The live-action version of the “Granda Sailor” hand is wide and chilling

According to foreign media reports, the 50-year-old bodybuilder Jeff Darby of Minnesota, USA, has a huge arm and is as powerful as a cow. It is comparable to the live-action version of “The Popeye” and “Invincible Destruction King.” According to reports, Darby has the largest palm in the world, and it seems that destroying the human brain can be as easy as smashing watermelon. His forearms are up to 49 cm long, making it easy to operate heavy machinery, and it is easy to beat each other with your wrist. Darby has been participating in the Wrestling Competition since the end of 70 years and has quickly become one of the most promising athletes in the field.

Danish criminals take a cruise to the Caribbean to get close to nature
Speaking of criminals, you may think of a strict prison, a strong cage and a heavy shackle. However, according to the British “Daily Mail” report, a labor reform project in Denmark has been introduced, and the criminals are sent to the cruise ships in the Caribbean to accept the transformation of nature under the blue sky and blue sky. So far, 26 cities across Denmark have sent 59 offenders to participate in this two-year labor reform program. Two to three criminals are usually assigned on the cruise ship, equipped with a captain and a teacher to sail together. The criminals receive the course education on board, and they will take the relevant examinations after returning to the shore. Some prisoners may have to conduct a second voyage.

South African fragrant cat riding a rhinoceros back “take a ride”
According to the US “Huffington Post”, a mysterious cat-like animal in Africa was photographed and quickly became popular after riding a rhinoceros in the Hluhlu National Park in South Africa. It is reported that this small creature is a kind of “fragrant cat” and is a member of the spine cat family. As a carnivorous animal, it is closely related to the lynx and the raccoon. According to the local wildlife behavior association, the animal is a Jackson civet. In the video, it “rides” on the back of the black rhinoceros. After the grumpy black rhinoceros temporarily endured for a while, perhaps it was to shake off the body and start running to get rid of the little creature, but failed to get rid of it.

Indian old man “robbing the rich and helping the poor” collect drugs for free for the poor

According to foreign media reports, the 79-year-old man of India, Amukarus, spread his name in the streets of New Delhi. He collected drugs from the rich and distributed them free of charge to the poor, making him the Indian version of Robin Hood. . His day is so planned: 7 kilometers a day, every street in New Delhi, knocking on the doors of the rich, collecting drugs they don’t need, or simply getting a treasure from the trash – he used to be from the garbage Find an anti-cancer drug worth about 3,385 yuan. Then, he will look for the drug collection boxes that he deliberately placed on the street to take the citizens’ donations. After finishing the work, the old man walked into the park, listed the medicines, sorted them, and discarded the expired or already opened medicines. There is a warehouse next to the Amukas home to store medicines. Poor people can take the prescriptions from the hospital and they can come here to collect the medicines.

Swedish strongman removes the car by hand
According to foreign media reports, a bicycle man in Stockholm, Sweden, lifted the tail of a Fiat car with a hand in hand and removed it from the bicycle lane in just a few seconds. Then the Hercules rode away in the cheers of the crowd. There are onlookers taking the entire process and uploading videos to the site. In the video, the whole process seemed to be very easy for the Hercules. Finally, he made a scornful gesture toward the car and left.

British female teachers design cats for their own funeral design
According to the British “Mirror” report, the 62-year-old British retired female teacher Mandy Maguire made a cat human face coffin with the help of friends and placed it in their own garden. Maguire also carefully planned his own funeral. When Maguire first revealed to the artist friend Gina Zanzi that he wanted to plan a funeral for himself, the other side thought it was terrible. But Maguire said that he has no children, his parents have passed away, and he does not want others to come to his own funeral. After understanding Maguire’s thoughts, Zanziqi considered Maguire to like cats and was very interested in archaeology and Egyptian studies. She designed her coffin shape with reference to the cat body.

Istanbul launches “Breaking Bad” theme cafe
A few days ago, the Turkish entrepreneur Deniz Cosang was inspired by the hit TV series “Breaking Bad” to open the world’s first “Breaking Bad” theme cafe in Istanbul. It is reported that the Walter theme cafe is known as “the world’s first super coffee laboratory”, the name comes from the hero of the “Breaking Bad”, Walter White. The design inside the café is reminiscent of Walter’s lab, from coffee bean baking equipment to coffee cups, almost all of which are in the lab. The waiters in the coffee shop wore a yellow anti-virus suit and a gas mask. There are also pancakes with portraits of the portraits of Walter, and cupcakes decorated with Walter’s special blue rock candy.