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Musk: We are all Cyborg
Musk never lacks attention. On July 16th, local time, ElonMusk, the founder of Neuralink, a US neuroscience company, announced new research results. He said that the research on Brain-Computer lnterfce (BCI) has made new progress. “A monkey has been able to control the computer with his brain.” This black technology-savvy device immediately triggered people’s disillusionment about sci-fi scenes: Is the hacker empire really coming?

To put it simply, Neuralink has developed a “line” that is thinner than human hair, with a diameter of only 4 to 6 microns, which can be implanted into the human brain to detect neuronal activity. Currently, researchers have experimented with monkeys to allow monkeys to use their brains to control computers.

Then the question comes, how is such a “fine” “line” implanted into the brain?

The company said that under the guidance of a neurosurgeon, they have developed a robot that looks like a sewing machine and implants “wires” into the brain. According to Neuralink, the robotic helper can implant a “line” of only one-third of the diameter of a human hair into the brain tissue. When implanting, it is necessary to drill a small hole in the skull first, which will be like an excimer laser in situ. Like LASIK, it is simple and low risk. It is said that the robot can automatically implant six “wires” per minute, the whole process is similar to the sewing machine operation. Implanted “lines” can perform read and write operations with very high amounts of data. The entire system contains more than 3,000 electrodes that are connected to flexible filaments that are thinner than the hair.

According to reports, Neuralink has been tested on monkeys. “We must experiment on monkeys, this is a sensitive topic.” However, Musk revealed in the question and answer session of the event, “A monkey has been able to use the brain to control the computer, for reference only.” According to a published white paper by Neuralink, Neuralink has performed at least 19 experiments on animals. The success rate is 87%. The company plans to conduct human trials in the second quarter of 2020, if approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At that time, four 8 mm diameter holes will be drilled in the head of the human volunteer to implant the electrodes into the brain.

Your mobile phone is already an extension of you, you are already an electronic person.

Elon Musk

Founded in 2017, Neuralink is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. One of the founders, Musk, said that the company was founded to implant artificial intelligence into the human brain to prevent human survival from being “threatened” by artificial intelligence, avoiding artificial intelligence beyond humans. intelligent.

What is the value of this research and development?

The brain-computer interface is a system that allows the brain and the machine to communicate directly. It can connect the brain to the machine, and the information transmission or communication control between the human-machines becomes more convenient. Musk said that the research and development will be used for medical purposes and is expected to be realized soon. This includes the ability to enable an amputee to restore vitality through the use of a prosthetic, restore vision and hearing, or restore other impaired senses. Musk also revealed that they will seek approval from the US Food and Drug Administration next year to put research and development into human clinical trials. This technology interacts with the iPhone app via a wireless connection, and helps paraplegics control the computer by implanting devices in the brain and greatly improve human thinking and communication. Neuralink plans to conduct human trials in the second quarter of next year.

“This research and development has a very good purpose, which is to cure the disease and ultimately protect the future of mankind,” Musk said.

Turn science fiction into reality? This breakthrough research and development results have also caused netizens to discuss hotly. Some people are afraid of it, and some people say that they are optimistic.

What is NeuraLink trying to solve?

The best way to understand this is to first understand how we evolved into this increasingly intelligent species. Musk said that we are actually an electronic person (cyborg). Modern people have been able to answer almost any question you ask in a matter of seconds. The futuristic device we carry with us connects us to an infinite human knowledge base. If someone finds something, they can share it with all humans on the Internet in a matter of seconds. Combining our equipment’s access to this infinite knowledge base, we can basically say that we are a huge, interconnected body control system consisting of people and machines.

There is no doubt that brain-computer interaction should be the ultimate form of human-computer interaction. Once the brain-computer interaction is realized, all entertainment projects will now become more interesting 1 million times. The boundaries between the game and the movie will gradually blur, and we may be able to go directly into the movie or game like the characters in the “Top Player” and fight alongside the heroes inside.

In addition to breaking the boundaries between reality and virtuality, brain-computer interaction can also have a profound impact in daily life. Once brain interaction becomes mainstream, perhaps we can communicate directly with the three-body in the “Three-body”, and “Reading Mind” will become a part of future life.

However, while improving the efficiency and happiness of life, the brain-computer interface is also easy to counteract the human mind. In the future, the Garden of Eden created by science and technology may become a holy place for many people to escape from reality.