Catch the ghost’s “soul”

From ancient times to the present, there are always people who believe that the soul of the deceased will wander in the place where he died or where he died. For ghosts, we have natural curiosity, but we have inexplicable fear. Does the ghost really exist?

Ghost mystery
Does the ghost really exist?

What kind of ghost is it? In fact, the relationship between ghosts and the body is like the relationship between electromagnetic waves and walkie-talkies. A ghost is also a magnetic field with a magnetic field of memory. Ghost and flesh are such a relationship: the human body is divided into two parts: the body and the ghost. The body serves the ghost. The ghost depends on the body. The existence of the organ is reserved for the health of the body, so that the ghost does not disappear.

The formation of ghosts – when the fetus is in the mother’s body, the first three months of the beginning is very weak, or even no, its source depends on brain activity and body fluids (mostly blood, body fluids are Formed by the flow of electrical ions. For all animals, there are ghosts after death, that is, as long as there are biological ions flowing, the individual will form a current. There is a magnetic field when there is current. Three months after the fetus, the brain gradually developed and the blood flow to the mother increased, gradually forming a ghost. The newborn baby’s body is close to the original, so many children (6 years old) will see the ghosts below. They are not looking at the eyes, but their own ghosts and ghosts. (The visual range of children under 3 is very close. The combination of the child’s body and ghosts at this time is not very harmonious, and is easily separated by fear and other reasons. This is the “soul of the gods”.

Ghost’s growth and maturity – As the human body grows, the ghost gradually integrates with the body. The memory of the human ghost is stored. The brain acts as a medium, just like the information on the disk and the magnetic powder on the disk, but Not exactly the same, the ghost does not depend entirely on the brain, it has its own way of magnetic memory. Just like the information on the disk is sent out in the form of electromagnetic waves, they can be received and displayed by their own brains at any time. It should be noted that the magnetic field memory depends on the structure of the brain (the position and arrangement of the magnetic particles on the disk), and if it is not appropriate, an idiot is produced. If the memory is purely as some scientists say “brain folds” work, it is reported that the idiot’s brain folds are not less than normal people? Some scientists have experimented that the energy that people should consume every day is far greater than the energy consumed by people’s daily fever. Where is the difference in energy? It was sent out by the brain in the form of electromagnetic waves. Someone may have to ask, why didn’t the electromagnetic wave I received? With this question, please continue to look down.

The separation of the ghost and the body – when the human organ is damaged or the body is weak and aging can not produce enough energy, the ghost is separated from the body. To be exact, the body first dies, the ghost leaves the body, not the ghost leaves the body. After the death of talent. Ghosts will continue to exist after they leave the body. They may be received by individuals who have the same attributes as their original bodies. This is what people say about ghost possessions, so those who are possessed by ghosts will know many ghosts. The secret. Some people will worry that the ghost will not leave the attached body. This is superfluous. Although it is temporarily attached, the body attached to it is not exactly the same as the original one, so it will not be given energy to continue it. It will disappear after the possession, and the energy is exhausted. Some people will wonder, from ancient times to the present, there should be many ghosts in the world, everywhere? The answer is “No.” Ghosts are magnetic fields that are broken when they encounter strong other magnetic fields, such as the powerful magnetic fields generated by lightning. So many ghosts have been eliminated. This is the reason why people can find the same after the “throwing soul” without the weather of lightning.

The world is made up of matter, including time, ghosts, time, and ghosts, just a form of matter that we don’t fully understand.

The ghost is also material, it is a field similar to the magnetic field, I call it the “ghost field”, the same magnetic field between the two magnets. This kind of field will be a major change in the history of Lusheng once it is recognized and utilized by us.

Ghosts have their own activities. When our bodies are resting, sometimes they don’t rest, wander around, and store them in a vague way, but it doesn’t help the body, so it is vague. I don’t know if you have this feeling: you will be surprised when you go somewhere or when something happens: Hey! This place (this experience) seems to have experienced it!

