Practice the secret: the mystery of life energy

Everything in the universe is said to be a change in the movement of information, energy, and matter. The substance is visible and the energy is felt. But not all people can feel the energy, which is related to the individual’s cultivation. Matter is the result of energy accumulation, and gas is the energy released by matter. This is the most fundamental induction of modern people, including scientists’ phenomena of life and matter. In other words, energy and matter are actually one or two.

However, matter is good, energy is good, they cannot exist alone, they all carry certain information. In fact, the basic composition of the world is: energy + information. You understand this basic truth. You can see everything in this world as simple as 1+1=2 . The conversion of matter and energy is determined by the “edge”, which determines the existence of energy.

Any energy or substance is the carrier of information. Matter and energy can be considered neutral, and they are the essential characteristics shared by all things. In the words of the Buddha, it does not have any difference. The information is different, it is the identification of all the substances, it is because of its difference that it has led to the thousands of different worlds. From the perspective of the microcosm, there is nothing exactly the same in this world. Most people can feel the information carried by the visible substances, such as the food we eat, the items we use, etc.; but for the information carried by the virtual air (energy), there are only a few practices. People and people who have a clean heart reach a certain level, and those who have a relationship (integrity) can feel it. The cultivation of Taoism and Buddhism is said to be repaired from these two aspects. Taoism is the cultivation of energy (qi), and the emphasis of Buddhism is the cultivation of information (heart).

Information treatment principle

In the past, many people did not believe that information could cure diseases and did not believe the information sent by the conditioning experts. But it is undeniable that some people have cured their illness through information. Why do people who believe can use it, but people who don’t believe it don’t work. In fact, the reason is too simple: we have used radios and televisions. If you don’t adjust to that channel, you won’t receive that channel at all. program. A person who believes is like his receiving channel is transferred to the channel of that information, so the information of the conditioning teacher can enter his space to influence the physical body that regulates his illness. Intrinsic is the use of information (thoughts, minds) to regulate the cells of the physical body to achieve the role of therapeutic fitness. The size of this effect depends on the size of the sender and the recipient’s own strength.

Ok, understand this, we can then come to see our body, our diet, our heart and mind. Our body is a substance. The food we eat and the water we drink are all substances, and they are all substances that carry different information. And our heart is the message, the information has energy, there is no energy, the information can not exist, so it will definitely affect our physical body. Therefore, the impact of mind on physical health is no less than the impact of matter (food, water) on health.

Nowadays, many places where traditional culture education is carried out, when children eat, they will let the children close their eyes before the meal, and be grateful for the food, that is, to eat with a grateful heart. This practice will play a very good role in the physical and mental health of children. Its principle is the above mentioned. In fact, whether children or adults, we should be like this when eating, such a habit will play a good role in our physical and mental health. With a grateful heart, you can get a lot of energy from eating a rough tea in an enjoyable state of appetite. It is definitely more than a meal of seafood in the state of no appetite and no mood. There is no appetite, no more than that. When we do everything, if we have a good attitude, we will often produce unexpectedly good results.

Why do cultivators first have to clean up, that is, to minimize the mind and heart. In fact, this principle is also very simple, and people’s thoughts must be accompanied by the consumption of energy. The more and the more thoughts, the more energy is consumed. Those who are truly practicing Taoism can all absorb the energy of the heavens and the earth from the void to make up for their own physical deficiencies. Look at the many “masters” now, do not deny that they have learned something through their previous practice, but now because they can’t let go of fame and fortune, they participate in various social activities all day, and they are unconsciously in the process of pursuing fame and fortune. It consumes a lot of energy.

Buddhism has a saying that the world is the only thing that can be seen in the world, and the change of knowledge only actually understands the nature of this material world. If we can look at our health awareness from this perspective, we will find the source of the problem of health.

What is a disease?

