The “most” of the world routes, the shortest is only 57 seconds!

The longest route in the world
The same route, affected by many factors, the daily flight route will be different, so the actual flight distance is not the same, but its large network route distance is always fixed.

The so-called big circle route is the shortest path between any two points on the earth. It is a kind of inferior arc formed by the intersection of these two points and the plane of the earth’s center and the earth’s surface.

In 2018, the longest flight on the world’s largest route will be Qatar Airways’ direct flight from Qatar Doha to New Zealand’s Auckland, flight number QR920/921.

The route of this route has reached 14,550 kilometers, spanning 10 time zones, and the average flight time of the return journey has reached 17 hours. Therefore, QR921 (Auckland-Doha) is also the longest flight in the world.

Qatar Airways used the Boeing 777-200LR on this route. Before the Airbus A350-900ULR was born, the Boeing 777-200LR was the world’s longest-range passenger aircraft.

However, this route of Qatar Airways is not the longest in history. Singapore Airlines has opened a flight from Singapore Changi Airport to New York Newark, flight number SQ21/22, the distance from the Great Circle has reached 15,350 kilometers, and the longest flight time of the return journey It is more than 18 hours.

At the time, Singapore Airlines used the Airbus A340-500 passenger aircraft to fly this route. Taking into account factors such as load shedding and passenger comfort, Singapore Airlines adopted a full business class layout on the A345, so the ticket price was not cheap.

In 2013, Singapore Airlines suspended the longest direct flight in history due to poor profitability.

In October 2018, Singapore Airlines received the Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft to use this aircraft to reopen the world’s longest direct flight.

Shortest route
There are two small islands in the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland – Papa Westray and Westerly Island, and the airports on the two islands are only 2.7 kilometers apart.

Papa Westray Island has a population of only 70 people, public facilities are not complete, and there are more than 600 residents on Westerre Island. Residents of Papa Westray Island have to go to the Westerly Island opposite to go to school for medical treatment. In order to facilitate the residents of the island to go out, they opened up such a route between the two islands. This is also the shortest route in the world. The official flight time is 2 minutes. If you encounter a downwind, the actual flight time is only 57 seconds. Of course, if you don’t want to fly, you can take a ferry. The time is about 20 minutes.

Students on the island will fly to the school every Tuesday, staying with the host family for two nights, and taking the return flight on Thursday.

Currently implementing the world’s shortest route is a De Havilland Shuangshui and two Britton Norman BN-2s from the local Logan Airlines.

For outsiders, this flight may be a bit funny, because the distance of 2.7 kilometers can even see the opposite airport, but for the residents living on Papa Westray, this flight, The life of the inhabitants of the island will be much more convenient.

This route has been flying since 1967, when only the archaeological researchers or medical staff will take the flight except for the local residents. In 2011, with the development of the island’s tourism industry, the flight began to open to tourists, the one-way fare is 30 US dollars, many tourists come here to make a special trip to experience the world’s shortest flight.

The longest domestic direct flight route
The longest domestic direct flight route in the world is the route from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Roland Garros Airport in French Reunion.

Reunion Island is located on the eastern side of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It was first discovered by the Portuguese in 1513, ruled by France in 1649, and later occupied by the British. In 1946, France declared Reunion an overseas province. In addition to being part of the country’s overseas territories, Reunion is in the same level as the French mainland.

The long round distance of this route is about 9380 kilometers, and the one-way flight time is about 10 hours and 30 minutes. There are two airlines flying this route, namely France’s Austral Airlines and XL Airlines. The models that fly are Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 747-400.

The domestic route that is the farthest from the continuous territory
Although the route mentioned above is in French territory, the flight route will pass through the airspace of other countries such as Italy, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The following route, its starting point, the end point and the entire flight are all in the same country’s airspace, is a real “pure domestic route.”

Thanks to the vast territory, Russia is able to have the domestic flight with the longest flight distance on the intercontinental route. The route from Moscow Vnukovo Airport to Petropavlovsk Elizovo Airport is the world’s longest distance from the continuous territory. The distance from the Great Circle is 6790 km and the average return time is 8 hours. 20 points.

At present, this route is operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft of Russian National Airlines.

The shortest international flight
In November 2016, Austrian Airlines Peoples Viennaline opened a new route from St. Gallen Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany, with a flight distance of only 21 km and a one-way flight time of only 8 minutes. For 40 euros, this route is considered to be the shortest international flight in the world.

Since the two cities are separated by a lake called Constance, the inter-city road is 77 kilometers long and it takes an hour to drive. If you take a ferry, it will take an hour and twenty minutes, so the airline will have the idea of ​​opening up this route. The aircraft used is the E-170 regional airliner of Embraer.

After the opening of the route, the actual seat rate was not satisfactory. In desperation, the airline stopped the route in April 2017. The world’s shortest international flight only “lived” for six months, but Hao Hao also set a world record.

The shortest international route still in operation in the world is the island hopping route from Angra Island in the Caribbean to Sint Maarten, which lasts 10 minutes.

Busiest route
Many people may not have thought that the busiest route in the world is in our neighboring South Korea, and it is related to the small Jeju Island.

The route from Seoul Gimpo Airport to and from Jeju Island Airport has been ranked first in the world’s busiest passenger route for many years. The two airports are only 450 kilometers apart. The flight from Jeju Island to Seoul is like the city subway. There are almost every 5 to 10 minutes. There are more than 190 flights every day and more than one million passengers a month to and from Seoul. In Jeju Island, the number of passengers and the number of flights is the highest in the world. Most of them are Koreans who travel to Jeju Island.

The busiest international or regional route
The world’s busiest international or regional routes are between Singapore Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur Airport.

According to statistics, between March 2017 and February 2018, the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route reached the throne of the world’s busiest international routes with 30,537 shifts, an average of 83 flights per day. On this route, as many as eight airlines compete in the market.

However, if the number of passengers is used, the route from Hong Kong International Airport to Taipei Taoyuan Airport is the busiest international or regional route. The number of flights to and from the two places is slightly less than the number of flights to Kuala Lumpur in Singapore, which is 28,887. Passenger traffic reached 6.5 million passengers, far exceeding the 4.5 million passenger trips to Singapore’s Kuala Lumpur route.

The most absorbing route
The world’s most profitable route is to and from London Heathrow Airport and New York’s JFK Airport. British Airways is the biggest winner on this route. During the 12 months from April 2017 to March 2018, the UK The total revenue of Airline from this route reached 1.04 billion US dollars, accounting for 6% of British Airways’ total annual revenue. This figure is almost equivalent to Jixiang Airlines’ half-year operating income in 2017.

The reason why British Airways can make so much money on this route is because this route has a large number of business travelers and is expensive. British Airways’ official website shows that the one-way economy class has a minimum price of $2,774 and the business class has a minimum fare of $8,797. British Airways has invested in heavy machines such as 77W and 747 on this route.