How to cross the class upwards?

We often say that society is cruel, but if we spread our vision to the whole society, we can discover an obvious fact. Most people have never worked hard for a lifetime, have not taken the initiative, and have not taken the initiative to make difficult decisions, but passively Accept the arbitrage of life , one day a day.

It is true that although it is very inhuman, it is also true. Of course, the “effort” mentioned here has the meaning of “active attack” in it, overcoming fear and meeting challenges. Passively being shackled everywhere, it is called “hard work.”

In this context, with a little effort, you can exceed 70% of the people in an instant , and the sooner the better, the more passive you are.

And everyone does not know that the discovery is not, the reason for the fierce social competition is the scarcity of resources, but the scarcity here is not a uniform scarcity.

During these two days of free time, I was occasionally watching the American drama “Billions”. The prosecutor there asked the jury. He said that you know that in the United States, 20% of the people control the wealth of the society? Everyone is shaking their heads, the prosecutor said “almost all”, grace, cruel reality, a small number of people control almost all of the wealth, most people divide the remaining soup.

When we say this, we are not trying to accuse the society. I mean, everyone must refuel and mix it with the top 20%. Otherwise, the competition at the lower level will be fierce and there will be no oil.

Some people always like to say one thing, saying that I have neither talent nor parents, how to compete with those who fight for parents?

This is actually an illusion, because you never really need to compete with them. How do you understand it?

Because you haven’t reached that height yet.

The society must be stratified. Even the European and American societies that pay attention to equality, everyone knows in their hearts that the hundreds of families in New York are two or three hundred years old, and their children will naturally not be the same starting line as ordinary people. .

But everyone must understand the truth, you have to enter the first 0.01% of the society, you will directly face the competition with them, just like you took 400 points in the college entrance examination (assuming a total score of 750), you are very depressed, because you think Your bad test is because you feel that your IQ is better than those who are more than 700 points. Please, wake up, they are not your opponents, is your real opponent as stupid as you? !

In other words, social competition is not a thing that is better than everyone else. Most people are lazy and vulgar. They have not improved in a few years , so you should work harder to ensure that more than 60% of the whole society.

Then, if you are down to earth, you will work harder and more seriously, give more smiles to others, and less feel that others owe themselves, and if you save money, you can exceed 80% of the society.

It is better to do it on this basis. It is not difficult to enter the top 10% of the whole society. Even 1% is not difficult, especially for small partners like everyone who don’t look at the boring knowledge number.

The society is really too big. You see that there are many competitors. In fact, there are no competitors . Your only competitor is the child who is in your heart. The night watchman in “Game of Thrones” told Snow. To make a tough decision, kill the boy, let the man born, kill the child in your heart and become an adult.

But when we waited for the first 0.01%, we began to fight parents, fight IQ, look, constellation or something, often accumulated in several generations of competition , whether it can go further, it basically began to rely on metaphysics, that big can not care, It’s awkward, and you can’t decide.

Speaking of this, this is called situation analysis, summed up:

1. Most people are lazy and stupid, and it is not difficult to surpass them.

2, you don’t need to be the first, you don’t need to do the second, you don’t even need to compete with them. You can live a relatively good life if you are over a lazy and stupid person. Then iteratively improved on this basis.

Having said that, everyone will definitely say that I understand the truth, then what should I do next?

Old problems, first know yourself.

A few years ago, the legal program interviewed a young man. He stole something and was arrested. When the reporter interviewed him, the boy was very frustrated and said that he was the one who made mistakes. He should be down to earth and should not speculate. If you don’t do anything, you should be the factory manager now. . . .

and many more!

啥Director? I wanted to ask the dog at that time. Why do you feel that you can be the factory manager? Are the people in your factory all pigs? Let you be such a sneaky person who feels that the factory manager is easy to be the factory manager?

This is also a common problem I have discovered in these years. It may be that our education has gone wrong. Most people refuse to admit that their qualifications are mediocre and all aspects are mediocre.

This misunderstanding directly leads to the vast majority of people, including myself, and the IQ of mediocrity still wants to take shortcuts. This is very embarrassing , because this situation is like bankruptcy breaching in minutes, just like the limited income but huge debts.

And not acknowledging that you are mediocre will directly lead to the waste of one of the most important qualifications , willing to work hard.

I have talked about it more than once. When I was in college, I joined a radical cult cult. The cult is that “you know every word, you can naturally understand any sentence.” I was half desperate for English. The dead horse became a living horse doctor, joined the organization, madly recited words, and copied every word dozens of times. Later, my English was also very abnormal. Now I am training foreigners in foreign companies to communicate JAVA and database in English.

That incident has had a huge impact on me. Many things are slowly understood at that time, such as the first question , slow start.

It seems to be the book “I am a mother, I need a platinum package”, saying that the rich people in the Upper East Side of the United States live a happy and cruel life, not only have to pay for platinum bags, but also hire a personal trainer at a large price. In order to train a good figure, there is no good figure, and the platinum bag is also the inferior. The book says, don’t yell at me.

If you don’t find a coach, you can’t say that you can’t practice, but you don’t have incentives. You don’t know that you are making progress. So if you train for a few days, you will be imaginary. If you find a coach, he tells you not to think too much. According to his rhythm, it will definitely Get better. And encourage you every day, saying that your heart and lung function has improved significantly, saying that you have increased your weight by two kilograms, and that your back muscles have already had lines. Although it is mainly nonsense, this kind of nonsense can make you feel that you have paid a little. In return, there is a motivation to stick to it.