It can be said that disease is the result of cell aggregation that carries unhealthy information. Some of these unhealthy information comes from the contaminated food we eat, but it is often our unclean thoughts that pollute our cells. When we were young, we were energetic and our ability to break down cells was strong. Although the cells are contaminated, we still have the ability to break it down. So the number of bad cells in our body is also limited. Externally also shows that we are very healthy. But when we eat more and more food carrying evil information, drinking contaminated water, breathing polluted air, and the so-called “drugs” of treating diseases , our body will produce More and more evil cells that cannot be decomposed and decomposed by us. These cells carrying evil information not only absorb a lot of energy consumed in our body, but also accumulate, slowly block our meridians and block our blood vessels. aisle. In the end, our body is ill and broken. After waiting for death, relying on the external forces of nature (cremation, decay) will slowly turn off our pathological cells.

But there is another reason we must know, that is, the more a person is more cautious, the more afraid of pollution, then he may be more hurt. why? In fact, if a person has a large enough amount of heart (tolerance), then all foreign affairs and foreign things will be difficult to hurt him.

Bad toxic cells It is also a kind of thing, they will find a place suitable for it in the body to gather, gather to a certain extent, we will feel uncomfortable, then we are “ill”.

Taking tumors as an example, tumors are the result of accumulation of toxic cells. When you remove the tumor by surgery, if you make the source of toxic cells, including toxic diet, bad thoughts, bad habits, external mental pressure, etc., then after a while Still find a new environment suitable for their growth to accumulate, this time Western medicine thinks that the tumor has metastasized.

Western medicine also has a very interesting classification of cancer, which is highly differentiated, moderately differentiated, and poorly differentiated. The highly differentiated malignancy is the lowest, and the poorly differentiated tumor is the most malignant. In fact, it is said that highly differentiated cancer cells are low in toxicity and relatively easy to be decomposed by gasification. However, poorly differentiated cancer cells are too toxic, and our body has little ability to break it down.

How to treat cancer

First, do not produce toxic cells anymore.

1. By changing your mindset, don’t resent it, don’t worry about it, and finally get rid of all bad heart. But this is easier said than done.

2 , do not ingest foods that are toxic, pickled, fried, grilled, chemical additives, etc. are harmful to healthy food.

3 , away from the bad environment of the air, the air actually makes us need the first energy, it is far more healthy for us than food and water.

4 , away from the personnel environment and living environment that make you worry, give yourself a good mood.

Second, increase your blood and energy

1 , sleep well. Nowadays, few people can sleep well according to the laws of nature. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t get the healthy blood you need in time.

2 , relax the body, through Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, etc. to increase their ability to take oxygen, get through the blocked meridians. The blood flow is smooth, the oxygen uptake capacity is sufficient, and your ability to gasify and break down food and cells will be greatly enhanced.

Greedful consequences

If you pay attention to the world, you will find that people who are greedy are often seriously ill. People who are greedy, they are often prone to serious jealousy, which is a very serious evil. And the peace of mind, peace of mind, the people who are satisfied with the music are also some small diseases that do not matter. So your body is good or bad, and the severity of your illness often depends on the extent of your bad thoughts. For many patients, when you change your greedy, resentful mentality, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your illness has disappeared unconsciously.

Our universe is full of energy. This energy is the energy of information. When this energy becomes material, it will have the original information. So don’t think that our minds will not affect the natural world. When the world’s full grievances reach a certain level, the natural world will undergo major changes. Nowadays, earthquakes, droughts and floods occur frequently, and it is time for people to review themselves. The space we live in is a space full of energy and a space full of information. If human beings want to make the world safe and peaceful, they must start by changing their own minds. One more good thought is to provide a good energy to the space. There are more good thoughts, and nature will bring us a good weather. We will have a healthy body and a peaceful and peaceful world. One more good thought, the space has more evil energy, and the evil energy gathers to bring us diseases, wars and natural disasters.

Reading Buddha is the way to provide good thoughts to the natural space.

Resolving methods with toxic information cells

1. Increase the level of blood and blood, that is, increase the yang in your body. This is a method of detoxifying cells by “external force”.

2 , by changing the mind to make the toxic information of toxic cells from evil to good. There is now a popular method of “sexual treatment”. The representative figure is Liu Yousheng Liu Shanren in the Northeast. In fact, this principle is to change the information of toxic cells through the change of evil from the thought, so that the cells that become better are easily decomposed.

