Unexpected animal commando

The development of human resources for war can be said to have reached an extreme. It is enough to write a thick manual for animals.

British soldiers use bees to make “flying army” siege
In the 11th century, when the British army attacked an ancient city in Jerusalem, it used bees. The British soldiers rushed to the edge of the city wall and threw the bee box into the middle of the enemy. The bees flew around, and when they saw people, they lost their combat capability. The British army took the opportunity to launch an attack and seized the enemy’s city in one fell swoop.

Multinational forces use chickens to become anti-chemical soldiers
Chickens are very sensitive to toxic gases and can detect toxic gases at the earliest. During the Gulf War, the multinational forces used this feature of chickens to bring many chickens to the front line and use them as “anti-chemical soldiers.” This “special forces” is a multi-disciplinary job that can be used to predict enemy biological and chemical weapons, and can be killed to make delicious dishes when necessary.

The US military dressed the wolf as a white fox to disintegrate the Japanese army
During the “World War II” period, the United States and Japan competed for the islands in the Pacific Ocean. In order to disintegrate the Japanese army, the US military found some motley wolves and then dressed them as white foxes. Because the Japanese have a superstitious concept, they think that the white fox is the sorcerer sent by the underworld. Therefore, when the “White Fox” suddenly appeared in front of the US troops, the Japanese soldiers were frightened and collapsed. The US military took the opportunity to chase and defeat the Japanese army.

Tang Dynasty used sparrows for fire attack
During the Tang Dynasty, Xue Li led the troops to attack Yanzhou City, and the long-term attack could not be broken. Someone gave him the idea of ​​using a sparrow to attack the fire. He first ordered people to burn the grasshoppers outside the city, and then windy days, tied the gunpowder bag on a group of sparrow legs. These sparrows could not find grasshoppers outside the city and flew to the grasshoppers in the city. They used their claws to pull the grass when they were eating in the haystack, and the gunpowder bag fell onto the haystack. Then Xue Li ordered another group of sparrows to be released. The sparrows were attached to the claws of the sparrows. When they fell on the grass, they immediately ignited the gunpowder bag, and the city of Yanzhou suddenly ignited a fire. The wind helped the fire, and soon turned the city of Yanzhou into a sea of ​​fire. Xue Li ordered the troops to take the opportunity to attack the city and easily took the Yanzhou City.

Soviet army used military dogs to blow German tanks
During World War II, the German tanks were very powerful, and Soviet soldiers invented a war against tanks. They trained the military dogs and then tied the explosives to the dogs. When the German tanks rushed over, the Soviets released the military dogs. The military dog ​​drilled under the tank and sent the German tank to the sky. In this way, the Soviet army actually bombed more than 300 German tanks.