Who should write the letter to Holmes?

This can be a bad job at the post office in London, and they have to return the letters to the address of the sender. This situation continued until the 1930s.

At that time, due to the need for expansion of Baker Street, the city government merged Baker Street with the nearby streets, collectively known as Baker Street. The street numbers were rearranged and Baker Street finally had the address 221.

Located at this address is a bank with a background in the construction company called Abbey National. They bought houses from 219 to 229 at that time and built a bank there.

What happened next is that the bank has been receiving letters from Sherlock Holmes fans around the world since its opening in Baker Street in 1932.

This is good news for the London postman: although they know that the letter will not fall in the hands of the detective himself, but finally no longer have to spend time to return so many letters. As for how the bank will handle these letters, they will not be able to manage it.

According to people’s inertia thinking, companies like banks will not pay attention to such letters, they are likely to throw letters into the trash.

Surprisingly, however, the bank not only set up the Sherlock Holmes plaque at the door, but also added a post within the company: Sherlock Holmes’s private secretary.

The task of this person is to read and respond to the letters of the fans of Holmes. Although seemingly simple, this person needs to know the story of Holmes.

For example, many of the numerous letters received are from the fans’ ridiculous greetings. These people have no special requirements, they just want to know what Mr. Holmes is doing now, or where he is.

At this time, the secretary will write in the letter: “Mr. Holmes has retired. He is now studying apiculture in Sussex while enjoying the pastoral life. Mr. Holmes said that this is his long years in London. In the middle of the life, I am very eager to live.” This content is from the work of Conan Doyle’s late work “Lion Mane”, “Skinned White Soldier” and “The Last Greeting”.

Of course, there are some strange questions and cases in the letter. Some elementary school students hope that Mr. Holmes will help them find lost homework. There was once an American voter who wrote that he hoped that a detective could travel to the United States to run for the presidency. For such a request, the Secretary can only reply that Mr. Holmes is very appreciative of this proposal, but considering his current age, it is too inconvenient to travel. Also, because the detective written by the novelist was born in the 1950s, he is now more than 160 years old.

Interestingly, not everyone believes that Holmes is a fictional character. There was a man who wrote that the only dispute between him and his wife was whether Sherlock Holmes really existed. The poor secretary had to risk the explanation of the risk of provoking their family conflicts.

In 1990, the Sherlock Holmes Museum opened in the vicinity. However, this made things a bit unpleasant. Because the museum unilaterally stated that they should be the only ones who have the right to open the Sherlock Holmes letter.

Although the museum is located between 237 and 241 Baker Street, they believe that they are more qualified to respond than the bank located at No. 221, although the bank has responded to countless letters in the past few decades and has received a lot of praise. .

The bank naturally would not agree to this request, and as a result, both sides went to court. The court’s decision supported the bank. First, because the bank is indeed located at 221 Baker Street, and second, because the fans send letters to that address is not the bank’s fault.

However, the museum has been dissatisfied. In 2002, after the bank moved out of 221 Baker Street, the city government gave the address of Baker Street 221B to the museum in order to solve this problem, although the real address of the museum is 237 Baker Street – No. 241. Similar to the situation of the bank, since then, the museum has also been bombarded by letters from fans. The museum is still there today. If you write to Baker Street 221 B, your letter will be sent to the museum and you may receive a reply from them