Eastern and Western ghosts

The concept of the soul of the East believes that the deceased must be buried in the earth to enter the next reincarnation, so those who do not have a smooth life, can not find a person to reincarnate, become a lonely ghost in the wandering, or become a hate to die or There is a grievance in attachment in the world. This view of life and death originated from Buddhism and Taoism has affected the entire Eastern nation, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

People always fear the deceased, the ancestors’ cards and the placement, repair, and grave sweeping of the tombs. These actions must not be saved. Otherwise, the ancestors’ blessings will be lost. Not only will they not be able to make money, but they may also bring bad luck. The Chinese people attach the utmost importance to Feng Shui, and even the Yin House also speaks Feng Shui. If you are unfortunately unlucky, if you encounter a ghost entanglement, you will often ask for help, to diagnose the feng shui of your home, and then ask the Taoist to remove the unclean things.

From a long time ago, the Japanese have always been particularly interested in ghosts. Some people believe that as long as the ghosts are specifically depicted, they can limit their actions and stop chaos in the world. The Edo period, three hundred years ago, At that time, the painters popularized the activities of creating these ghosts. Therefore, there were so-called monster paintings or ghost paintings, which reflected the lives of the people and the mentality of people facing fear and unknown things at that time.

In the ghost paintings of Japan, most of the ghosts have no feet. In the middle of the Edo period, the highest-spirited spectre of the mountains was evaluated. Since then, the saying that there is no foot in the ghost has become a conclusion. Therefore, the ghosts of ordinary people are free to float and float, like entering the uninhabited. The ghost has all kinds of spiritual power, and using this power can kill its enemies and achieve the purpose of revenge. When using spiritual power, there are several points: It can appear anywhere, anytime; It is not threatened by any weapon; It has the ability to see through; It can bind the enemy with a golden rope; It can pass easily even in a narrow place.

In the West, since the ancient times, I believe in the existence of ghosts. The “invincible soul” is also a very important concept in the Western religious tradition. It constitutes the basis of the dualism of “Heaven” and “Hell” between good and evil, and also in Christianity. The original sin provides the basis for central ideas such as “redemption” and “believing for eternal life.” The ghost of the West is usually a white cloth, can fly in the air, and appear in the castle or the forest. This image has become one of the most common perceptions of ghosts.

People think that the ghost is underground, and it is covered in the underground to the house where the ghost lives. The entrance is in the ghost stone town. Only the stone is taken away on the day of worship. It is said to make the ghost come out. In the Hollywood movie “Decapitated Valley”, the headless devil knight is trapped under a tree of life. The endless killing is only to find his own head, so that he can sleep peacefully at the bottom of the earth, which reflects the Western concept of the soul, and The idea of ​​the East coincides conceptually, except that the evil spirits displayed in the West are different from the common grievances and images in the East.

In ancient society, everyone thought that ghosts are a very natural phenomenon. In many places, there are many festivals related to ghosts. The most famous ones should be the ancient Romans’ “Death of the Dead”.

During this festival, the homeowner will get up in the middle of the night, then walk in the living room and sprinkle black beans behind them. They will turn the trail of beans in the room for 9 laps so that the ghosts have enough time to collect the tributes, then The owner will hold a ceremony and blow the instrument until they believe that all the ghosts have left.

The Ghost City explores the truth of ghosts
You must have felt this way: there seems to be something moving around; the back is cold; there is someone exhaling, but there is no one behind… From ancient times to the present, there is always someone who believes that the soul of the deceased will be in the place where he died or died. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato is also a faithful believer in the “immortality of the soul.” We always suspect that at certain times and places, ghosts will crawl out of the grave and wander around in our lives. To this day, there have been people who have repeatedly claimed that they have seen ghosts with their own eyes, and even many people have photographed ghosts in their photos. For ghosts, we have natural curiosity, but we have inexplicable fear. So, does the ghost really exist? Can scientists make a reasonable explanation for the various adventures of witnesses?

