Dead soul

Strange “SOS”
Every year in July and August, the Daxueshan National Park in Shangchuan County, Hokkaido, Japan attracts countless climbers. Two young people working at Tokyo Daxie Pharmaceutical Co., came here to climb. After a rest in the hotel at the foot of Asahi Onsen at the foot of the mountain, the next morning, the two set foot on the journey.

Due to the influence of volcanic geothermal heat, although there is no snow cover in Daxue Mountain, it is still very dangerous for climbers: the weather that changes will form short-term rainfall in the mountains and form small flash floods; the temperature in the mountains will drop rapidly after rainfall. In the past few days, the snowfall in the Asahiyama area of ​​Daisee Mountain has been continuously raining, and climbers have withdrawn from the mountain road. However, in the crowd that was withdrawn, the hotel owner did not find the two young people in Tokyo. After waiting for the news of the two men at 6 o’clock in the evening, he reported the case to the local police. The police responded quickly, but due to the heavy water vapor after the rain, the police decided to wait for the day after the dawn to send a helicopter to the rescue.

Early the next morning, a rescue helicopter flew to the Xuyue Mountain area. Also dispatched, there is the mountain rescue team of the Hokkaido Police Department. The helicopter searched along the mountaineering route and found nothing. After consulting the local police, the search and rescue team learned an important situation. It turns out that there is an important landmark on the hiking trail of Asahi, known as the “safety stone” – this stone is square and looks like a safe. According to the guidebook, after seeing the “safety stone”, the climber needs to turn right to find the summit route. However, in a mountain torrent a few years ago, another square boulder that looked almost exactly the same as the “safety stone” was rushed to the vicinity of the mountaineering line. If the climbers follow the instructions of the mountaineering manual, they will first encounter this “fake safe stone”. At this point, if they turn right, they will go to the barren hills.

After learning the situation, the helicopter searched along the route that the climber might have taken. At 1:20 pm, the helicopter driver’s excited voice came from the intercom: “Found! We found the ‘SOS logo on the ground, and the missing person should be nearby.” The rescue team quickly rushed to the area. Search and rescue, at 3:40 pm, the rescue team found the two missing young people from a cliff two kilometers away from the SOS pattern.

Sure enough, the two of them went on the wrong climbing route at the “fake safe stone”. Afterwards, because of the torrents, the equipment was unfortunately washed away, lost their way, and had to avoid the wind and rain in the cliff. Fortunately, the two were not injured, but they were physically weak.

On the helicopter, the two rescued young people gradually recovered their spirits. Together with them, there is a helicopter officer from the Hokkaido Police Department. The police officers happily said to them: “There is nothing unfortunate, it is so good!” The two young people frequently thanked the channel and said that they did not expect to be rescued so quickly. The police officer turned around and smiled and said to the two young people: “You can be rescued so quickly. First of all, thank you to the owner of the hot spring hotel. Secondly, you have to thank yourself.”

“Thank you for what you are?” The two asked.

“Thank you, have such a strong sense of self-help, and put so big SOS on the ground!”

“SOS? What SOS?” the young man asked.

“Do you forget the SOS mark you made yourself?” The police officer felt very embarrassed, so let the driver fly around and return to the rescue site. After flying back to the rescue site, the police officer pointed the huge SOS on the ground to the two young people through the porthole. Unexpectedly, both young people said nothing about this mark. The police officers felt that the two men’s thinking had not stabilized at this time, so they instructed the driver to return to Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Terrible recording
That night, at the Sapporo Police Station, four police officers met with two young people and asked in detail about the whole process of their dangers and the relationship between the SOS symbols on the ground and them. After analyzing the whole process, the police also believed that the two young people did not have enough time to put a huge rescue symbol two kilometers away. The police then concluded: “There are other distresses on the scene!”

On the following day, the rescue helicopter and the ground rescue team were dispatched again and came to the scene to investigate. According to police measurements, the SOS logo is 18 meters long and 5 meters wide and consists of 19 trunks. The trunk is 10-15 cm in diameter and is a birch tree that grows for about 5 years. At the broken tree trunk, there are marks of cutting and axe, and all the branches and leaves are cut off, showing that the maker of the symbol has experience of distress and help.

The police searched around the symbol. In the evening, a pelvis and a pair of upper arm bones were finally found in the nearby wormwood. After searching, the rest of the remains and a backpack were found in the nearby area.

The body was sent to Asahikawa Medical University for identification on the night, and it was found that the remains were covered with traces of wild animal bites. The blood of the victims was O-shaped, 160cm in height and female. But in a further analysis two days later, they overturned the initial conclusions and changed the results to men with type A blood.

After three days of comparison, the police initially determined that the identity of the victim was a young male Morita, who was missing in Asahi, in mid-July of five years ago. When he was killed, he was 25 years old, his height was 160cm, his body was thin, and his hobbies were comics.

Morita’s backpack has his own driver’s license, toiletries, a portable tape recorder, several tapes, and a comic book. The police played the tape in the recorder. The tape is the theme song of various animations that Morita rips, but when the tape is played to the end, the people present are shocked. The contents of the tape are: “There is no activity on the trapped cliffs – SOS please save me – can’t move on the trapped cliffs – SOS, please save me.”

Every word is broken, like shouting desperately. After 2 seconds of interruption, the recording continues: “The grass is too deep to move on, please save me from here.” The entire call for the rescue consisted of two interruptions in the middle for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Morita shouted in a screaming voice. .

Recording with a portable recorder can be recorded as close as possible to the microphone. Who is Morita so screaming to whom? According to the record five years ago, the rescue team did send helicopters to participate in search and rescue, but the aerial record did not exist in the SOS word. Until this rescue, the helicopter driver successfully saw the distress signal…