Secret hidden in the body

The human body is like a magnificent, sweaty and other body fluid precision instrument that moves and mixes chemicals in a precise and coordinated way, making memories, thoughts, blood, nails… everything that is alive. Of course, maybe these “small secrets” will make you more interested.

Four-color mixed skin
The color of all races and ethnicities, the attention is all, in the beginning, it looks milky white, like a canvas that has not been dyed. The blood vessels close to the surface add a touch of red to this “canvas”. A special yellow “fuel” that comes with the gene will also color the canvas. Finally, due to the ultraviolet light, a large amount of brown melanin is produced on the surface of the skin. The skin turns black. The skin color of all the people on earth is a mixture of these four colors in different proportions, so the reason why there are no black people in Russia is probably that their ancestors in Siberia did not sunbathe every day like the indigenous tribes of the Cape of Good Hope.

Laughing can also infect
When the middle school period is the most arduous, the difficulty of class is the difficulty that every student must overcome. The yawning has become an infectious disease. The faint afternoon and a group of students with big mouths are the nightmare of each teacher. Just as you see someone yawning, you will immediately behave the same way as being infected. Recent research evidence suggests that laughter is also a social suggestion. Hearing laughter actually stimulates the relevant areas of the brain that control facial muscle activity, making people in a state of being ready to laugh, and imitation plays an irreplaceable role in human social interaction. The desire to establish social connections among groups, sneezing, laughing, weeping and yawning suggests that it may be the best “combination” scheme in human genes.

Give way to the brain for the development of the brain
Human beings have evolved from apes for millions of years, forming what they are now, and can be said to be the only miracle on earth. But evolution itself is not perfect, otherwise we may have wings instead of hateful wisdom teeth. In general, the reason that the useless features exist in one species may simply be that they have no harm. The wisdom teeth that make many modern people unbearable and useless are a very convenient set of teeth in our ancestors. Only the priority of our brain evolution is too high, leading to the continuous expansion of brain capacity and increasing importance. Over time, our jaw structure has changed, our mouths have become more and more crowded, and the original functions of wisdom teeth have been new. Replaced by other sharper teeth that developed.

Cells also have “hair”
In most of our cells, there is an organelle called cilia that helps us to perform functions from food digestion to music appreciation. In the case of a common cold, in the nasal cavity, cilia acts as a postman. It will transport the mucus produced in the nasal cavity to the throat, and the cause of your nasal congestion is not that the secretion of mucus is too much to block the nasal passage. The real reason is that the cold weather makes your nasal mucosa bigger than usual. Double, thus occupying the passage in the nasal cavity that was originally exchanged with the outside air. The role of cilia is to transfer as much as possible the odious nose, let your swollen nose smooth.

Adolescence is also the brain renewal period
When did we start to grow up? It may be because of something, or because of a particular moment, the probability of these factors occurring between 12 and 18 years old, sociology and psychology are called puberty. In such a period of rapid physical and mental growth, the body’s hormone levels are constantly changing. Of course, this is a good thing. It promotes our body growth and prepares for future fertility.

But it seems that teenagers all over the world will encounter problems of one kind or another. “Unhappy” has become the main theme of their emotions, which is of course the negative effect of hormone levels. Taking sex hormones such as testosterone as an example, they actually affect the development of brain neurons, and the consequences of brain changes in neuronal structure are emotional instability, indifference, and poor decision-making ability. From a psychological point of view, it is like a mature adult in a child’s body. Adolescent teenagers always think about problems in a more adult way, but the measures they take to deal with the problem are still the same as the children. Different, the mind and body derived from the brain renewal period have become the “pain point” of adolescence.

Burning my calories
The facts to be presented next may make people who are obese or obese obsessed, because in fact most of the nutrients we consume from food contribute to the brain rather than fat. Although the brain is only an electrochemical substance that accounts for 2% of the total weight of the human body, it requires the body to provide 20% of oxygen and heat. In order for the brain to get enough nutrients in time, the three major arteries continuously deliver oxygen through the red blood cells in the blood. Therefore, while maintaining the daily function of the body, our brain is also burning a lot of calories, which is called the “big stomach king” in the organs. Of course, this is by no means an excuse for turning off your treadmill and canceling your fitness program.

Body posture affects memory
“Is it coming to the wedding anniversary?” As a famous husband, in the face of his wife’s questioning, he must always keep a cool head, but unfortunately this time you really forgot the wedding anniversary is Which day. It doesn’t matter, trying to kneel down on your knees may help you remember the details at that time faster. Studies have found that when your body posture is similar to that presented in past activities, previous experiences and details are remembered faster and better.

In addition, biopsychologists also point out that memory is highly reflected in the senses of our bodies. A smell or sound can evoke a person’s memory of a long-term fragment of childhood, and the grandmother’s taste of slyness brings you an instant recall. From the small rice fields and the sloppy puppies on the roadside, these connections can be obvious, or they can be unrelated or even difficult to understand.

Your stomach will secrete dangerous liquids
Security personnel at the airport will check all the liquids you carry, and they are almost paranoid about the dangers. But there is a dangerous liquid that no security personnel can confiscate: it is in your stomach. Gastric cells secrete low levels of hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive compound. We know that high concentrations of hydrochloric acid are used in the industry to dissolve metals, but mucus on the stomach wall can safely store this toxic liquid in the digestive system to digest three meals a day and your diet pills.