The secret of the Neapolitan zombie “scam”

Castle cry, zombie corpse
Naples is a famous coastal city in southern Italy. Historically, the Italian princes and nobles liked to build a palace here, so there are many ancient manors left here, which are home to the aristocrats who have already fallen.

On April 16, 2007, a countess named Marella who lived in the suburbs of Naples died. Marrera’s husband was a descendant of Princess Maria Pia of the Savoia dynasty in Italy. That night, more than 20 descendants of the Countess were stalking under the swaying candlelight. In the early hours, they had been dead for hours and lying. In the coffin of the coffin, she unexpectedly removed the coffin cover with a gap and climbed out, and rushed to her favorite grandson, Holly, and bite his ear with Holly’s head…

As a witness, the 24-year-old Holly later, in an interview with British Independent Television, faintly recalled the situation at the time: “According to the rules, the guards are not allowed to go to bed, when I was guarding the grandmother, sitting away from the grandmother. The coffin was recently snoring. Suddenly, I felt a huge pain in my ears. When I saw it, my grandmother was biting me with my head. I was scared…” Holly’s father also recalled the situation at the time. Said: “When the mother died, she was 79 years old and she was skinny before she died. I didn’t expect her to bite Holly when she was so hard. We couldn’t open her for a few men. Finally, she loosened her hand. I fell to the ground…”

After the incident was opened in the society, various rumors frequently appeared. On the 3rd of May, a 53-year-old Duke named Opoli, who lives in the southwestern coast of Naples on the Tyrrhenian coast in southwestern Naples, died of illness and relapsed. “phenomenon. In the early hours of the morning, the duke, who had been breathing for hours, suddenly climbed out of the coffin and hugged the princess, Patricia, who was holding the spirit. Ten minutes later, with the help of everyone, the zombies were finally opened, but the zombie clutched his wife’s clothes until his fingers were cut off, and he did not loosen…

After the incident was reported by the media, it was said that it must have been something that the Duchess had done to the Duke. It might be that the sun was not seen. It was too much to lose face. The Duke had to be in his heart. Now that he is dead, he doesn’t have to endure anymore, so he is not willing to let her go. As a result of the fright, coupled with such legends in the society, Mrs. Patricia could not stand the blow and committed suicide several times, all of which were stopped by her family.

Patricia’s younger brother, Barone, is a professor of biology at the University of Pasnop in Naples. He does not believe that there are any ghosts in the world. He does not believe in the existence of scams. Now, it happens to the sister Patricia’s family. The rumor of “scams” caused the elder sister to suffer from the innocence. He decided to find a way to uncover the truth behind the Necros zombie scam and his sister was innocent.

Bizarre and bizarre, expert risk
To uncover the truth of the scam, you must visit the scene. As soon as he learned that someone had passed away, Bairone immediately rushed over with his camera and recording equipment.

However, the strange thing is that the zombies seem to know that Barrowne is going to shoot them. Since then, Bairone has participated in the funeral of more than 40 deceased, and has never encountered a deceit. Since he had a lot of work to do, he had to give up this matter for the time being.

Just then, on April 25, 2008, a zombie murder occurred again in a manor in the western suburbs of Naples. The deceased was a 33-year-old young man. After a few hours of death, he swindled his body and bit the throat of his 5-year-old son.

When Bairone rushed to the scene, the coffin of the deceased had been nailed, and Bairone suggested to look at the deceased. Unexpectedly, the half-man of the deceased was rushing over. The Neapolitan Donkey is a strong, sturdy, sturdy bulldog that weighs up to 80 kilograms. It can bite a person’s leg bones and is generally used as a guard dog and a protection dog. Naples is particularly loyal to the owner, perhaps this Neapolitan is to see the coffin of the owner of Bairo, who wants to protect the Lord. Fortunately, the family will drink, and Bairone is not bitten.

The family of the deceased said that in the early hours of the morning, the deceased suddenly opened the coffin with the gap, climbed out from inside, and the son who was hugged in the arms of the guardian’s wife was biting until the son’s neck was bitten. “All the people were scared at the time. When everyone woke up, the child’s throat had been bitten, and he fell to the ground with a bang.” Bairone asked: “Is his body soft or hard?” “” It was cool and hard. We used hot water for a long time to restore his open arms. I really don’t know how he jumped out of the coffin.”