Let us walk into the alien space and explore the truth behind the ghost.

There is no more ideal ghost capital than the United Kingdom. As the country with the most ghost legends, there are more than 300 places in the British land that are haunted. The types of ghosts are also varied, from headless knights to hell spirits, almost everything. The British “ghost catching” industry is also very developed, and there are more than 500 associations that study the phenomenon of spirituality, which has become a special industry.

In the early 1930s, there was a very strange residence in Essex, England. The house was built on the ruins of a medieval monastery, and when the priest Lionel A. Foster and his daughter Marianne moved in, strange things happened frequently. A naive, scribbled handwriting began to appear on the walls of the house; Marianne said that she was dragged out of bed by invisible things at night and was violently attacked; a crock at home was inexplicably lost, but after a while The cans came back again; the door suddenly locked themselves and asked everyone in the house, and they all knew nothing about it; at night, the priest was reading in the room, and the books on the bookshelf had fallen from the shelf? This is only a very small part of the strange things that happened. In the two years before they moved into the house, the priest recorded about 2,000 unexplained strange things in his diary.

In response to these strange things, in 1931 and 1935, the mysticist Harry Price came here twice to conduct a field investigation. His first conclusion was that all the problems were purely in the field of psychological research, or purely artificial, and ghosts did not exist here. But for the second time, Price changed his previous argument and claimed that the house was a sinister house. Since then, it has become a famous haunted house.

A haunted house similar to this one appeared in a country inn in the south of England, the Lamb Inn. What happened here was almost a replica of the Essex Haunted House. The difference is that Lamb Inn is open to the public and welcomes guests at all times. The rumor of the haunted in the inn has attracted a lot of business for the owner of the inn, and many customers are coming to the ghost.

In order to make the ghosts nowhere under the gaze of modern science and the detection of sophisticated instruments, the spies of the detectives Julie and Mark Hunt and their colleague Dr. Paul Lee rushed to the Lamb Inn. They placed a dynamic detection camera in the inn to capture the vision and the so-called “ghost” in the house. The inn seemed to have ghosts, and many strange things happened on the first day of their stay. Julie saw someone coming down the stairs, and suddenly it flashed and disappeared. In the evening, Julie even saw the legendary ghost of the inn. The ghost stood at a few meters away from her and stared at her. She even felt that the ghost could touch her as long as she reached out and from her. Pass through the body. And her husband Mark saw a piece of furniture being thrown downstairs and almost hit him. But when he went upstairs to look up, he found that there was no one upstairs.

These things made them both scared and excited. By detecting the camera, they were surprised to find that the camera captured a group of fog that was forming a human form. Is this dazzling light a ghost? Does this mean that the ghost is changing from an invisible state to an adult shape, or is it changing from a human form to an invisible state? The three people are a little confused.

Unsuccessful “ghost” in the lab

After returning from the Lamb Inn, the Hunters asked the scientist of Coventry University, Vic Tandy, this mysterious phenomenon. After listening to Tandy, he was very interested because he happened to have a similar experience in recent days. One night, Tandy worked tirelessly in the lab. Time went unnoticed into midnight, and suddenly Tandy felt that a gray thing had moved to his left. It didn’t feel very obvious at first, but there was something moving slightly. It slowly moved to Tandy’s side, and then it seemed to begin to form. Slowly, it seems to grow out of hands and feet. Such a terrible situation made Tandy hold his breath. But he especially wanted to see what it was. However, just as he turned his head and prepared to look carefully, the group of things slowly disappeared. The next day, the same strange thing happened again. The gray thing appeared again, and it slowly moved to Tandy. The difference is that this time it is coming, and even the things in the room seem to be shaking. When Tandy tried to see it again, it disappeared again.

