For the rest of life, please stay away from the “high desire” man

Recently, news has repeatedly appeared in cases of hurting his wife. Everyone feels terrible when they look at it. But rationally speaking, these cases are only extreme cases, and most people will not encounter such vicious people. Others will say that a small probability event, once it happens to oneself, is 100%. So, is it possible to identify the “devil” from the crowd beforehand?

To be honest, there is no reliable way at present, and a large sample of related psychology has not drawn an accurate conclusion. But I think it is still possible to find clues and commonalities from some extreme cases to help us avoid potential dangers as much as possible.

In most extreme cases of hurting a wife, the murderer has one thing in common, that is, high desire but low ability.

If we establish a coordinate system based on the two dimensions of “desire” and “ability”, then we can divide people into four types: high desire + high ability, high desire + low ability, low desire + high ability, low desire + Low ability.

A person with high desires and abilities has the opportunity to realize his high desire through his own abilities and efforts. If it is successful, he may become famous, but if the fortunes are not good, then it is likely to be depressed, but generally not Destroy humanity.

When they are difficult to work through their own efforts, or can not meet their own desires through legitimate channels, such people are often easy to take the door and take shortcuts. For example, fantasy night red, such as pinning hope on a desperate investment, such as thinking about how to use the law to wipe the ball all the way to make quick money. Until one day, when they squandered their debts and even became heavily in debt, they forced themselves into the test of humanity.

Those who have no ability but have strong desires, who do not work properly, are not willing to live a mediocrity. They ruin their lives and are not worthy of sympathy. But what makes people angry is that they are cruelly deprived of innocent lives, and they are still the closest to trusting his wife.

Even if you don’t make extreme events, people who are not able to match their desires can easily embark on the evil roads, such as gambling or illegal activities, and eventually become a drag on the family.

“Stopping in the wrong direction is equal to moving forward.” The same is true of wrong feelings. Sticking to it, it’s just a mistake. The best feelings are two-way, and the worst feelings are tormenting each other. If you don’t encounter the feelings of two-way desires, then you can get out in time and turn around and go away, which is better than consuming each other in the worst feelings.

The past can’t change, and there is hope in the future. Don’t hesitate, let go and let go, be a smart woman in this regard.