The more I listened to Bairone, the more incredible, but the facts in front of him were there, and you couldn’t believe it. He decided to continue to study the problem of scams. Later, Bairowe heard that the Neapolitan of the deceased’s family was very loyal to the master. After the burial of the deceased, it squatted in the cemetery and did not drink or drink. After a few days, it was starved to death. However, Bairone was bent on placing the center of the problem on the deceased, ignoring the influence of Naples on the phenomenon of scams, which made his research no substantial progress.

Through research, Bairone found that there were 13 scams in the vicinity of Naples ten years ago. There were 13 cases in total. The scams were almost the same. The oldest was 80 years old and the youngest was only 24 years old. There are also aristocrats and civilians, including 11 aristocratic scammers, but they have something in common: one is sick and dead; the second corpse is all in April and May. Is this a coincidence? Bairone decided to verify. However, on April 1, 2009, Bairone actually experienced the murder of the corpse and was almost scared to death.

At that time, a 72-year-old Viscountess named Lisena died in the town of North Fro, Napoli. When Byrone arrived, Lisena’s family had changed her clothes and put them in a satin-decorated coffin. He set up the camera and looked at the deceased with heavy makeup on his face. Bayone was not afraid at all. He thought: I hope that you will scam the corpse today and let me see it so that I can uncover the mystery. I would like to see if your body is so stiff, even if you live, how can you swindle!

At night, Bairone stayed with the family of the deceased until 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, nothing happened. At this time, the sleepy attack came, and Bairone saw no one sitting on the sofa beside the coffin, and sat down on the sofa to fight…

Suddenly, the sleepy Bairo felt a blunt thing on his body. When he blinked, his hair was suddenly erected: I saw the old lady Lisena who had been gone for a few hours. Climbed out of the coffin and threw himself on his body, growing his mouth and trying to bite Robne! Bairone screamed and fought with the body. Unexpectedly, the old lady Lisina, who seemed to be weak and windy, was so powerful at the moment that Bairo was holding her cold hands and couldn’t push her! Just as the zombie bite into the neck of Bairo, the awakened guardian rushed over to help, and then the zombie was smashed from Bairone. Soon, the zombie returned to silence, but her stiff body remained Holding a claw and dancing claws…

This time, Bairone knew that it was awesome, and personal experience made him no longer doubt the existence of zombie scams. The behavior of the zombie had scared Byrone. He immediately packed things back home, and did not dare to watch the video of the day afterwards. His students asked Bairone why he would not reveal the mystery of zombies and scams. Bairoe said with horror: “This is too mysterious and too scary. I am afraid that for a long time, science can’t explain it, or let it be Later generations will slowly reveal it…”

American expert, the final answer
At the time of the zombie scams incident, many curious people like Bairone were studying the phenomenon of scams. In the town of Vesuvius in the eastern suburbs of Naples, there was a doctor named Kuranyi. Studying the phenomenon of scams.

One day, a person who was bitten by Naples came to Kulranj for treatment. Kulani’s heart was “squeaky”. He suddenly discovered that those who were deceived, in addition to the commonalities found in Bairone, One thing in common is that the deceased’s family has a fierce Neapolitan scorpion. The deceased have a close contact with Naples. Is there any connection here?

One day in February 2010, Kurani saw in a zombie movie titled “Amazing 28 Days” that an unstoppable virus turned the infected person into a maddening monster and staged a tragedy of cannibalism. . Although this is a scientific fantasy, it gives Colany a great inspiration: zombie scams, will it be a virus, for example, rabies is doing something wrong? Finally, Kuranyi decided to verify his guess.

On April 9, 2010, another zombie murder incident occurred in the northern suburbs of Naples. Kuran immediately rushed over and extracted samples from the zombies. When he carefully observed the sample and placed it under the microscope, he was shocked. He found that the zombies of the corpse were really rabies virus. And what makes Kulani feel incredible is that this rabies virus has similarities and differences with the general rabies virus, indicating that there has been a mutation, especially what Kulani cannot understand is that these deceased people The rabies virus did not die with the death of the deceased!