Taking medicine is a way to attack poison

Sometimes it felt effective, because it did kill the original material (bacteria, virus) that accumulated unhealthy information. But it is a substance that accumulates toxic substances in your body. When this toxic substance accumulates to a certain amount, it will become a new factor that makes you unhealthy. If there is a cause, it will be fruitful. If this cause is made, it will happen sooner or later.

The current chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary heart disease can be said to be lifestyle diseases, and the second can be said to be lifelong diseases caused by western medicines. In fact, when we are sick, the most fundamental way is to remove the cause from the source. How to find, we can review ourselves according to diet, daily life, environment and heart. The first three are generally easy to solve, but the most important thing is to introspect yourself from the heart, whether your heart has long-term bad sources of information such as resentment, anxiety, and fear. These evil sources of information are not removed, and it is completely impossible to cure the disease. Resentment and anxiety often cause your cells to carry toxins, and fear often sheds your energy directly and quickly.

If you analyze it carefully, you will feel stupid. When we first discovered that we passed the medical examination and passed the hospital test, this is not normal. It is not normal. We often think of what medicine can make these indicators return to normal, instead of reviewing why they are not. Normally, don’t review what you did before this time, and whether your body and mind are in a normal state before this. If we can understand the true way of health and rationally analyze our situation, it is not difficult to find the real reason, and then eliminate these abnormal reasons, then we will not return to normal soon?

What is the result of the laboratory test?

In fact, everyone’s body is a biological machine that needs exotic food + air + water, and then through the enzymes in our body and the internalization of the internal organs, these things are transformed into the energy we need – that is, blood . Blood is the energy of our body, but it is not energy. The blood then raises our cells, and the cells break down into gas, which is the real energy we ultimately need and the direct driving force for all our activities. Repeatedly, the gas is enough, the digestion ability is strong, that is, the hematopoietic energy is also strong … This is complementary, and this is a virtuous circle.

When our mental and dietary activities are not normal for a long time, think about it yourself, can you still produce a normal product – blood? Will the blood index be normal? What should I do if it is not normal? The hospital will let you take medicine to achieve the so-called balance of indicators. And when these drugs into your body after you think about it, this body does not need these things into your long-term appetite, you want to create original pure energy you need —- healthy blood it? No! What is the result of no? Of course, it is your dirty disease. These processing factories can’t work normally. You can’t produce pure energy. Your power will naturally drop. Repeatedly, it becomes a vicious circle – which accelerates the death.

Turning food into blood requires energy absorption, which means why we should sleep, because only when we sleep can we basically stop supplying energy to the outside, and supply energy to the internal organs to absorb energy and hematopoiesis. And turning blood into gas requires “fire”. This fire can be understood as our kidney essence. To put it bluntly, this process is the generation and death of cells. The synthesis of cells requires energy. The process of cell decomposition and release of energy is the process of cell death, metabolism, and recurrence.

In fact, many people may not know which of the three is more important in air, water and food. Nowadays people tend to focus only on food, and at the same time pay attention to the quality of water. As everyone knows, the most important energy for our body is air. This is the energy we can’t live without for a moment. To a large extent, the availability of gas, including the size and quality of the quantity, determines our health. Our food turns into blood, the blood turns into cells, and the cells eventually break down and release energy, all of which are closely related to it. Why do we feel so comfortable when practicing qigong? It is because we relax our body and take deep breaths to make our cells get the most energy.

Let’s talk about water. Where is the best water? The first is the water in plants, vegetables and fruits. This is full of life. That is to say, this water is full of energy and can be used directly as energy. There is also groundwater, which is also high quality water. The worst water is polluted water, including tap water treated with bleach by the water company. It not only has less vitality than the first two, but also has information that is harmful to our body.

Disease, microscopically, is that the cells in our body are unhealthy, that is, the information carried by the cells is evil, and the cells become substances that are not easily decomposed and gasified. Today, we have so many terminal illnesses, the main point is the pollution of air and water. And today’s materialistic society, let almost everyone become insatiable and resentful. The poison of resentment makes our cells worse all the time. Improper Western medicine has become an accomplice to help. These are all important factors that we are becoming more and more vulnerable today.

