It can be fragile and sensitive at night, and the sky is still as good as it is.

The night is deep, but you still have no sleep. The scene of the daytime experience, like a slide show in front of the eyes:

In the morning, I hurried out of the house, and I couldn’t even eat it for breakfast. In the crowded subway station, I was squeezed to death by a group of people. When I arrived at the company, the leader saw you rushing to the middle of the night last night, picking your nose and picking your eyes. At noon, I took two takeaways and started to change the plan. I saw the customer in the afternoon, and the other side looked for a sly look. You can only pay attention to the smile. When you go home on the night, think of the boyfriend in the cold war. Since the last fight, you have already I haven’t contacted for a long time…

When you get home, your body is exhausted to the extreme, and your emotions finally can’t help but collapse.

There is a saying: “Some people are good at concealing their thoughts, but they only surfaced in the middle of the night.” How many people are like you, during the day, the gods are stunned, the smiles are full, the parties are circling, at night, one is tired, full of heart, fragile Sensitive and vulnerable.

When you open the circle of friends in the middle of the night, you will find many colleagues and friends who are usually full of chicken blood. It seems that they have become depressed, speech-spoken, and judged during the day.

In the middle of the night, it seems to be full of flowers, and there are loneliness everywhere. Many people dare to vent their emotions in the circle of friends in the middle of the night. Because by the next morning, these psychedelic sentences disappeared, as if everything had happened last night.

Everyone continues to smugly make up their makeup, and if they leave the house without a problem, they begin a day full of energy.

Some people say that the bitterness of life is like a mouth ulcer, which often hurts you to eat, but it heals slowly after a week. It’s just this whole process, no one knows anything, only you know it.

Some people say that the collapse of adults is silent, not daring, not afraid to hysterical. The healing of adults is also carried out in silence, without the need for others to know, without the comfort of others, just use oneself alone to stay.

Maupassant wrote in “Life”: “The fragility and strength of people are beyond their imagination.”

In fact, your heart has long been clear, no matter how sentimental, how to complain, how to regret, some things can not be changed, life will not let you because of your collapse. You can’t get rid of it, you can’t let the wounds bleed, you have to face the world bravely, and you can continue to go on.

If you are harder and harder, you have to eat well. The body is the capital of the revolution. If you are tired and tired, don’t just get drunk. Just because you are in a bad mood, you have to be better with yourself.

I have seen such a passage: I can’t bleed when I can’t bleed, I will turn on the lights when I am afraid of black, I will contact if I miss you, I will be short when I am tired, I will be pleased if I am isolated, and I will be homesick when I am weak. After all, people must grow up, and the most dark roads must be finished by themselves. You are only qualified to say that you are not lucky after doing everything you can.

Everyone has their own tiredness, but life is like a spring, and if you are weak, it is strong.

In the face of the martyrdom of life, some people evade, some people retreat, and finally can only be ruthlessly swallowed by life. Only in the face of difficulties will the future be possible. Please believe that as long as you don’t think about it, life can’t trip you.

I hate to love, and I have passed through; good things are bad, and things are going on. There is no long night without sorrow, there is no wind and rain that can’t stop. The long night has passed, it is a brilliant dawn; the wind and rain have stopped, it is a beautiful rainbow.

As End of Gone with the Wind, Scarlett said: “After all, tomorrow is a new day.”

The pain tonight has passed away with the wind, and the dawn of tomorrow is coming on the road. May you go through the night, and the dawn is still as good as ever.