In fact, I can also find out that the most difficult place for people to make progress is to give up at any time, and want to give up. Because I can’t see progress, I don’t know that I am making progress. No matter whether you are doing things or not, you have a slow start process, that is, there is no effect at first. For example, I wrote more than one million words, no one bird, but when I wrote the second one, everyone Just surrounded, if my goal is to “make everyone pay attention”, the first one million words have long since given up.

The same word that I just talked about is the same. You have spent a lot of hardships and carried five thousand words. Basically, there will be no eggs, but after eight thousand, the effect will come out at once, but 60% die. At the starting line, the remaining 30% died before the “critical line”. Only less than 10% of people can break through the line and get a return. When you have more than 10,000 vocabulary, you suddenly find yourself listening. I understand that the American drama is talking about it.

The code is the same. I remember that Tan Haoqiang’s C language book said that it is more experienced than evaluating the pilot. It depends on how many hours he flies. The most important thing for the junior code farmers is to write enough 10,000 lines to run as soon as possible. Code.

To say that this is not to let everyone hire a coach, but to say “slow start”, to understand the internal logic of things development, to understand themselves. To learn to do something “without consequences”, you can’t wait for the rewards all day long, and you can quickly slack off without seeing the reward. The continuous breakthrough of people is the process of inherent defects in customer service firmware.

In addition, the university’s back-to-word experience has given me a new understanding of another problem, which is talent. I believe that everyone, like me, does nothing , and if I do it for a while, I do n’t feel it, and it doesn’t go well. I begin to suspect that I have no talent.

This kind of thinking is wrong. You are an ordinary person. Do you have a talent? The question you should most consider is:

1. Now is the slow start phase. Do you want to pick up your bicycle?

2, the number is not enough, what effect?

Let this logic continue to be promoted, everyone will understand, which is all.

Moreover, I have been secretly observing for a long time, and I have two necessary conditions for making a fortune as a whole:

First, it can be open all year round, and business people can basically do it. There are only leaders in the white-collar workers. It is not what everyone generally says is “it is their own job, so you can work hard.” You can also go to a booth to do it yourself. I feel Mainly because there is no guarantee for leadership and doing business. For a long time, it is too safe and too stable. It is physically and psychologically easy to be disabled . My skills are all dependent on the big factory. If you want to leave the big factory, you will feel guilty. under.

The second is to be more optimistic. I used to believe that I know that this society is almost finished. Every day, I feel very angry. And this feeling is very addictive. Every day I find negative news and I am mentally ill.

Later, after I bought a house, I went to the mortgage on the leek, and I was mentally ill. Then I found that the good people knew that the business was difficult to do, and on the other hand, they were determined. If you feel that the future will get worse and worse, you will be weak, and if you have a long time, you will not be able to stand up.

Moreover, the world is very large, and the resources are very sufficient. The most unfortunate thing is to be locked in a narrow field of vision, to compete with too many people, to learn to jump out of the small circle, the way to jump out is to do something valuable. .

The social competition is fierce and not so intense. In the past ten years, in the face of decades of struggle, most people are slag, because most people are just hard, they are not fighting.

I believe that everyone knows what is valuable. If you don’t know, I haven’t recruited it. You are facing more trouble.

If you are a college student, study hard, if you are not good at English, you should first recite 10,000 words. If the high number is not good, you will do the after-school exercises. If you don’t do anything , you will still be very self-conscious, and you don’t have to worry too much. It’s just a university, and there are still decades to be ruined.

And a few days ago someone sent a post saying that Ma Yun had his staff 996 , but he played part-time at the beginning, and later played with fire.

I didn’t make money from Weibo WeChat, but I have a few million words and I have some feelings.

Writing articles is actually the most obvious. I used to write articles for amateurs on other platforms. After I finished writing the fees, I pulled them down. Later, I started to do my own public account, only to find that I was killed.

Because writing articles to other platforms is the same as going to work, the results of your work have been bought out by others, and the subsequent profit of this article has nothing to do with you. For example, now that this article is sent out every day, it will flow through the network, and people who see it may be concerned.

An article is not obvious. It is very obvious when it is too much. Every day when you fall asleep, the article is still circulating in the network, accumulating and accumulating more and more with time. As for the work, the follow-up benefits of the work results are gone, and they are taken away by the company. I understand that this is the surplus value.

I have a feeling now, we have to distinguish which things have long-term value, and the long-term value of what is their own.

It is not that everyone is going to work part-time, but that everyone should also pay attention to some things , to see what is long-term gains, and to do more with “long-term income.” For example, many people put their spare time into watching domestic garbage TV dramas. This long-term income is negative. It is often not good for peace of mind.

Moreover, we do one thing , we must first rule out that she was more talented fallacy , unless you really have talent, if not do not equipped, it is a disease, energized, early treatment early rehabilitation of the road in the morning.

As soon as I realize that I only have the “stupidity”, it is the only way to help your life . I have cured my life after I thought that I have a gift. When you are willing to be stupid , when you are willing to be stupid. After the effort, many things are not difficult.

And don’t look for reasons for yourself. You don’t need to compete with the second generation and geniuses. Don’t make yourself so arrogant. As I said before, programmers with monthly income below 30,000 only need junior high school mathematics, most of them. Everything has nothing to do with the IQ family. The main reason for not doing well is not to be careful, the number of repetitions is not enough, and the amount is not enough. The upside is vast, and it’s time to cheer.

If you are confused about life and have not found a methodology, you can use a stupid way to believe in two things, like me:

Repeat is power.

The second is what Ou Shen said, very inspiring:

The number of heaps is dead.

Everyone also carefully understands.