Magical “mating cap”

This is about the most loving and magical hat in the world! Because this hat not only succeeded in breeding thousands of descendants of the falcon, but also crossed the natural barrier between different species, saving an endangered bird family.

Speaking of the history of this hat, it is because the United States used a large amount of insecticides in the 1960s. In particular, the use of DDT caused the calcium of the crusted eggshell to become ultra-thin and fragile, and the eggshell could not withstand the mother. The weight of the body was broken and smashed, which directly led to the hatching rate of the migrating chicks falling, and the speed of its reproduction was far from the threat of extinction. The only remaining rafts in the western United States were classified as endangered species.

How to protect the recreation? Cornell University’s bird professor Tom Cade and a group of like-minded friends set up the Recreation Foundation.

In the beginning, people tried to remove the thin and fragile crusted eggs from the wild, and increased the success rate of hatching through the incubator. The hatching chicks that were hatched successfully were immediately returned to their parents. Parents were previously incubating scientists. The fake egg that was dropped out of the bag was completely covered in the drums, but it was not enough.

At that time, the number of cruises was too small. If only a few cruises were born two or three times a year, the number of cruises could never be recovered, so they started more attempts.

The first method is to rely on people. Three people need to work together. One person presses the face down on the foam board, the other separates the leg, and the third person massages the privacy part with the middle finger and thumb, and finally collects a little precious semen. But this method is more troublesome. Sometimes the recreation does not like people close, the whole process is a chicken jump.

Can’t you put the female swimmer and the male swimmer together, let them mate themselves? This is also a little troublesome. Because the birds have the “printing” behavior, after the birds break out of the shell, they will see the first moving object they see as a mother. Through this imprinting behavior, they acquire their own concept of species. Usually the birds break out of the shell, and the first thing they see is the mother of the bird, which is fine.

But for the small-scale recreational animals that are raised by hand, they may see people at first sight. When they grow up and become sexually mature, they are not interested in those feathered real birds. What should we do?

In March, California spring blossoms. One day, love bird volunteer Lester Boyd went to the eagle house to feed the raft. As soon as he opened the door, a male squat swooped down his head and he often wore it. On the yellow straw hat, there was a “making love.”

Boyd felt a sullen look on his scalp. He suddenly realized that March to May was the estrus period of the recreation. It turned out that Xiong Youyi regarded him as his “female wife.” This move gave him a lot of inspiration. Can you let the male swim in the hat to mate with the person, leave the semen in the hole of the hat, then suck the semen out and put it into the fallopian tube of the female?

Therefore, he continued to make a special material hat similar to the hive, and he must grasp the “marriage match” during the estrus of the recreation.

However, the tour is not so stupid, they will not see the top hat and go to mate with it, you need someone to cultivate feelings with it first. So in these three months, Boyd needs to wear this hat every day to go with the heroes and woo them. When the “love” is ripe, it is also necessary to imitate the sound of the female estrus, but also keep swinging the head up and down to attract the attention and interest of the raft.

Boyd often “screams” that his mouth is dry, his voice is dumb, and his head is dizzy, and the recreation that is not far away will be slowly teased. It responded with a cry and slowly approached him. Sometimes, if the cruise is too excited, the strength is also very heavy, to know that they usually have a straight dive speed of 320 km / h. When mating, you must lie back to the ground, or kneel in the eagle cage, and then imitate the sound of a sexy mating. This bird is married and married, there is no romance at all, it is tears.

Although hard, but the effect is not bad. Next, this “mating cap” became the “sperm library” for the children of the children. Boyd has broadened his approach. For more than 20 years, those bird-loving volunteers have successfully incubated more than 4,000 rafts with such a “mating cap”, which has caused the species to be removed from the endangered list. This is a miracle!