The character of the father, the pattern of the mother, is the best feng shui of a family.

Family has a profound influence on the fate of a person.

Parents, the first teacher of the child, are the happy soul of a family.

The father is a mountain in the family. Because of the trend of the mountain, the mountain is shaped by the trend. Everything is straightforward and Gao Jun.

A father has the principle of mountain and mountain, which determines the foundation of a family;

The mother is a river in the family. The water is inclusive, and it can be static and dynamic. Everything is because of its broad mind, and the eyes are in the sea of ​​stars.

A mother has the character of water and the vision of water, which determines the direction of a family.

The character of the father, the pattern of the mother, is the best feng shui of a family.


The character of the father determines the success or failure of the family.
Zeng Guofan once said in a letter to his younger brother: ” I only live in virtue of both morality and cultivation. ”

Advanced morality, re-education, and character not only determine the success or failure of the individual, but also determine the rise and fall of the family.

The attitude of a person to the family is his most authentic character.

A noble father, who is ambitious and dedicated to his career, cherishes his wife and loves his children at home, and brings a heavy sense of security to a family.

In this regard, Liang Qichao is exemplary.

For the society, Liang Qichao devoted himself to the awakening of the national subject consciousness and the improvement of the national quality throughout his life. He is known as the “encyclopedia-style giant” and is famous all over the world.

For the family, he is full of love for his wife and children:

During his time in exile, he wrote many times to understand his wife’s hard work and thank his wife for taking care of the family;

He had a love for the confidante, and he could hardly hold his own heart. However, he considered it over and over again, and eventually gave up his own selfish desires and did not take it for granted. This is quite rare among the old Chinese men who are wives and wives;

He put down the shelves of scholars and strict fathers and took the initiative to be friends of the children.

In order to ensure that each child can feel the unique fatherly love, Liang Qichao calls them at home with only a specific nickname:

The eldest daughter Sishun is “big baby” and “baby thinking”; the younger son Si Li is “old white nose”, “old baby”; thinking is “Sima Yi”; Si Ning is “six six”…

He also wrote hundreds of books for his children, and his children’s academic, life, and emotional details were full of affection.

In this way, Liang Qichao made a family legend with noble character. The Liang family is full of family and the children are well-being. The children are full of talents and talents. They have created a story of “one academician, three academicians, full of talents.”

There are clouds in the old saying : self-cultivation, family, governance, and the world.

If you don’t repair, you won’t stand.

Two days ago, when I heard my uncle talking about one of his old colleagues, I couldn’t help but feel a thousand emotions.

The old colleague, right, called him Li Shu. He is five or six years younger than his uncle. He is young and promising. When he worked with his uncle more than 20 years ago, he was already a member of the Standing Committee of the District. The uncle was only the director. When the meeting was over, Li Shu was on the stage and his uncle was listening to the audience.

However, at the time of the high power, Li Shu did not care for the family and raised the mistress. Because of the dispute with the mistress, the mistress was reported and was dismissed from public office.

When his wife was angry, she was divorced from Li Shu. Her daughter refused to recognize her father. She has been ashamed of her father for 20 years and is very cold to him.

He had only one person to go down to Shenzhen and go to a private enterprise boss. But over the years, he has always been mixed and unsatisfactory. The original good home has also caused a lot of chicken hair and a loose sand because of various trivial matters.

The uncle worked diligently and worked hard to take care of the family. The official level was far above Li Shu. After retirement, he was a grandson and his family was successful.

If the family is like a carriage, then the father is the horse pulling the car.

The noble character of the father will not rush to run wildly, but be cautious, but be careful to go forward, knowing the honor and disgrace, knowing how to advance and retreat, and wholeheartedly guarding the horse car to be comprehensive. The father with a bad character, just for the pleasure of running wildly, did not know how to stop, leading the whole family into the abyss.

There is a saying in “Little Women”: “It is the best and luckiest thing for a woman to be loved and chosen as a wife by a well-behaved man. ”

His father’s character is noble, his wife will get a sense of security, willingly pay for the family, his children will grow into a towering tree in the environment of benevolence and integrity.

All of this is the best guarantee for a family to thrive.


The pattern of the mother determines the direction of the family.
The so-called pattern, the personality is the personality, the bureau is the vision and mind.

