Always young skin? False commitment in the cosmetics industry

The beauty story can be traced back to the slaughterhouse. After the cow is halved, it is divided into three layers. The middle layer is composed of many protein fibers, which can be processed into powdered “collagen”. Some companies say that if collagen is regularly taken through the diet, skin cells can stimulate the formation of collagen. Collagen-based anti-aging cream is many times more expensive than ordinary moisturizing cream. After the investigation, Der Spiegel only concluded that the promise of the cosmetics industry is nothing but a beautiful appearance. There is still no scientific evidence to show that these anti-aging products can achieve their claimed effects. The Commodity Inspection Foundation has purchased nine anti-wrinkle creams that allow 270 women to apply every morning and night for four weeks. Each person’s face is half-coated with an ordinary moisturizing cream, and the other half uses an anti-aging cream. As a result, no difference can be discerned on both sides. In fact, the sun is the most important factor in skin aging. Sunlight can exacerbate the formation of melanin and even damage the DNA of skin cells, so sunscreen should be used even in cloudy weather. Another important factor is smoking. Nicotine shrinks blood vessels and prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching the skin. In addition, alcohol can dehydrate the body and gradually damage the skin. What really works for the skin is a healthy lifestyle. Exercise promotes blood circulation, and a balanced diet rich in vitamins fights free radicals and makes the skin look better.

Pompeo and Trump
At the beginning of 2016, Trump’s appearance in the Republican primaries was already obvious. At the time, the Kansas Rep. Pompeo, like most Republicans, sneered at Trump’s political platform. He believed that “the United States’ first There is a difficult contradiction between the international responsibility and the United States. He chose to support Rubio, another big guy, and persuaded the Rubio team to invest a lot of money in Kansas. Despite Trump’s high support rate in Kansas, Pompeo was on the stage of a crowd rally, blaming Trump for being an autocratic president who ignored the Constitution. Pompeo’s speech did not receive media attention, and Rubio won only third place in the Kansas Republican primary. But Pompeo received the attention of Trump, was nominated as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and became Secretary of State after Tillerson resigned. Trump’s cronies exchanged for a change of light, but Pompeo’s status has been solid. The secret is that he supports his support regardless of what Trump has to say. According to a senior White House official, Pompeo is one of the most flattering and slaves around Trump. The transformation of Pompeo is a microcosm of the Republican Party’s change in Trump’s attitude.

Global market is in anxiety
Driven by a series of unfavorable factors such as the Sino-US trade war and the Fed’s interest rate cut, the current dominant sentiment in the global market is anxiety, and this anxiety is still deepening. The most obvious sign is that people have a surprisingly strong interest in the safest asset of government bonds, leading to a 30-year US Treasury yield falling below 2% for the first time, hitting a record low of 1.917%, indicating an increase in risk aversion. This week’s data shows that the German economy is shrinking. From overnight deposits to 30-year bonds, interest rates have been negative, and investors holding maturing bonds will suffer certain cash losses. In Switzerland, negative interest rates have been extended to 50-year bonds. Even in Italy, which is heavily indebted and in crisis, the yield on 10-year bonds is only 1.5%. At the same time, in the United States, this curve is reversed: the interest rate on a 10-year bond is lower than the interest rate on a three-month bond, a special case of a recession. Anxiety is also evident elsewhere. The safe-haven currency, the US dollar, has appreciated in comparison with various currencies. The price of gold has been at its highest point in six years, while the price of copper, which is a healthy indicator of industrial growth, has fallen sharply. Although Iran has seized British tankers and the situation in the Gulf is highly tense, international oil prices are falling.

British royal baby
At present, the British Crown Prince Charles has four grandchildren, three of whom are the eldest sons of William and Wang Kai Kaite, respectively, the eldest son of Prince George Louis, born on July 22, 2013, the summer born on May 2, 2015. Princess L. Elizabeth Diana, Prince Louis Arthur Charles, born on April 23, 2018; and Archie Harrison, born on May 6, 2019, by Harry and Princess Meegen Mountbatten-Windsor. Among these children, Princess Charlotte is the most daring and cheerful one. She has learned to wave her hand to the camera. After the birth of Princess Charlotte, the royal family changed the rules of the succession of the throne. The princess is no longer behind the prince, so Charlotte may become the queen in the future. Prince George was born with a halo, and as the eldest son he is likely to be the future king. He has a wide range of hobbies, football and tennis, and he likes to dance. This is like a grandmother, Princess Diana, who is not as bold as her sister, Princess Charlotte. Prince Louis is only one year and four months old. He seems to be a replica of his brother George Prince. Prince Archie is only 3 months old, and his growth will be much easier because he basically does not have the pressure to inherit the throne.