The truth of infectious diseases

From the perspective of energy, matter, and information, any disease is contagious. Many of us may have this knowledge. It is a physically strong person — a person with a strong yang in the body. If he has an infectious disease, his infectious ability is particularly strong. This is because he has sufficient vitality to break down the virus-bearing substance, and the decomposed virus has a strong vitality, so people nearby can easily be infected and become a patient of this disease. Therefore, a weak person is generally very contagious, and the infectiousness of a slow-moving disease is also weak, because on the one hand, the body of a chronically ill person is weak, and on the other hand, the “toxin” in the body of a chronic disease is not very strong. The self-healing system is generally not very sensitive to it, and does not mobilize a lot of vitality to attack — decompose it, so these chronic diseases are not easy, but it will slowly kill your body. In fact, a patient whose disease is in the process of infection is his recovery process. We often say that once I catch a cold, when I am infected with others, I will be fine.

Why do cultivators have a serious illness at a certain time?

In fact, understanding the above truth, this phenomenon is well explained. What do the cultivators repair? It is your own strength to cultivate. The average person does not have this ability, the average person can only add the qi of the day after tomorrow, supplement the blood. The cultivator can not only supplement the qi and blood, but also repair the vitality. When his qi and blood reach a certain level, his ability to vaporize, that is, the ability to break down the toxic cells that usually cannot be decomposed, will greatly increase. Once this “point” is reached , the toxins in the body will be qi. The result of decomposition, gasification and decomposition is what the average person thinks is “a big illness.” If you don’t realize the essence of this phenomenon and treat it as a serious illness, especially if you use Western medicine, then the final result is often a dead end. Therefore, people who have practiced in the past must be protected when they are retreating, and those who are prevented from being harmed by those who do not understand.

In fact, not only cultivators, but also ordinary people, when his blood reaches a certain level, there will also be a phenomenon of “illness”. At this time, people often treat it with Western medicine, so the consequence of this is that the more the cure Bad, in the end, it’s really ill. Most of our usual illnesses are often the process by which the body is decomposing toxic cells. Some people call it the process of “repairing” or “self-healing.”

Therefore, if you are a wise person, when you are sick, you should judge whether you are a real or a fake according to your own situation, so that you will not be harmed by wrong treatment.

Let me explain the valley

The main function of the valley is to absorb the energy of the heavens and the earth through special breathing methods, and save the energy of the energy used to break down the food, and concentrate the essence to decompose the toxic cells in the body, which is the “toxin” in the body . So when the valley begins to really start, the body will gradually emit an unpleasant smell, which is a phenomenon that the toxin begins to decompose.

What is the same as the gas phase

Seeking with the gas is a fundamental law of nature. Seeking with the gas, what? What is sought is energy with the same information. A seed in nature, a life, why it grows like that, not the other, because he (the) absorbs the energy of nature that has the same information as him.

It’s the dream of everyone. So how to achieve it? The reason is also very simple. As long as you have the firm belief in realizing this dream, the energy with this information will gather for you. One day you will have the energy to realize this dream, and finally you will realize this dream. There is a popular best-selling book in the world, “The Secret of Mindfulness” is actually the truth.

Ok, let’s go back and talk about disease and health. I can tell you very clearly that when you are sick, then you have to think about how to be healthy, and don’t think about how to cure your illness. It’s one thing to think about not getting sick and thinking about health. It’s totally different. If you want to be healthy, you will be healthy soon. Always think about which medicine can cure your illness, always worry about losing health, always thinking about how your illness is, then you will always be entangled by that disease. why? Because the energy that carries the disease information is always attracted to the disease information you think, you will always be surrounded by these bad information. Think about it, each of us may have this experience. When you are sick, it is actually good when you are unconscious. In other words, when you don’t want to be sick, it slowly gets better. Therefore, many people have this experience. When you concentrate on doing something for a long time, look back, your chronic illness, your ills recover without knowing it. The examples around me are too numerous to mention.

Some people say that the disease is coming out, and it is simple to tell the mystery of illness.

