All the diseases in the world are illusions

If someone tells you that “there is no disease in the world,” the disease is nothing but a falsehood, not an essence. What do you think?

You will be like a slap in the face, smile nodded, and find that the disease is just a code name, which largely eliminates the fear of disease; still feel that this statement is illusory and unconcerned, even thinking: “Speaking like this is standing and talking. No backache?”

What is a disease? What is the nature of the disease?

Why is the name of the disease just a code name?

What is cancer? Why do you get cancer?

What should people who are diagnosed with cancer do?


Disease is one of our best friends

The world is not sick. But when we are sick, our pain is real. At this time, we can see that the words “there is no disease in the world” are somewhat illusory.

“I don’t see the symptoms, or I don’t understand the pain of the patient, but emphasize that the disease is one of our best friends. The disease is a reminder of you in a certain way, letting you know your lifestyle or mode of thinking. there is a problem.

If you are inspired by this friend, turn around and see your problem and change it, the disease will leave as a guest and will not stay in the body. ”

Cold, high blood pressure, high blood fat, heart disease… All the names of the disease are just a code name. For example, this person is called Zhang San, and the person is called Li Si. We are easily trapped by code, forgetting to see the reality behind it.

For example, if you are suffering from the cold, this time is a sick friend who uses a cough or a runny nose to remind you of the cold, letting you know that some means should be taken to drive the cold out;

When you eat something that is not fresh or unhygienic, the friend reminds you in the form of a diarrhea;

When you are not getting enough sleep for a long time, it reminds you with red eyes and temper, and expresses the problem to you.

If there is no reminder of the disease, we may be ignorant of the various overloads and imbalances of the body, and have been corrupting the life with the tide.

“Illness is not an enemy, it is a reminder of goodwill. ”

We should thank the disease,

Instead of hating it.

Some people, because they were in poor health, went to learn Tai Chi, and later became a master of Tai Chi, and their physical and mental state was improved. For him, the fact that his health is not good has become the help and goodness in his life.

Some people go out to sing and drink every night, attend various parties and dinners, then come to the doctor to see a doctor and say, “I am insomnia, give me some medicine to regulate.”

On the surface, he is actively seeking medical advice and solving problems, but in fact, whether it is to seek help from Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is a cure for the symptoms.

Because his subtext is: “You come to help me get the problem of insomnia, I can continue to have the spirit to participate in the party.” He did not reflect on his own lifestyle problems, and did not change his lifestyle.

In this case, the doctor is powerless even if he has a heart. Only when the patient begins to reflect on his own deviations, and with the help of the doctor, the doctor and the patient perfectly cooperate to make some phenomena change. This is the meaning of the existence of disease as a messenger.


Sometimes you don’t need a doctor

Someone went to see a doctor and said that his eyes were swollen and his vision was blurred. It has been a week. The doctor asked him if he had too many computers and mobile phones this week.

He discovered that the eye was overdone in the last week. At this time, he does not need to find a doctor at all, try not to use a computer or mobile phone, and rest in a day or two. Instead of going to the doctor for treatment, continue to watch the phone and play games tirelessly after the cure.

One patient has a particularly high working pressure in the past week, and he has more social entertainment at night. He often drinks alcohol and his blood pressure rises quickly.

In this case, there is no need for treatment. His blood pressure rises because his body frequency is not harmonious with his recent life rhythm.

Just change this way of life,

Change this dissonance,

Blood pressure will drop,

Don’t have to find a doctor.

“Most of the high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels are lifestyle diseases. After changing lifestyles, these problems can slowly disappear.”

Just as nature has wind, frost, snow and snow, it is a natural phenomenon that people’s bodies have diseases, and there is no need to fear.

“Sickness is just a phenomenon. Don’t be afraid of these phenomena. We can find the essence behind it through phenomena:

What is causing this phenomenon and this problem has arisen? How to change it? The doctor is an assistant, not a decider.

The biggest doctor is his own body. If the body has no repairing ability, the doctor can do nothing. ”

Disease is definitely not a bad thing. We will be sore and insomnia…all of them have different symptoms and have different causes. It is much more important to find this cause than to eliminate it directly.

I hope that you will not push all the responsibility for treatment to the doctor, but discuss with the doctor, how to find the root of the problem, how to change your bad mental model and lifestyle.

A mental model

In my philosophy, Chinese medicine is first a mental model, that is, how do you think about the universe, the world, how to look at life. When your mental model changes, your mentality changes a lot, and many mental and ideological problems are gone.

B lifestyle

The second is lifestyle, and most of the physical illnesses are caused by bad lifestyles.

C medical model

The third is the medical model, which is a kind of support for the rescue, and it is for the sake of supplementing the shortcomings of the former two. If you have a good mental model and lifestyle as the foundation, the medical model becomes very easy.

But now the medical model is over-emphasized, we are too dependent on doctors and hospitals, which is very abnormal and unhealthy. Nowadays, many diseases are more and more treated, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. How many times more patients are now than they were a decade ago.

