Change the angle to change the plot, how powerful is the fan

Last week, Disney and Sony officially ended their collaboration on Spider-Man’s super IP. In the future, Spider-Man movies will be developed by Sony alone, and there will be no more “small spiders” in the Marvel movie universe. This news can be described as “a stone provokes a thousand waves”, many Marvel and Spider-Man “fans” immediately launched a public opinion offensive online, asking Spider-Man to stay in Marvel, otherwise it would boycott Sony. In fact, it is not uncommon for such fans to collectively ask the film to make changes because they are dissatisfied, but the success is limited.

Star Wars replaces directors for fans

Marvel fans have had success stories before launching public opinion offensives. The restricted superhero film “Dead Servant” (Fig. 2) was only on the big screen after the fans’ strong demands for many years, and became the gold explosion. It can be seen that the power of fans or “fans” should not be underestimated in the current development of online media.

Conversely, ignoring the anger of fans often leads to the film’s defeat at the box office. The “Ghost in the Shell” released in 2017 is based on Japanese anime, and the protagonist is set to be Japanese. However, for the star effect, the choice of Scarlett Johansson to play the leading role in the filming, in the eyes of many fans, not only the extreme disrespect for the original, but also has strong racial discrimination and “white supreme” taste. As a result, the film attracted many “original party” boycotts. The film, which invested more than $100 million, eventually won only $40 million in the US.

Not only the casting, the fans or the audience will play a pivotal role in the plot of the film and television works. In the “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi Knights” released in 2017, director Ryan Johnson subverted the classic settings and story structure of many Star Wars series, ruining the foreplay of the previous work, which made Star Wars ” The loyal fans can’t stand it. As a result, the subsequent “Star Wars rumor: Ranger Soro” unfortunately became a victim, becoming the lowest-selling Star Wars movie in history. Later, Disney invited the director of “Star Wars 7”, JJ Abrams, to direct “Star Wars 9”, and the various trailers currently released have a big love card, apparently hope to repair and break between fans. relationship.

The Korean drama broadcasted while shooting has also had cases of changing the story because of the audience’s request. The original story of the popular Korean drama “Beautiful Lies” in 2000 was the unfortunate death of the heroine. However, due to strong requests from the audience, it was changed to the end of “all happy.”

DC insists on Gail Plus

Of course, many times film companies do not blindly follow the audience’s views, but instead create a period of screen classics, the most typical example of which is “Gone with the Wind”. When it was learned that the heroine would be played by the then unknown British actor Vivien Leigh (Fig. 1), the whole United States was mad and did not accept a foreigner playing the southern American girl Scarlett. And Vivien Leigh was born in British India at the time, and was humbled by many viewers. However, after the film was officially released, Vivien Leigh conquered the critical critics with perfect performance. She herself won the Oscar for Best Actress Award, and Gone with the Wind has become the most watched movie in American history. Even now, this “real incense” plot is often staged. DC’s smashing of the blockbuster “Wonder Woman” chose Gail Gadu from Israel to play the female superhero. Previously, Gail Jiaduo was not well known and did not hold any

Blockbuster starring, and English is not fluent. The audience was very dissatisfied with this casting, and also proposed a variety of alternatives, but the film production company Warner and director Patty Jenkins insisted on starring Jiaduo. As a result, the fame and fortune after the release of the film doubled his face, and before the “fans” of various cold words to turn to the film and starring all kinds of praise.

Korean dramas rarely appear because of feedback or protests from the audience to change actors or change the story. In the 2004 drama “Sorry, I Love You” (Fig. 3), Su Zhizhao played Wuhe because his brain was shot and his life was dying. At this point, the audience asked the screenwriter “to save Wuhe anyway.” However, Wuhe still could not survive, and ended in tragedy. However, when the final episode was broadcast, the audience reached a peak of 29.2%.

Movies and TV dramas not only please the audience

The Korean TV commentary community has a negative attitude towards changing the story at the request of the audience. South Korea’s veteran journalist and critic, Kwok Kwok-nam, who has focused on the Korean mass culture, has slammed the screenwriter of “Beautiful Lies”: “In order to please the audience and push up the ratings, the plot is arbitrarily changed, resulting in the original creative intentions disappearing. Less of the screenwriter’s ‘dead loyalty powder is disappointing, can be described as a small loss.” Yan Guonan said that the TV series is not only a joyful entertainment product for the audience, but also a cultural work that easily affects the audience’s life and the spiritual world. Therefore, TV drama writers should also adhere to their original intentions like novelists, implement their own ideas and beliefs in their works, and do not move by external factors to ensure the integrity of the works.

In the face of the angry voice of “Marvel Powder”, CNN commented that Spider-Man fans will not go to the future Spider-Man movie because of the logo of a company? Or “Marvel powder” because there is no Spider-Man in the future, do not look at the film of Marvel? “Fans” are increasingly using the power of the public to bring their favorite works to the direction they want, but their resistance is more of a delusion.