In the reports of many eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen ghosts, this thing is the so-called ghost, and what the Hunter and their colleagues used to photograph with the camera. But as a science worker, Tandy thinks there is another reason for this. He thought that perhaps the airflow caused noise, which caused the movement of the air. However, there are no large equipment installed in the laboratory that is sufficient to cause air movement. But he did not give up on this idea. One day, he stumbled upon a large exhaust fan in the lab, which was installed long ago. He had already forgotten it.

Undoubtedly, Tandy found the answer for the ghost in the lab, and the chief culprit was the big exhaust fan. The exhaust fan creates an infrasound, a low-frequency sound that the human ear can’t hear. The frequency of the infrasound is extremely low and can only cause the inner ear canal to vibrate slightly. Animals can hear the second sound, but humans can’t hear it. According to NASA’s research on the effects of infrasound on human vision, low-frequency infrasound first makes people breathe quickly, and then it makes people feel uneasy, produces a lot of weird feelings, and can even make people hallucinations. In addition, the reason why the unknown object is gray is because the residual light of the corner of the eye is monochromatic. The use of a monochrome line of sight will definitely form a gray field of view – the central part of the retina will filter out the low-medium frequency. Light – When a person changes angles, such as turning over and looking at it, the gray disappears because the corners of the corners are no longer used, and the unknown object naturally disappears.

To determine that this is the truth of the ghost, Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hartford, did a further study of Tandy’s conclusions, in which he played a piece of music to the audience. In some chapters, he deliberately mixed into the second sound. As a result, the audience’s response was very strong, showing emotions such as anxiety, sorrow, fear, and even abhorrence. These emotions are very similar to people’s feelings when they are called ghosts.

The “ghost” in the palace

Richard Wiseman also organized the largest survey of psychology in history. He led a group of experts, with the help of 500 publics, in the Hampden Palace, surrounded by various ghost rumors, the most horrible murderous house in Britain.

Located on the outskirts of London, the Hampton Court Palace was built by a cardinal and later became the palace of Henry VIII. Over the past 500 years, it has witnessed many dramatic events in British history. Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was detained here for adultery. One night, Catherine escaped and cried out asking Henry VIII to forgive herself. But the iron-hearted Henry VIII rejected her request, and Catherine screamed and was dragged back, and was sent to the guillotine the next day. Since then, there have been rumors of successive ghosts in this 16th-century palace. Centuries later, it was still claimed that Catherine’s desperate shouts had been heard. In 2003, a ghost in a cloak was photographed at the entrance to Hampton Court Palace. The appearance of this ghost photo seems to confirm the haunted rumors, making tourists more eager. Visitors to the palace do have a creepy feeling. Ian Franklin, the guard at Hampton Court Palace, said: “Palace often gives people a feeling of fear and panic. They always feel that someone is pushing you behind you or punching and kicking you.”

Wiseman’s team found that there was something wrong with the palace. Visitors fainted in a few specific spots, and people who didn’t fainted felt the difference, but they didn’t know what was going on. The investigators asked these people to write down the various strange experiences they experienced, thus determining the location of the haunted. After the location was confirmed, the investigators set up a dense infrared camera and closely monitored the changes in the physical environment.

Wiseman clearly saw in the camera that when the tourists entered the palace, their emotions and behavior changed without any reason. Some people are very anxious; others are very sad; others are very frightened and even disgusted; some people are really inexplicably faint. When these tourists came out of the palace, Wiseman asked about their feelings. As a result, almost 50% of people said that they saw strange things. Some people say that someone is breathing next to them, and they see something happening at the corner and sometimes disappear. Others said that they suddenly felt a chill, especially when they walked to the hall where Catherine’s ghosts often haunted, and there was a burning sensation on the arm. When you enter certain locations, you feel that the temperature inside has changed, and the cold things are by your side. Nearly a quarter of people directly describe these experiences as ghosts.

