The Canadian Prime Minister is strong against China, and the Chinese refuted

“Trudo’s remarks may further aggravate the tension between Canada and China.” The British “Guardian” said on the 6th that the Canadian Prime Minister Trouton in the context of the exchange of new ambassadors this week. On the 5th, he once again accused China of “achieving political goals through arbitrary detention.” “We need to be soberly aware that the rules China follows are different from what we follow in the West.” His remarks were severely refuted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on the 6th.

The Canadian government announced on the 4th that it appointed the famous business person Bao Damin as the ambassador to China. On the 5th, the Chinese side agreed to let him come to China to take up his new position. Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland said on the 5th that Canada has also accepted the nomination of China’s new Ambassador to Canada, Cong Peiwu. “Now both countries have accepted new ambassadors, which really makes us take a step forward in this relationship.” Reuters commented on the 5th that Freeland’s remarks once again showed that after the outbreak of the Meng’s boat in December last year, “the diplomatic relations between the two countries may be heating up”.

However, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on the 5th, Trudeau accused China of “arbitrarily detained as a tool to achieve its international and domestic political goals” when meeting with the editorial board of the Toronto Star. Stress tactics not only worry Canada, but also Western allies.” He argued that he “does not want to have a bad relationship with China, otherwise he will not appoint Bao Damin as the new ambassador”, saying that “Canada has no choice but to cooperate with the world’s second largest economy, but we need to be soberly aware that The rules China follows are different from what we follow in the West.”

“The Canadian leaders’ remarks are purely black and white. In order to please the United States’ political intentions, the Canadian side arbitrarily detained third-country citizens who did not violate Canadian law. They were willing to take advantage of the US fire and cooperate with the United States to concoct the Meng’s night boat incident. Is it the rule of the Canadian side to do things?” Yu Shuang responded to the comments of the Prime Minister on the 6th, saying that China has always acted in accordance with the law and did not engage in double standards. This is also the norm that most members of the international community pursue. “From the behavior of the Canadian side, the rules it pursues are indeed less consistent with the rules of the international community.”

The CBC commented that this year is the year of the Canadian legislative election. Trudeau has repeatedly accused China of being forced to be criticized by the opposition party as “weakened to China.” The British “Guardian” commented on the 6th that Trudeau’s remarks may further aggravate the deteriorating relationship between Canada and China since the December night of the Meng Zhou boat incident, which was thought to have been nominated by the two sides. The ambassador also agreed to nominate candidates, and the relationship between the two parties is “trying to move forward.”