Want to hear something different when running?

Wow! You look like Beethoven
In recent years, many developers like to further refine the use of their products, especially to focus on a specific point in life. StepBeats is one of them. It was born out of the complaints of countless athletes: “It’s hard to find the music that fits the step adjustment when running.”

It is not difficult to understand that music is the art of rhythm, and the rhythm and tune have a set of rules, but the human body receptor can limit the difficulty of maintaining the same rhythm for a long time. In the past, it was unrealistic to expect a perfect synchronization of the music rhythm and pace frequency, so when StepBeats was able to adjust the rhythm independently of the runner’s pace, we were all amazing.

do not stop! Your great work is about to be born
Before introducing StepBeats, we should introduce a concept here: BPM (Beats Per Minute), which can be used to measure the rhythm of music rhythm, StepBeats calculates the running frequency of the user by recognizing the mobile phone movement state, the basic The source material adjusts the BPM in real time according to the gait, thus creating a unique, your own dynamic music.

StepBeats’ music is very fast, and after testing by the author, in most cases it only takes a few seconds to keep up with your running rhythm. And after stabilizing, StepBeats’ music rhythm can be consistent with our gait, and every step is a drum. When the rhythm of the movement and the rhythm of the music are in harmony, the running becomes particularly sensational.

The reason why StepBeats can produce such a good result is that it benefits from the recognition ability of the app and on the other hand it relies on its excellent response feedback. Through experience, the interval from identification to making adjustments is not long, and does not give the user a significant sense of frustration. At the same time, it also invisibly guides the user to find the exercise intensity that suits him.

sounds so good! If you are a DJ, are you still exercising?
StepBeats distinguishes according to the use of the scene. In the outdoor running mode, because the running speed is uncertain, the recognition response is dominant, and the treadmill mode adopts a manual adjustment mechanism due to the constant rate, which is also in line with the runner. The usage habits increase the flexibility of the app itself.

Since StepBeats is essentially a music-generating app, the quality of the built-in audio source is naturally guaranteed. It superimposes the drums, Bass sound layer, Pad sound layer and Lead sound layer to present three different music styles for the user, and also through the combination of the combinations, and then generates dynamic music that belongs to the individual user.

In general, StepBeats is a very interesting entertainment product. It is both a sports companion and a rhythm workshop. It allows users to exercise their body during the play and to create a creative image while sweating, no matter what you hold. Whatever the purpose comes, I believe that I can reap the joy of my own.