Interestingly, it happened that in these places where the vision occurred, the investigators found a particularly strong magnetic field. In this regard, Professor Michael Posinger, who is studying the effects of magnetic fields on human brain activity, explains that if a specific magnetic field is placed around the human brain, a sense of reality can be created, as if there is really Something, or a person standing by your side. So many mysterious experiences are actually caused by brain activity, and these activities can be simulated through experiments. It turns out that everything is a disaster caused by a magnetic field.

The virtual “ghost” in the bridge hole

After fully explaining the various ghost phenomena, relying on modern technology, researchers have been able to vividly simulate a haunted house. Under the South Bridge of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, scientists have simulated a place of ghosts here. Below the Edinburgh South Bridge was once a place for the poor to live. There was also a tomb thief gang under the bridge. After the gang dug out the body from the tomb, it was hidden inside the bridge. Bridge Cave is undoubtedly the most ideal place for Tibetan corpses, because it is cold and wet, dark and incomparable, and there are many rumors of haunted people. Many people claim that they have met ghosts here. In this case, the acts of stealing dead bodies and hiding bodies are always going smoothly.

It was this horrible environment that Richard Wiseman was eager to explore. He once again launched a large-scale ghost investigation, requiring 218 participants to stay alone in the bridge for 10 minutes. Participants can walk around in the bridge hole, sit or stand still, and do whatever they want. But if you feel abnormal, they must report it.

Time passed by in a minute, and as the participants entered the bridge in batches, there were many strange things happening there. The first participant to enter the bridge reported that he felt a burning sensation on his arm, thinking that he had touched the candle, but he could look back and the candle was placed far away. At the same time, he also heard the footsteps and was approaching him step by step. The second person to enter the bridge was a lady who heard someone calling her name in her ear and felt exactly that something was passing by. The lady told Wiseman that she felt cold in her ankles, as if she had touched it slightly, scared her to scream. After a few minutes, the inside of her left arm was hot and itchy, and it was getting more and more powerful. This experience has made this lady still fresh in her memory. She vowed not to participate in such an investigation again. This experience is terrible.

Some participants said that they saw a shoemaker in the bridge hole. He sat quietly and carefully repaired a pair of shoes.

There is no strong magnetic field in the bridge hole, no infrasound, and even the temperature is very stable. What is this strange phenomenon? Wiseman believes that the reason lies in the visual experience of the bridge hole, and the dark environment plays a big role in the human feeling. Most of these sighting reports are caused by fear, and darkness is the cause of fear. The bigger the bridge, the darker the inside, the people standing inside, and you will think that there may be ghosts in the dark corners. The most terrible thing is this feeling. It is likely that this terrible idea made the participants feel those feelings.

People’s imagination is endless. Once such visual images are instilled in people’s brains, even if they are not really in that place, they will experience the strange feeling. In order to confirm this point of view, Wiseman invited a psychology graduate student who did not believe in ghosts and gods to enter the bridge hole, but the girl named Emma Bibe, who was very courageous, began to hear people after entering the bridge for 5 minutes. Standing in the dark corner, breathing, the closer she walks, the louder the breathing of the person. The screaming exhalation made her nervous, and she screamed loudly and quickly escaped from the bridge. At the time, Wiseman and his assistants stood in the bridge next to each other and observed that when they heard Bieber’s screams, even they felt a little scary. However, by observing the entire process of the infrared camera, the bridge hole is empty except for Beibei, and there is nothing suspicious. Wiseman concludes that the so-called ghosts and gods are interesting areas of psychological research. Many times, this is completely human imagination to deceive yourself. Imagination can have a big impact on feelings, and people’s feelings are also dominated by desires.

At the University of Caledon in Glasgow, researchers use cutting-edge science to validate the theory that gloomy environments can influence human senses. Using 3D animation technology, the researchers recreated the bridge hole of the Edinburgh South Bridge. Experiment objects can walk into the virtual environment and record sensory changes. During the experiment, the researchers can clearly see what the participants saw. Although they had a strong illusion, the researchers could see that nothing actually happened.

