this is not in line with the public image of the Harry and the green lifestyle they have always emphasized.” Many British people also think that the Harrys are “hypocritical”. In addition to not being environmentally friendly, they also criticized the two for taking the British people’s tax money for a luxury vacation.

According to the British “Sun”, the private jets that Prince Harry and his wife traveled on vacation were rented from a professional business jet company. It cost more than 20,000 pounds (about 170,000 yuan) for a trip. In contrast, Easyjet, which offers low-cost airline services, has a round-trip ticket from London to Nice for just £232.

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