Information and energy

In fact, different information is reflected in energy, that is, the frequency and amplitude of energy are different. People who have studied physics will understand this truth.

Let me explain from the information point of view why placebo can sometimes have a therapeutic effect. In the medical world, people often use placebo tests to compare the effects of drugs. In fact, after we know the truth of information and energy, this principle is It’s simple enough. When a person has enough confidence in a placebo, then this placebo contains this information that can cure his disease. The stronger the confidence, the greater the energy (effect). In fact, the invention and the inventor’s confidence of many drugs have a direct effect. When the inventor and all patients think that it is effective, then the drug’s treatment effect on the disease will be very significant. This is the powerful role of “believing” this idea (information).

The gains and losses of energy in life

Tell you a big secret: When you are filled with joy, compassion, and tolerance, the energy of time and space will flow into your body; when you open the door of wisdom, when you are full of joy, the energy you gain Will exceed your imagination. When a person truly makes a big wish, he will get unlimited energy in an instant. On the other hand, when your heart is filled with resentment, fear, helplessness, jealousy, and trouble, your energy will be quickly lost, accelerating aging and death, especially fear, which will cause your energy to be lost and lost in an instant.

Know this secret, you should know how to make your body healthy, how to eliminate the disease? All of this must be from the heart, absolutely not pretending, and vanity is also extremely consuming your energy. People are very energy-consuming when they lie, you must know this.

What is cultivation and repair? It is to cultivate yourself to be healthy and long-lived, happy and happy, to grow wisdom, and to make your heart full of peace.

Build a peaceful energy field

Many of us have this experience. When you go to a strange family or unit, if you have enough sensory ability, you will feel the harmony of this family or unit. This is because in this small space, there is a gathering of people’s minds. This energy field not only affects your mood, but also affects your health. Also, many of us will have this experience when interacting with strangers, that is, some people will give you a very comfortable feeling, so that you are very close to him, and some people will let you Very nervous and very uncomfortable, I don’t want to be with him for a moment. In fact, these are all related to people’s minds. A long time ago, some old Chinese doctors, who were highly respected, had the same heart as the Buddha. When the patient came to him, he could get a good three points without taking medicine. why? It is this energy field full of peace and harmony that makes the patient feel comfortable. When you are in a good mood, your illness will naturally recede. Nowadays, most doctors are not thinking about how to reduce the pain of patients, but to figure out how to get more money out of the patient’s pocket so that they can get more rebates. This is one of the reasons why people don’t want to get sick right now. Therefore, today, whether we are in the unit or in the family, we must first understand the importance of our minds. Goodness is inspired by health and auspiciousness. It is disease and disaster caused by evil thoughts. This is definitely not superstition, but a real science.

How to get energy

In fact, the whole process of life is the process of obtaining and releasing energy. In addition to getting energy from the diet, in fact, many people do not know that we still need to get energy from the void, the acquisition of this energy is actually very simple, it is just the word virtual and static. Virtuality and quietness are the highest level of Taoist cultivation. In this state, the energy of heaven and earth can be obtained for me at any time. First of all, you have to calm down, calm down, and on your behalf, begin to reduce the consumption of energy, and then you can begin to absorb energy from the space universe. What kind of energy can be absorbed depends on your heart, what kind of heart you have, and what kind of energy you will call. This is the way to gather together with the gas and the things.

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is actually an energy, and it is an advanced, invisible energy. The size of a person’s ability, in fact, plays a key role in his wisdom. This is why the great people have such a big appeal and why they can succeed in doing things. Their hearts contain infinite wisdom. When they are mindful, they will mobilize a lot of energy to help him accomplish the cause he wants to accomplish. The source of wisdom energy requires us to be quiet and quiet to learn from the heavens and the earth. It is impossible for a person who can’t stand down and can’t live up to have great wisdom. It is also very important that the amount of energy a person has is directly proportional to his heart. How big is his heart, how much energy he draws, and the greater the energy, the stronger his ability.

Energy and consumption

Through the above we can know that a person’s success is inseparable from his inner energy. But at the same time, we should also know that to do anything, the success of anything requires an energy cost. In fact, whether it is the process of life or doing anything, it is the process of retracting energy. We say that when a person is lucky, he often does things easily, because at this time his inner energy is sufficient. But the energy state of anyone is constantly changing. We must be good at grasping the timing, when we should do it, we should take care of it when we should not do it.