Invisible “ghost” under the veil

The effects of magnetic fields on the human body, the vibrations generated by low-frequency sound waves, the horrible claustrophobic environment, and human imagination seem to be the real cause of some uneasy feelings. Many people who say that they have seen ghosts say that they are personal, but they can all be explained by natural phenomena. The so-called ghosts are, in the final analysis, the product of imagination and environmental change. There are no ghosts and supernatural phenomena in the world. Many sensational ghost stories are actually artificially fabricated. Many people say that they can communicate with ghosts, and some even claim to be able to surpass the undead, but no one can come up with real evidence. In fact, many incidents have other mysteries. In 1915, the German submarine U-65 sailed for the first time. In an explosion, the second officer was killed. But many crew members claimed that they saw the second pair still standing on the submarine, his face pale, facing the people on the command tower. Until July 10, 1918, the submarine sank into the seabed after another explosion, and all 35 crew members were killed. The ghost of the second pair disappeared. In fact, the reason why there are two ghosts is because the second death of the year has another conspiracy. This is the chaos created by the crew to apply for him.

There are also some ghost events that are nothing more than liars’ tricks and fools’ lies. For example, the ghost house in Essex, England, mentioned at the beginning of the article. In fact, those haunted incidents were just the manipulation of Marianne, who was guilty of bigamy, behind the scenes to divert the sight of others. Pastor Foster lived in Amherst, Nova Scotia, the site of the famous 1878 ghost manifestation. Perhaps the long-standing interest in ghosts has made him graffiti and distorted the facts while writing a diary. Most importantly, he is not the father of Marianne, but the husband of Marianne. Marianne was a romantic woman. After moving to the house, she was secretly married to a travel salesman named Henry Fisher. This triangular relationship has always existed in this house. In order to conceal the truth, Marianne and Fisher secretly made a strange phenomenon. Later, Marianne abandoned Fisher and fell in love with a US soldier. The strange phenomenon still appeared in the room. After that, Marianne went to the United States, and all the strange phenomena disappeared completely. In 1939, the house suffered a big fire and everything was gone.

Scientific explanation of ghosts
The human brain is always imagining various scenarios, mainly subconscious activities. When you encounter a situation similar to reality, it will echo the scenes of your former brain fiction, plus the role of psychological reinforcement, you will There is a feeling of deja vu. Because people are sleeping, the brain is still computing some parameters in reality, and many kinds of results are obtained. A deja vu scene is one of the results of brain computing.

Researchers believe that this may be that an impression has long been hidden in the subconscious of the dreamer, and then occasionally appeared in the dream, and some studies have pointed out that this phenomenon is related to another subconscious mind that transcends time and space. On the other hand, some brain activity research experts point out that this phenomenon may also be caused by the fact that one half of our brain processes the message slightly faster than the other half.

This is a collision of time and space tunnels or a memory of dreams. I have seen the scenes that will happen in my dreams, but I can’t remember the dreams, so when you happen, you will feel like you have experienced them there. In fact, it is a memory of your own memories and dreams.

Another medical explanation is the transient discharge of the cerebral cortex, or the phenomenon of illusion, also known as visual memory, which often occurs when you are in a very familiar environment. Our brain has a memory buffer. When you see something or meet a thing, you store the memory in the buffer area. The reason why the immediate situation seems to have experienced this feeling is that we have made mistakes in the memory storage, and stored it in the historical memory. When you look at the things in front of you, you are from historical memory. Find it out and you feel as if it has happened before. This kind of illusion is more likely to occur when the brain is tired.

5. The difference between the flow of life and death consciousness. People are born with consciousness, and this consciousness has been a flat flow until death. After the death, the human consciousness will follow the tortuous route to the time of birth, and thus will continue to reciprocate. Because of the twists and turns of the post-mortem route, the memory of the birth is segmented. Only the memory at the joint is likely to be entangled by the next “life” consciousness, and the deja-vu phenomenon will occur. As for why young people and the elderly have this phenomenon, it is also very good to explain. The normal ideology of young people is still forming, while the memory of older people has a stronger memory retelling function. Middle-aged people often ignore this feeling because of the pressure of life, rather than not exist.