How big is a woman’s pattern, how broad is the horizon, how broad the mind is, and how much the family benefits.

A family will always encounter hardships and hardships.

A woman with a pattern will not be limited by the life she has in front of her. Instead, she will support and understand her husband with the gentleness and tolerance of water, so that the family will always bathe in love and warmth.

Zhao Xiaolan, the first Chinese woman to enter the US cabinet, has repeatedly recalled her mother:

My father built a sheltered house for us, and the mother is the cornerstone of the house. Although it does not reveal, it supports and cares for the growth of six daughters.

When Zhao Xiaolan’s father, Zhao Xicheng, turned to Taiwan from the mainland, his family’s life was already quite rich. It was at this time that the father got an opportunity to go to the United States.

Giving up the good life to the United States means that starting from scratch, the future is uncertain.

However, Zhao Xiaolan’s mother, Zhu Mulan, showed extraordinary courage and foresight. She fully supported her husband to go to the United States to start a business alone. She stayed in Taiwan to take care of the children, so that her husband could cross the sea and pave the way without any worries.

After Zhu Mulan’s mother and daughter arrived in the United States, the family was very difficult. She was once a good showmate and never complained about the hardships of the day.

Zhao Xiaolan recalled that in the memory, the mother always was so calm and prepared delicious meals for the whole family. The family has always been clean, comfortable and warm.

Although the daughters at home are different in age, the biggest and the smallest are 29 years old, but the sisters get along very well, family and beauty.

Zhao Xicheng once said with deep affection: “Thanks to their mother, she is a great person. Although she does not have any title, the sisters who are more than 20 years old at home can live a very harmonious life. My wife has a lot of credit. ”

Under the careful management of Zhu Mulan, Zhao’s life is flourishing, Zhao Xicheng has been able to concentrate on his career, and he has become a wealthy man from scratch. All six daughters have graduated from prestigious universities and have a successful career.

Someone once asked, the girl has been studying for so long, reading so many books, and ultimately not going back to an ordinary city, playing an ordinary job, marrying a woman, washing and cooking, and husband and wife, why bother?

The high praise is like this:

“Our insistence is that even if it falls into cumbersomeness and washes away the lead, the same work has a different state of mind;
The same family has a different sentiment; the same descendants have different qualities. ”
Indeed, a woman who climbed up and saw her eyes, a woman who was open-minded and a pessimistic and narrow-minded woman, a woman with deep understanding and a righteousness, a country with a feeling of homeland and a stomach full of chickens. Women, the family atmosphere they create is different.

The children they lead and educate are also different.
The Bible says: “When a man finds a good wife, her value far exceeds that of pearls. ”

Buffett once said that the most important decision in life is not any investment, but who to marry.

A wife with a pattern is a happy metronome of a family, leading the family to play the happiness of the previous generation, the happiness of this generation, and the future of the next generation.


Family harmony, then blessings.
Zeng Guofan, known as the “first person in the ages”, attaches great importance to the harmony of the family.

He said: Only the family and the foreign officials or leaders will not have the worries; only the family, they can speak in front of their colleagues and their subordinates; only the home and the blessing can be born.

Zeng Guofan’s rule of the family has an important principle that the family cannot say anything.

Not only for elders, peers, and even younger generations, but also must not have the word “heart”, so as not to cause great harm to the family.

When Zeng Guogong became famous, he ruled the family and brought prosperity to the Zeng family.

The family of the Zeng family has been famous for generations in the past 200 years. There is no one in the ten generations, which has created a spectacle in the history of modern Chinese family.

On the other hand, in the modern family, how many words do not agree to each other, sarcastic, insulting, and hurt the heart of the family?

Then look at the people in the family mediation program, how many hearts only want their own benefits, but lack of consideration for the family and the entire family?

This family carriage requires the whole family to plan the direction and pull the car in the same direction in order to run fast and steady.

The most fear is that each has selfishness. You want to go east. I want to go west, compare each other and hurt each other.

When the family is surrounded by a gap, the husband and wife are strangers, and when the brothers turn their backs, the carriage is torn apart and he will fall heavily.

In the world, the greatest feng shui is the heart of the people.

A good family, inseparable from a noble father, can not be separated from a deep and kind mother, can not be separated from the husband and wife relationship and the family atmosphere of filial piety and ambiguity.

This is the best feng shui of a family.