Taste summer rhyme

After the summer, summer is coming. Summer is not a sultry heat, but also poetic and artistic. In summer, people return to nature and are freed from all the artificial living environments.

Summer is the season of life carnival. The weak buds and verdant springs burst into a powerful vitality in the summer. Thick and full of leaves, thriving grass, arrogant hummingbirds, flying insects, blooming flowers, all show the vitality and vitality of all things. In this season, the world portrays the meaning of life to the fullest. The summer sun seems to be an open-minded and enthusiastic elder. Although it is not strict and self-defeating, it gives a little bit of truth and a bit of sincerity.

Summer is a season of genius. All kinds of flowers unloaded her last bit of restraint, and under the bragging of the summer wind, they showed another fascinating landscape. The lotus blossomed with a sweet smile and the lotus leaf showed green fashion. Under the scorching sun, they propped up a green umbrella and gave the land a coolness; in the wind and rain, they swayed the slim figure and left a fragrance around them. In the streets and lanes, there are a variety of light, bright and transparent summer clothes, which are full of eyes and follow the wind for a while. The freedom and unrestrainedness of summer is reflected in the pursuit of beauty in the footsteps of people, reflecting her uniqueness.

Summer is the season of green hail. In the summer, wearing a green robe, from head to toe, pulling the sky, Wang Yang glaring at people’s vision. Green clouds linger in the mountains, green fields spread on the fields, and green water ripples on the lake. Everywhere is a world of condensation. Whether it is the smoggy morning or the dusk of the sun and the west, in every corner of the country, the air is full of green air. This kind of greenery makes people’s joy suddenly come to the heart. I like the green of summer, this is the simplest color in life.

Summer is the season of sound. There are rain, frogs, humming, and bird songs. All the sounds, together with a song of Xia Yun. This song, the tonal twists and turns, the melody changes, the ups and downs, the patchwork, the summer rhyme is displayed in full and full. Xia Yun is like a song, sneak peeks, the beautiful melody, the wonderful beat, how many acacias are evoked, how many poems overflow. Take a deep breath and let the future be more beautiful and exciting!

Summer is a rainy season, the blue sky, the leisurely white clouds will be covered by thick black clouds, a slamming thunder breaks through the sky, then the wind whistle, the rain falls down, the road is hit by the rain and the smoke is filled. . Look at the raindrops and tap the window edges, hit the summer notes, play the summer prelude, and the shattered sounds fall into the heart. The weather was fine, the weather was cool, and the unbearable heat suddenly cooled down, making people feel comfortable. I like the unrestrained, warm, and unpretentious nature of summer.

Summer is a book that is enduring, and there are so many secrets in the book that no one can tell. It is because of the summer that it is perfect all year round. Under the tree, in the wind that always floats, a roll is in hand, and dialogues with the wise men of ancient and modern times, reading the wonderful place is the comfort of “speaking words, concealing and laughing.” I have seen it, not only enjoy the beauty of enjoyment, but also purify the soul, and inadvertently enter the realm of “smoothness and natural coolness”, and the temperature is much slower.

Summer is a joke about all the hypocrisy. One’s beauty is ugly and strong. From the summer, it is the easiest to approach the truth, the most undisguised. Summer is like a pot of wine, suitable for gathering and carnival. Taste the leisure of summer, it is a realm; and the summer rhyme alone in the arms, chewing fine, is a kind of enjoyment.

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