Physically speaking, such a phenomenon is a time-lapse, that is, a special human body feeling that occasionally occurs in a four-dimensional space when the speed is greater than the speed of light. When a scene occurs, the human control nerve (part of the central nervous system) is transmitted to the memory nerve at a very fast rate. At this time, the brain’s response has not yet been transmitted to the memory nerve, so when the brain’s response reaches the memory nerve At the time, it will make people feel the same before. Some scientists have speculated that the control nerves and memory nerves will transmit faster than the speed of light. This is a huge challenge to the relative embarrassment. Of course, this theory has not been proved yet, just a stage of conjecture.

Although the orthodox scientists refuse to talk about the existence of the soul, or to deny this view without any sparety, the involvement of high-energy physics and some other edge physics on this issue is undeniable. First of all, it is to explore the constituent materials of the soul. Some heretical physicists have suggested that the essence of the soul is a kind of high-energy particle (there is a lot of speculative evidence in physics, because although human beings can rely on physical laws and laws to predict its existence, the human science and technology is insufficient to verify, including There are many kinds of high-energy particles, etc., which carry huge energy and can break through the obstacles of time and space, that is, they can move in time and space. This inference is fully in line with Einstein’s theory of relativity. Its specific quality is that it can be used as a carrier of information for disordered spatiotemporal movement. All the thoughts in our minds can be called information. Although it is still impossible to understand what the essence of information is, it is certain that brain waves have a certain effect on it. This is what we call thinking or brain awareness. And this kind of particles usually spread in a lot of space around us, of course, also in our brains. Because of its characteristics, we can receive external information for thinking, memory, memories, and forgetting. The so-called forgetting is that some of the particles with information are separated from the consciousness space of our brain. Unfortunately, it has not been known so far what causes the suction and repulsion between the particles, perhaps related to our brain waves and other brain chemicals. However, when our brain dies, there will be a large number of particles in the memory area of ​​our brain. Since the principle of attraction and repulsiveness of such particles is not known, it is impossible to explain and estimate their probability of liberation. In the case of very low chances, the particles remain in their original alignment in the human brain after liberation, in other words, to maintain the basic personality and memory of this person (already dead). When they encounter a new combined Japanese standard (another person’s brain) and combine, personality transfer occurs when the person is a newborn (without established memory), which is what we usually say The same or the same. However, there are also unexpected situations, such as sudden awakening after a certain period of time after the combination, which is what we often call the phenomenon of personality mutation (also exists in the memory of people who have formed, awaken, loss of the original Personality situation). In fact, we are always combined with this kind of particle, like us Suddenly a strange idea emerged, and some words suddenly appeared in my mind… even dreams and prophecies can be explained by this theory. That is, the visual sense can also be explained in this way.

Time and space are in chaos. For example: You need a tool, but you can’t find it when you’re looking for it all over the house, but after a while or for a while, the tool is clearly placed where it is usually placed. Explaining from Einstein’s point of view, there is a lot of time and space in this world. Every time and space runs according to the general law. They are parallel. Generally there is no crossover. There is only a time sequence, but there are exceptions. Time and space cross, instant air chaos, this is the case where the tool disappears, for example, a pliers is gone, and it is there again in the blink of an eye, that is, the pliers temporarily turn to other time and space, this time is letting You run into, of course, such a coincidence is still very rare. The same is true for people. If it happens that your time and space intersect with the future time and space, that is, you have a short time to enter the future time and space, and soon come together. If you repair a white car with pliers in the future time and space. After you have the same time and space, you have to do the same thing (whitewashing), but you have already stored this thing in your memory, so you feel this thing, this scene seems to have experienced it. This has nothing to do with age and other experiences.