The more the more the rule, the more environmental factors and lifestyle problems, on the other hand, the medical model has a problem.


What is health care?

It is to let the body be in a state of harmonious balance. As for the specific methods, because people, time, and place, there is no one method that is suitable for everyone. Everyone’s needs are different.

Different people, according to different seasons and hours, according to different regions of the north and the south, try to live in harmony with the natural environment and living environment, that would be very good.

“People end up living in the universe with their vitality and vitality. ”

The role of the doctor is actually like dispelling the shadow of the sun, mentally guiding the patient to the most sunny, warmest, most reassuring state, guiding his bloody operation and the position of the limb back to a harmonious state to help the patient recover. The more instinct.

In the eyes of a real Chinese doctor, there is no concept of “illness”. Some are just the various disharmony or imbalances in each person’s body. The direction of doctors and patients is to adjust these disharmony and imbalance.

The real cure of the disease is not the old Chinese doctor sitting opposite, not the needle he used, not his massage technique, not the bowl of soup we drank, but ourselves.

Various external treatments, various Chinese medicine decoctions, in essence, is actually a kind of stimulation mechanism, which stimulates the operation of the human air machine, allowing the body to complete the healing process.

The human body has a strong ability to repair itself. Without this ability, all doctors will not be able to treat it.

The drug king Sun Sizhen treats everyone, first of all, not to prescribe drugs, but to see the patient’s state of life at this stage, whether it is temperament or loss of soul, according to different states;

Then ask the patient’s diet, eat and drink, and see what bad habits the patient has, and guide him to establish a healthy rhythm and habits;

If the two strokes have not been settled, he will give the patient some methods of diet therapy, and then he will be given a massage guide, and then he will not be able to take the needle, and finally use the decoction. Taking medicine is the last resort.

Disease is a phenomenon that is not a single condition but is produced under a variety of conditions. When doctors treat diseases, they actually think of ways to increase conditions or reduce conditions. That phenomenon has changed.


Not fear is a very important method

A person is always defeated by his heart, not how much damage the outside world gives him.

The condition of many cancer patients deteriorates after he learns that he has cancer.

In fact, there are countless possibilities for tumors from the incubation period to the return period. However, some doctors like to emphasize the worst results. After the patient hears, his thoughts and thoughts are tightly grasped by this worst possibility. In fear, sometimes it becomes the so-called ” self-fulfilling prophecy” in psychology .

When you believe that things will develop as you might expect, you will take measures to strengthen them intentionally or unintentionally. In the end, it is you who have contributed to the realization of this prophecy.

To make a metaphor: a tumor is actually equivalent to a trash can in a room. Each room has a trash can to temporarily store garbage. If a room is clean, it is because someone has cleaned and managed it, and the trash can has been emptied in time.

A tumor is a trash can that the body sets to keep it clean. The healthy person’s body is full of vitality and can clean up the garbage in the body in time. However, when there is insufficient gas, we do not have enough ability to remove the garbage to the outside of the body, and the body will spontaneously store the garbage in the trash can to prevent the garbage from entering the blood.

Therefore, in the face of cancer, resection is definitely not the best attitude. Who would think that there is too much garbage in a room, the best way is to throw away the trash can? It is often found that patients have spread after removing the tumor. In fact, this is because you throw the trash can, of course, the room will be full of rubbish.


What should I do if I find a tumor?

Don’t be afraid first, don’t panic, ask yourself:

Do I have a knot that I can’t open? I have left a mark on my body?

What emotions do I have not vented in my heart?

Do I have any bad habits?

Untie the knot first. It is yang that manages the lumps, which solves the knot and saves yang. The body has the power to reduce the lumps.

Not fear is a very important method. Believe that cancer is your own friend. The emergence of a tumor is reminding yourself to look at yourself and seeing what problems you have not knowing.

The essence of the tumor, but a trash can, is nothing terrible. It is the product of physical self-protection. Do not treat the tumor in a radical and confrontational way.

Many times, instead of the words tumor, cancer, change a word and call it a “tumor.” Still referring to the same thing, but with the word lumps, the negative psychological suggestion is not so strong, and the patient does not have so much fear.

“If you are afraid of anger,” the original righteousness will be weak, and panic will further reduce immunity. People are in fear, and the whole person is tangled and nervous.

It’s important to remember that the worst outcomes that modern medicine often emphasizes are just one of countless possibilities. In terms of lifestyle, there are three very specific suggestions below:

A leaves the familiar crowd

The people around you are constantly chilling, sometimes giving warm energy, sometimes giving people more pressure. For a cancer patient, the excessive care of relatives and friends will often remind him that he is a serious patient, but strengthens the psychological shadow and negative energy.

B changes the rhythm, changes the movement of yin and yang

I used to be busy, rushing around, learning to meditate, standing and standing, letting myself calm down; the original special house, do not like to go out and do not love activities, go out to travel, contact different landscapes, different people, take a view turn on.

C adjust the schedule, adjust the diet

Do not stay up late, eat more vegetarian, let the internal rhythm of the body be normal and orderly.