Movie and TV interaction or become Hollywood’s main hit

The linkage between Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars movies and TV shows seems to be getting better. According to foreign media reports, Disney decided to develop “Star Wars” derivative drama “Obiwang”, Marvel’s new drama “Wanda Magic” has also confirmed that it will start shooting in September. Previously, at the American San Diego Comic Con, Van Mare has announced the shooting and release of several new films and dramas, and the protagonists of the series have appeared in the film. It can be seen that Disney is using the top IP in its hands to create a more innocent “movie + TV universe.” This “Do you have me, I have you” model will be the future of Hollywood’s general trend?

Marvel: The main line of the film, the drama fills the gap

The concept of the Marvel Movie Universe (MCU) firmly controls the Hollywood market for ten years. From the very beginning, Marvel used a serial form similar to playing a American TV show in a movie theater, and each movie will use the egg as the next episode. At the time of the maturity, in the form of the plural IP of “Reunification”, the box office and the series of momentum were pushed to the top in one breath.

After the initial success of the film universe, Disney began to lay out the TV market. In 2013, Marvel produced the “Shenzhen Agent” for ABC TV in the United States and became the first Marvel drama after the “Reunification”. The streaming media platform “Disney +”, which will be officially launched on November 12 this year, will select the “secondary core” characters in the Marvel movie universe as the protagonist, and plans to launch “Falcon and Winter Soldier” and “Wanda Vision”. “Rocky” and the eagle-eyed single drama that has not yet been named. Variety magazine previously reported that Marvel’s series will share the same world as movies. According to the idea of ​​Marvel Fitch, the president of Marvel, the next Marvel movie will use the small amount of space to tell the main story, and the TV drama will fill the vacancy. Not only that, “Wanda Phantom” has been confirmed to be linked to the movie “Dr. 2”, and the movie “Black Widow” is guessed to interact with the Hawkeye episode.

The critics believe that the huge layout of “Disney +” is not only the popularity of Marvel’s film to pull TV series, but also after the Marvel film began to encounter the passers-by’s viewing threshold, trying to maintain the old powder. Innovative efforts to attract new audiences. As for success or failure, it depends on the performance of the “Loki” who will appear next. ▲

Streaming media “whole landscape”, but urgently need innovation

No matter how the Marvel universe and the DC universe develop, streaming media will be the key link in the construction of the universe, and it will also be the general trend of Hollywood in the future.

According to “variety” magazine, “Disney+” service is expected to attract 60 million to 90 million users in five years, and analysts believe that this is only a conservative estimate. However, while “the money is vast”, some media believe that this will further aggravate the aesthetic fatigue of Disney Marvel and the Star Wars universe. The commentary believes that in the past five years, the box office of North American movies, the increase is basically achieved by the price increase of movie tickets, which means that the audience is not satisfied with the Hollywood model of the sequel.

For the Marvel story, after the ultimate battle of “Reunification 4”, how to restart the universe is the most concerned about fans. For Disney and Marvel in transition anxiety, it is time to start re-innovation. However, the director of the other “Star Wars” derivative series “Mandalo” is the director of Disney “Faithfulness” directed by “Iron Man” and the real version of “The Lion King”. Can they bring new ideas?

Spielberg once predicted that “someday, the superhero movie will follow the footsteps of the western film and usher in a cyclical decline.” The biggest crisis of Disney Marvel’s “Movie + TV Universe” may be its overall layout. In fact, it relies on the currently successful Marvel universe and the Star Wars universe. However, once the audience is bombarded by dozens of similar industrial lines, the gold mine will quickly depreciate. So the bigger the “film + TV universe” layout, the greater the risk in the future. ▲

DC: It was a good start.

DC’s vision of the “movie + television universe” has been changing, compared to the more continuation of Marvel’s cosmic construction.

DC’s base camp Warner started making superhero movies from Superman in 1978, and it started much better than Marvel. And Warner has all the IP, and the copyright issue is not as complicated as Marvel. However, the 2012 Marvel’s “Avengers” hot results, the critics think that stimulated Warner to abandon the traditional single IP hero movie, and instead create their own DC movie universe. However, “Superman: The Body of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman: Justice Dawn” have not achieved the success of the double link. Film critics believe that one of the problems is the lack of overall planning for DC, and the rapid development of the film universe. Especially in the “Justice League” (pictured below) released in 2017, in the absence of a single film, the content of Neptune, Flash, and Steel is all compressed in a movie.

Compared to the ruggedness of the movie universe, DC TV series has been very successful since its publication in 1993, “Lewis and Clark: Superman New Adventure.” “Superman Prequel” aired on CW TV for a full ten seasons. In contrast, several live dramas broadcast on DC independent channels are relatively niche and have not yet opened the TV drama universe.

In the past, Warner DC has made it clear that movies and television do not share the world view, which means that it is difficult to see the film and drama series like “Shenzhen Bureau” in “Captain America”. However, some media said that Warner was recently considering the “DC Expansion Universe” and the “Green Arrow Universe” that was adapted from DC Comics and broadcast on CW TV.