Neuroscientists believe that memory is actually composed of many brain cells. Brain cells are connected by a strong chemical reaction. To awaken memory, it is necessary to locate and stimulate a certain group of brain cells. There is a similarity between the clear memory of the brain. For example, the taste of raspberry sweet and sour is similar to that of strawberries. It can also distinguish similar but not identical memories. For example, eating some kind of red berries can make people nausea. This ability is called “module separation.” The “module separation” line in the brain sometimes fails, so the new experience and the old memory seem to be exactly the same, which is why people feel “deja vu”.

Why do we see ghosts?
The kitten of Karas Slutsky has been dead for some time, but now he will still see it occasionally. For Slutsky, this is not just a phantom, the kitten seems to be hiding in a corner of his sight. In the thought room, the phantom slipped away quietly. When the sorrow faded away, Slutsky realized that his former friends had “retired from the current world and returned to the bitter memories of the loved ones.”

The dead are still there. They live in our hearts and live in our spiritual world. Of course, for most people, they just stay in the sensation: see the phantom, hear the illusion, smell the smell, touch the object or feel they are still there. Losing loved ones, people often have hallucinations because of sorrow, but they rarely discuss this with others because they fear that the listeners will think they are mentally disordered because of excessive grief. Today’s society often associates hallucinations with drugs or mental illnesses. However, we know that people who are healthy and clear-headed often have hallucinations due to excessive stress.

People often have hallucinations because of sorrow, even if the illusion of reappearing in front of the eyes is not uncommon. A study by Agnet Greenby, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, found that 80% of the elderly had an illusion associated with them within a month of widowhood, as if they had not fully understood that the person had been forever The land left. Nearly a third of people will tell about their experiences of talking to people in the illusion, which is enough to prove how realistic this illusion is. In other words, these illusions are not just illusions that are irrelevant, they can evoke the most valuable things in the life of the deceased.

Occasionally, hallucinations can be heartbreaking. A German researcher said in a report that in a case in 2002, a middle-aged woman’s daughter died of excessive use of heroin. The mother was too sad and often “sees” her daughter and sometimes hears her shouting. “Mom, Mom, I am cold.” Fortunately, this sad illusion does not happen often. Most people can get some comfort from the illusion after losing their loved ones, as if they are exposed to some positive things in the lives of the dead. Extreme sorrow can produce an illusion of pleasure, such as the perception of sharing the beauty of marriage with those who have died.

It is also possible that sadness illusions will vary from culture to culture. Anthropologists have told us that the rituals, beliefs, and social customs of death in different cultures are very different. However, we have no way of knowing how these differences will affect people’s illusions about those who have passed away.

The owner of the kitten mentioned at the beginning of the article, Karos Slutsky, is a cross-cultural researcher at George Mason University in the United States. He pointed out that in a culture of non-European origin, the distinction between “here (live)” and “where (dead)” is not as strict as defined. Therefore, the illusion of sadness is not so worrying for everyone. In a recent article, he discussed the case of an old Spanish woman. This woman often “sees” her two children who died young, which is part of her social life to get comfort and value. Other case studies report that this illusion is considered pleasing in the culture of the Hopi Indians or the Muchaveb people of Oman. However, this issue has not been systematically studied before.

We know so much. Although hallucinations often occur after the loss of a lover, there is very little research in this area, so we know very little. As far as “sadness” is concerned, we seem to be reluctant to touch it, and we are not willing to discuss it on this issue. We are more inclined to mention some more practical issues – “If you need help, call me.” “Don’t think about those things anymore”, “You have to take care of yourself.”

Among the readers of this article, there may be only a small number of people who do not have an illusion about the deceased when they are sad. For all the “ghosts”, we tend to classify them as cultural problems, but in fact, it has profound implications for our lives. The person who once loved it was gone, but we will subconsciously add that vacancy to restore the world to the days we have lived for a long time, although the reality does not make up for our love.