Kuranyi immediately told Professor Bayrone that this amazing discovery. Although Professor Bayrone was scared by the scams, he was a scientist. He told Kuran that rabies virus may be mutated in various ways, and once it mutates, it will be terrible. He believes that Kuranyi’s suspected scams are related to the rabies virus and decided to validate Kuranyi’s conjecture through scientific experiments.

Professor Bayrone transplanted the rabies virus extracted from the zombie to the body of a pig, allowing the virus to be slaughtered in the pig body for half a month. But the pig did not respond at all. Bairone thought that zombie scammers are sick and dead, will it be related to the law of death? Bairone also transplanted the virus to another sick pig and starved it. Just over four hours after his death, the pig suddenly jumped up and opened his mouth to bite the iron railing that held it.

Through the experiment on the pig, Professor Barone proved that the zombie corpse is indeed related to the rabies virus, but there are still many details that make Bayrone and Kuranyi unable to understand. Professor Bairone decided to ask his mentor, Professor Andris. Bairone told his mentor about his discovery. Professor Andris Ennis also had a keen interest in the zombie scams and immediately led the research team to Naples.

Professor Andris is an authority in the biological world. He told Bairone that at present, although scientists can’t resurrect the dead, it is entirely possible to use some viruses to make the infected person appear aggressive and zombie-like behavior. The consequences of rabies mutations are terrible, but theoretically feasible. For example, using modern genetic engineering techniques to combine rabies virus with measles virus, the time when infected people invade their brains will make the infected person more terrible. Aggressive. In nature, if it happens, it can also produce this kind of variation, and the phenomenon of zombie scams can happen.

Professor Andris Ener led Bairone to conduct field research and research, and found that those who were near the nobles in Naples liked to raise Naples at home. One is that they are loyal to their owners and can look after their homes. Second, Some nobles believe that raising a few purebred Neapolitans at home is a symbol of identity and status. Because of the intimacy with Naples, many people are unconsciously infected with the rabies virus.

The rabies virus is different from the general virus and usually lurks in the infected person for months or even a year. Professor Andrines boldly speculated that if the rabies virus lurks, the infected person has measles, and the rabies virus may merge with the measles virus to form a new virus. In this case, the infected person just died, and the new virus did not have an incubation period. They may suddenly erupt within a few hours due to the death of the infected person, and the zombie will show a “scam” in a short time.

Through an investigation into the prevalence of the scammers, Professor Andris Ennis finally proved his inference that the scammers in the Naples area were infected with rabies virus and were infected with the measles virus before they died. The combination of the two viruses turns into a new virus (zombie virus) lurking in the infected person. A few hours after the infected person died of the disease, the zombie virus suddenly broke out and the zombie was “scamped” in a short time. As for why scams occur mostly in the spring, Professor Andris believes that spring is most suitable for viral activities. And why the scams only happen to patients who die, because the nervous system of the sick patients is still intact, so that the zombie virus controls the nervous system of the zombies, so that the zombies have temporary mobility. After the death of the nervous system, the zombie virus has no basis for survival, and the phenomenon of scams disappears.

Bayrone has some puzzles: “The virus usually dies with the death of the infected person. Why don’t the virus die?” Andrians believes that this is the terrible thing about the mutant rabies virus. In general, after a human death, the nervous system has not completely died within a few hours, and these viruses are likely to be parasitic on the human nervous system. After the death of humans, they were adjusted in just a few hours, and suddenly broke out, commanding zombies through the nervous system to “scam”. The rabies virus mainly attacks the central nervous system of human beings, and its main performance is aggressive. Therefore, the new porcine virus combined with rabies virus and measles virus in the human body is also aggressive. When the zombie virus suddenly erupts and drives zombie activities, It’s easy to attack people who are closest to the zombies, which is why the 14th zombie corpse in Naples only attacked the person closest to it. The zombie is unconscious at this time, and its aggression is only a mechanical reaction, and has nothing to do with the legend of the ghost.

On October 30, 2010, the National Geographic Channel broadcasted the documentary “The Truth Behind the Zombies,” and Professor Andrians deciphered the mystery behind the zombie “scam” through a documentary.