Heartbreaking is the consumption of energy

Our energy consumption is mainly consumed by heart and mind. Every thought you send is done through the consumption of energy. Why do Buddha and Tao emphasize that the heart should be clean (quiet), in fact, it is necessary for you to reduce your mind and reduce energy consumption. What is meditation? Meditation is that the body is almost in a state where energy is not consumed, and it is similar to the state of “standby” of the computer .

The energy composition of a person’s “life”

We know that people living in reality have different lives. Life looks complicated. In fact, it is very simple to say, from the perspective of energy. A person’s life is nothing more than three parts: physical strength, wisdom (Hui) energy, and German energy. If you subdivide, Deeneng is the root of a person’s energy. Huineng is the trunk of a person’s energy. The physical energy is the branch of a person’s energy. A cultivator repair is to repair these three aspects.

Energy transmission channel in the body

Very simple, the blood vessels in the body are the transmission channels of energy (blood), the meridians are the transmission channels of energy (gas), and the nerves are the transmission channels of information.

Why does the meridian do not work, why is it painful?

The meridian does not work. From the root, it is actually a barrier in the heart. If there is a heart in the heart, the body will have a meridian blockage. The heart is in charge of information, and information and energy are inseparable. So the energy channel is blocked, first of all to adjust from the heart (information). A highly respected old monk once said that a person has a sin corresponding to every pain, and the sin in his heart is not removed, and the pain cannot be lifted. So what will block our hearts? Resentment is annoying, greed and suspicion, these are the culprit to block our clean heart. Therefore, in order to relieve the pain of the body, we must first maintain a clean and unselfish desire.

Talking about “Morning Bo” from the perspective of energy and meridian

Chen Bo (used to call Chen Bo first), in fact, it is the result of the collection of human yang into the kidneys. In Chinese medicine, what is the kidney, what is hidden? It is the essence of the human body. A truly healthy person, he not only has a morning babies in the morning, but an erection when he is asleep. This is to see the chicks when the children sleep. When you are asleep, erection, on the one hand, shows that your air retraction channel is unobstructed, yang can be retracted freely, and on the other hand, you have enough essence. Many people who practice Taoism know this. Why do ordinary people only have an erection in the morning, because in the morning, people are in a deep sleep, hiding in the kidneys of the yang; on the other hand, with the yang of the heavens and the earth, the human yang is also rising at this time. Of course, people who are urinated at this time will also stimulate your erection. When the person wakes up, the brain starts to work, and most of the energy is slowly taken up by the brain, and the erection slowly fades.

Believe it or not, why the urban white-collar general ability is not good, the reason is that your energy is completely used up by the brain, leaving less of the nature below. Although the old farmers who did not see the countryside had been working in the field for a day during the day, they were still energetic and energetic at night. Why, because they consume physical strength, not energy. Therefore, for the vast majority of people, the above line, the following will not work, of course, does not rule out that individual energetic people can go up and down, such people can often be a big responsibility, become the pillars of the country.

Why do people erect under the erotic stimulation? This is because under the stimuli of eroticism, the human kidney essence will be mobilized and released into the whole kidney. When the person ejaculates, the human kidney is completely unobstructed. The energy is full of the whole body, so this time people are the most comfortable, and of course the most energy-consuming time. In the past, when many practitioners practiced the entire meridian, they were as comfortable as they were in their sexual life. In fact, people who use drugs are also the principle.

Talking about disease from another angle

When we are sick, we feel that our body is relatively weak and energy is insufficient. From the Buddha’s point of view, the real cause of human disease is the past killing, the food made by the people. From this point of view, people are ill, especially those diseases such as “inflammation”, which are not the results of those who have come to us to “debt”. In the past we ate them and got energy from them. Now they have the opportunity to come to us and ask for the energy we owe them. Therefore, at this time, we should be willing to pay their debts instead of using drugs to drive them away. In that case, we can only aggravate the debt we owe them.