Keep the summer

Pink jelly with high saturated color over summer
The overall color of this makeup is pink, brick red, earth color do not appear! The base color of the eye shadow is usually superimposed on two colors, and the eye line is not slightly lighter. It is super-aged and young. Another important step in steam makeup is to add some shiny elements that will make you crystal clear like a soda bubble.

Pink makeup
Step1 makeup

Don’t start brightening from the base makeup! The makeup should be as clean and clear as possible, and refuse to greasy. First use the makeup cream to brighten the skin tone, then cover the acne with a dark one-color concealer. Then thin the upper layer of liquid foundation, the summer with the fog and the bottom will look more clean.

Step2 eye makeup

The eye makeup part is the key to this makeup. First of all, the eye shadow tray can choose a piece of color that is more beautiful. If you think that you buy too much, you can buy a few colors suitable for yourself to paint this makeup. The steam makeup is generally divided into orange and powder, the brightness is brighter, there is no dark brown transition such as earth color, and the eye shadow background is as light as possible.

First make the eyelids base, and cover the entire eyelids with matte light eyeshadow. This step is to make the later eye makeup more vivid. Then choose a pearly pink eye shadow to apply, pearl powder is the main color of the eye makeup, so you must be delicate to get started. Then draw a thin eyeliner, then use the eye shadow stick to smudge the eyeliner, in order to make the eye makeup softer.

The focus is coming! Eye makeup is bright, you can generally choose a large sequin powder eye shadow or liquid eye shadow, gently sweep in the middle of the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid lying on the silkworm to create a three-dimensional sense.

Step3 Blush

The blush is the same color as the eye makeup. The orange color is orange blush, and the pink color can be pink or purple blush. When you are blushing, remember to use a small number of techniques. Don’t forget to shake the powder before painting. Don’t paint a lot at a time. It is easy to draw unnaturally.

Step4 lip makeup

Finally, draw a tender jelly lip and eye makeup echo! Do not choose matte, dark lipstick, because this texture and color are more suitable for autumn and winter. Choose a full-bodied, juice-like lipstick, such as blood orange, grapefruit, and coral. These lip glazes are perfect for juice and soda.

The grapefruit orange color is not only white, but also makes the overall makeup light and thin everyday. Whether it is daily or school, it can be fully held. Strawberry red and pink will make the skin feel transparent, dating can choose this color, so that the whole person is sweet to the heart of the male god.

The technique of painting the lip makeup can also be cute. It is recommended to bite the lip makeup effect, then add a layer of lip gloss outside, remember to spill the lip honey to the lips a little bit, and the lips will instantly get!

Idol demonstration: Somi

As a new fashion icon in the Korean idol world, the mixed-race Somi won the title of the sweetest girl with her deep eyes. Her eye makeup doesn’t have to be over-modified, just add some shiny golden glitter to the lower eyeliner to create a bright eye makeup. Peach pink three-dimensional blush with jelly lip makeup, so that her overall makeup is as fresh and sweet as orange steam, like a sweet breeze in the summer, blowing into the heart.

Shining sequins is enough to flash the summer
Don’t think that sequins are just the exclusive makeup of the party. This summer, shining can be a highlight of your makeup!

The daily commute’s light makeup, coupled with the embellishment of large sequins, changes the temperament to “sin”; if you have already painted the full makeup and then embellished with rhinestones or sequins, it is full of dreamlike dreams. The color, size and embellishment position of the sequins are different, and the following three makeups can be referred to.


Smoked water makeup

In addition to sequins and rhinestones, the large rhinestone embellishment requires a lot of makeup. Choose the base of the red-brown smoky makeup, the base color is slightly orange, you can use the coral orange eye shadow to make the base, then deepen the brown color at the end of the eye, and finally use the orange-colored pearlescent eye shadow to make a wide range of eye sockets. Smudge.

If your eye type is internal double, then you should pay attention to the drawing of the eyeliner, and focus more on the outline of the inner eyeliner and the small tail of the eye. The last thing to pay special attention to is that if you want to paste the rhinestones in the lower eyelids, remember to maintain the overall balance of the eye makeup, slightly increase the range of the eye shadow, or it is easy to make the rhinestones look awkward.


Sequined red makeup

Using sequins to embellish blush, creating a makeup like shiny freckles is a major feature of makeup this summer. This makeup can be selected with two large sequins under the pupil, which are glittering on the silkworm, which adds a sense of makeup and highlights the three-dimensionality of the eyes, making the eyes shine.

In addition to the original version of the current sequins, the apple muscle is also a great location to embellish the sequins. The combination of sequins and blush can make the makeup look full of sparkling brilliance, even the highlights can be omitted. Note that the density of the decorations should not be too large, otherwise it will look uncomfortable, and a few sparse pieces will bring just the sweetness of the overall makeup.


Stereo eyebrow sequins

Sequins can also be opened from the eye, and choose to make a fuss under the eyebrows. Along the eyebrows, the sequins will be laid from the back of the eyebrows. The whole person will become a spirit and a gas field! This kind of painting is really suitable for Asian girls. The facial features of most Asian girls are relatively flat. There are no three-dimensional figures in Europe and America. Using sequins instead of highlights to embellish the underside of the brow bones can make the eyebrows look more attractive. Clear and more existential.

The last little reminder, the several methods introduced before should not be greedy when using, just choose 1-2 parts to embellish the sequins, and each part will be shiny, which will make people feel cheap, cumbersome and unable to grasp. Makeup focus.