Put your days into your Style

The advertisement always said, “We are advocating a new way of life.” There are always people in the circle of friends who say, “I am looking forward to a new way of life.” The new way of life seems to be the Taoyuan villa of the elite.

Lifestyle is actually the day that you and your life have lived.

Wen Qing and Shu Fang are a good girlfriend. When two people go to college, they eat together and study together. They can imagine life after graduation. After graduation, they should be hired by the same real estate company.

In the busy rhythm of private enterprises, the careers of both people have been successful. However, life has gone through two modes.

After two years of work in Wenqing, he fell in love and married, and later he had a son. Between her career and her family, she has become a powerful woman who fights every second. Every day, she is stunned, because there are too many trivial facts.

Shu Fang’s love is relatively rough. In the entanglement of love and breakup, when people reach middle age, she is willing to be single. Every time she finishes her work, she will take a long vacation and go into the mountains and water to go to a daze. Later, there was the idea of ​​opening a homestay, simply resigned from work, and plunged into the mountainous area of ​​southern Anhui, and thought of building her mountain home.

When Wen Qing gave birth to the second treasure, he was already the vice president of the company. On this day, Shu Fang took her to see her. In the cold, the two of them unexpectedly envied each other. Wen Qing’s envy of Shu Fang is as free as he is, and he has a lot of time to do things he likes; Shu Fang is envious of Wen Qing’s children around the knees, and the family enjoys…

Wen Qing said: “Of course, I can’t do anything free and easy, but it doesn’t affect my longing for your life.” Shu Fang said: “I am also, although I envy you, but I still live the day.”

The two summed up: The way of life is diverse. Since you have chosen it, you will feel at ease and face the good and bad. You can’t ask for full blame in your life. The picture is fascinating.

Lin Qingxuan once said: “Romantic is a waste of time to eat slowly, wasting time to drink tea slowly, wasting time slowly, and wasting time slowly getting older.” Romance, not a fairy tale, the prince and princess have lived happily ever since. The life, but a group of ordinary people determined to follow their own way of life, happy and careless.

Therefore, envy is sometimes long. Just like awakening, you are still facing a bunch of parents who are short. Wen Qing longs for a comfortable life, but also has to wonder: Can tomorrow’s work problems be solved smoothly, whether the junior high school’s son’s final exam ranking can improve, whether the daughter of the babble can sleep well tonight…

And Shu Fang, despite the hope that he can settle down, but now he still has to meet various challenges and try to be alone.

Everyone is different.

Xie Na, the 38-year-old host, still maintains the look of being happy in the “Happy Camp”. She once said: “There have been two kinds of voices on the road I presided over. One is that Xie Na knows how to laugh, and the other is that her happiness can make me decompress.” She used to have confusion and tried to change the style of the host. Changed, but more and more determined the most authentic look.

In one program, someone asked her: What is behind the laughter on the stage. She replied: “The attitude of life does not have to be told in a serious way, it can also be a happy way.”

This is the way she chooses to make the audience laugh.

“Forrest Gump” said A-Gump’s mother said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next piece will taste.” In fact, you can still choose – some people like the sweetness of white chocolate. Some people like the bitter alcohol of dark chocolate, each has its own taste.

“The car is full of fun, and the wine cellar is a hermit.” One person has a living method. How can there be so many lifestyles that do not eat human fireworks? Pass your own day and turn your life into your Style.