The mystery of ancient Chinese prophecy

There have been many prophecies in ancient China. Among them, the famous prophecies, such as Yijing, Pushing the Back, and Hetuolu, have predicted a series of future events and have been confirmed. The ancient Chinese prophecy is not a miracle of independent existence in this world. By studying the secrets of ancient Chinese prophecy, it can confirm and reveal a series of truths about the world.

Unidirectional proof
What is a one-way proof of phenomenon? Suppose you write a set of twenty digits randomly on paper, let no one else see it, and let others guess the top fifteen in order. This is impossible to guess. But if that person is really right, then it means that the person is not right, but he has a way to see the words you wrote. This conclusion is a one-way proof. If you let that person continue to say the remaining five numbers, then no matter what is wrong, the previous conclusions can not be overthrown. The proof of some conclusions only has one-wayness and no reversal. This conclusion is a one-way proof of conclusion, and this phenomenon is a one-way proved phenomenon.

The ancient prophecy of China has a unidirectional proof phenomenon, and the fulfillment of prophecy shows that the prophet does have the ability to make accurate predictions about the future. This conclusion is not affected by the part that is not allowed. In modern times, many people have written false prophecies, so the ancient Chinese prophecy mentioned here can only be selected as part of it.

a phenomenon that does not exist alone
What is the phenomenon that does not exist alone? For example, if a huge diamond is found on the moon, then this huge diamond may exist on the moon alone. If a spacecraft is found on the moon, as long as it can be determined to be true, then the existence of the spacecraft must not exist alone. There will be hundreds or thousands of spaceships in other parts of the moon. In the same way, the miracle of ancient Chinese prophecy can also be judged as a phenomenon that does not exist alone. As long as the ancient prophecy of China confirms the authenticity, it can be said that the ancient prophecy was not in a certain country, nor in a certain period. . In the real history, ancient prophecies existed in all periods of history and in all parts of the world, and all clanships existed. The prophecy was more or less, which in turn confirmed the authenticity of ancient Chinese prophecy.

a phenomenon that does not exist independently
What is the phenomenon that does not exist independently? For example, suppose that on the top of a mountain in the earth, there is a huge stone. The state of the big stone seems to have the possibility of sliding down at any time, or it seems that a little breeze will slide down immediately, but the big stone has not slipped down for thousands of years. This miracle belongs to independence. The phenomenon. In the real world, there are many miracles that we can directly see, but they are easily overlooked. Just like the size and distance between the earth, the moon and the sun, there is a precise phenomenon that causes the human to see the moon and the sun is just too small. As long as it is determined that the precise phenomenon is not a natural coincidence, it means that the precise phenomenon is designed. And that kind of design can be judged as not being an independent phenomenon. In many places in the solar system, there must be more other designs at the same time.

The miracle of ancient Chinese prophecy is not a phenomenon of independent existence. The ancient Chinese prophecy such as “Pushing Back Picture” can predict the history of thousands of years later. It is not the mystery of “Pushing Back Picture”, but the real world is very mysterious, and The history of mankind is mysterious.

Human history is designed
There are only four possible reasons why ancient Chinese prophecy can predict the future: first, it is coincidence; second, prophecy is rewritten by later generations; third, it belongs to the phenomenon of predictive science; fourth, those events of prophecy are designed. The ancient Chinese prophecy is enough to exclude the first two possibilities through probability theory and a large amount of historical data. The ancient Chinese prophecy is not a predictive school. The only explanation that can be established is that the prophetic events are designed, or the human history is Arranged for design.

The secret of ancient Chinese prophecy comes from the secret
The ancient Chinese prophet often said, “The secret can not be vented, and the vent must be flawed.” They mean that the prophecy they wrote is to express the secrets they have acquired in various concealed ways so that they do not directly leak. The sky was met by what they thought was the sacred (the Western prophet Nostradamus’s end was terrible, probably related to his leaking many secrets). From a historical perspective, it shows that ancient Chinese prophecy is a derivative of the secret, and the secret of ancient Chinese prophecy comes from the secret of the world. Broadly speaking, ancient prophecies around the world are derivatives of the celestial (apocalyptic prophecy), the form and style of prophecy, and how many accurate parts depend on the way in which the heavens are acquired and the way they are expressed.

The ancient Chinese prophet is proficient in the mysterious knowledge of Hetuoshu and Zhouyi Yinyang and Gossip. Those mysterious knowledge belong to the tools of creating heavenly derivatives, and may also belong to the tools of acquiring the secrets, not the tools to create the heavens. Assuming that the secret is created by them, there will be no such thing as a secret.

So many ancient prophets in China have a very similar understanding of “Destiny”. They all think that the secret they have acquired belongs to the destiny, and the destiny is unchangeable. Their understanding can not only be confirmed once and for all during their lifetime, but still valid for thousands of years after their birth.

Human history exists designer
A large amount of historical data can explain that the various influences of ancient Chinese prophecy on history have never brought about any change in the prophetic events. For example, the predictions of the Qin Dynasty that occurred during the Qin Shihuang period have had a very significant impact on history. In the end, there has not been any change in the prophetic events (the hidden destiny of the prophecy). No matter what period of history, the ancient Chinese prophecy has a great impact on history, but the hidden destiny of the prophecy will never bring any influence on the history caused by prophecy. change. This is the greatest miracle of ancient Chinese prophecy, and it is also the most extraordinary and difficult to explain. This is a phenomenon that belongs to the miracle of the universe. The premise of the existence of this miracle is that the designer of the destiny holds the infinite amount. From the combination of historical facts and science, it shows that there are omnipotent manipulators in human history. The designers of human history are the designers of all things in heaven and earth.

We know that if we want to do a little bit of design for the future history, if the design is to be announced in advance, if the predictions announced in advance have enough influence on history, it may bring some changes to the things to be designed. This is common sense. However, all ancient Chinese prophecies are against this common sense. The ancient predictions of China have brought too much influence on the historical dynasties. No matter what kind of influence it brings, it will not bring any change to the hidden destiny of the heavenly machine. This is a phenomenon that can be confirmed by many historical records. This is the most magical place in the sky. If this phenomenon is explained by science, it may only be considered that a omniscient designer is manipulating the history of mankind.