The birthplace of the great Russian fighting nation

As a neighbor in the north of China, the mysterious Russia seems to be both familiar and unfamiliar, and its vast scenery is even more lingering. The world-famous Moscow Red Square, the majestic Kremlin, the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg stand out… Let us get closer to the birthplace of the “Fighting People” and enjoy the great Russia.

The Russian Federation (Russia) is located in the northern part of the Eurasian continent, bordering the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and the Baltic Sea in the west. The terrain is dominated by plains, with a temperate sub-cold climate and an area of ​​17.08 million square kilometers. It is the largest in the world. country. Russia has more than 100 ethnic groups, of which Russia accounts for 83%.

This vast land has created a broad mind for the Russians. The enthusiasm and boldness are the labels of the Russians. The long winter has made Russians full of love for nature. They use music and dance to express their inner passion for life. The Russians are also delicate and sentimental, otherwise they will not create ambiguous art treasures and literary masterpieces that shock the soul.

Going to Russia

The railway is one of the important means of transportation between China and Russia. On May 24, 1960, the Beijing-Ulaanbaatar-Moscow K3/4 international passenger train was officially opened. It is the first international intermodal train that was launched after the founding of New China. It traverses the Asia-Europe continent and passes through China, Mongolia and Russia. It has 33 stations in total, with a total length of 7,858 kilometers. It is docked in the capital of three countries. 132 hours, it takes 13 days to travel.

As China’s railways enter the “fast” era, K3 has also accelerated, and now every Wednesday there are trains from Beijing to Russia. On the afternoon of the second week of Monday, the train will arrive at the Yaroslavli Railway Station in Moscow, running about 127 hours and 50 minutes.

In fact, the railway also plays an important role in the economic life of Russia. The Russian railway network consists of 13 main lines, many of which connect Europe to Asia and connect countries including Finland, France, Germany, Poland, China, Mongolia and North Korea. Russia’s most famous railway is the Siberian Railway. With a total length of 9,288 kilometers, it spans eight time zones from Moscow to Vladivostok and is one of the longest and most spectacular railway lines in the world. The railway was built between 1891 and 1916, starting from Moscow, passing through vast pine forests, across the Ural Mountains, through the Siberian tundra, and finally to the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to taking the green leather train, the plane is naturally the most convenient way to travel to Russia. As a close neighbor of China, there is almost no need to transit to a third country in Russia. At present, there are more than a dozen major cities in the country that have opened direct flights to eight cities in Russia. There are 4 daily flights in Beijing and Shanghai, and 3 in Guangzhou every day. Other municipalities and capital cities have 2 to 4 flights a week, and even Sanya has 1 flight per week. Recently, Hefei Xinqiao International Airport has also added direct international flights to Russia. It runs every Thursday. The departure time of Hefei is 14:00 Beijing time, and Hefei is 04:00 Beijing time. The flight time is about It is 7.5 hours.

Love fan

May to October is the best tourist season in Russia, and Moscow is the first stop for many people to go to Russia.

Red Square is a famous square in Moscow and a place for Russian mass gatherings and military parades. Everyone who arrives in Moscow feels excited about stepping into the Red Square. The towering spires of the Kremlin, the dazzling colors of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the majestic red bricks of the National History Museum, and the exquisite buildings of the Gum State Department Store are all surrounded by a large cobblestone floor. A single building is spectacular, and when they get together, it’s beautiful.

Go to the Kremlin at Red Square, the most important and spectacular building in Red Square. The Kremlin enjoys the reputation of “the eighth wonder of the world”. It was once the palace of the Russian tsar. It is now the office of the Russian presidential palace and state leaders. Russian President Vladimir Putin is working on the east side of the Kremlin. The Russians have always believed that the Kremlin is insurmountable.

If you have enough time, I suggest you buy a ticket to the armory while purchasing the Kremlin tickets. This place used to make storage weapons, nowadays gathered a lot of treasures, so it is also known as the “Jumbo Pavilion”, which is amazing enough to be considered as the biggest highlight of the Kremlin.

On the legendary Red Square, there is a building known as the “stone myth”, the Vasily Brahne Cathedral, which is now considered a symbol of Russia. St. Basil’s Cathedral is located at the southern end of the Red Square. There are nine golden onion-shaped church domes. The fairy tale colors, patterns and shapes are the unique architectural styles of Russia and the world. The church was built to commemorate the conquest of the Kazan Khanate by Ivan the Great. The victory of this war consolidated Moscow’s status and marked Moscow as the center of Russian religion and politics. Legend has it that Emperor Ivan once smashed the eyes of the architects, so that they could no longer create a second building that would rival it.

Romantic St. Petersburg

The beautiful city of St. Petersburg, known as the “Venice of the North”, because of the urban charm of the Neva River. The Neva River is the soul of the entire city and is known as the Mother River of St. Petersburg. It is recommended to take a cruise and wander through the magnificent European architecture of these three or four hundred years.

The water-filled Neva River is 74 kilometers long and the part that flows through St. Petersburg is about 28 kilometers. The dotted rivers criss-cross, with only tributaries reaching as many as 50. More than 700 different styles of bridges, like more than 700 pleasing ties, connecting the islands in the city, beautiful. On both sides of the main river course of the Neva River stands numerous famous buildings, such as invisible pearls, which ties the history of the city with the style of today, and makes the rivers of the city witness the story of the city.

When night falls, a variety of stall vendors and street performers will appear in every corner of the Neva River. Walking into the old historical street of Russia on Nevsky Avenue, you will find that all the world’s big names are gathered here, of course, the best restaurants in St. Petersburg are also on this street.

In addition, St. Petersburg is still a treasure trove. The Winter Palace on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg, formerly the Royal Palace of the Russian Tsar, is an outstanding example of Russian Baroque architecture in the mid-18th century. The Hermitage Museum is also known as the National Hermitage Museum, and the Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The number of exhibits in the Hermitage and the high quality make it difficult for other museums to look back.

In the impression of most people, only the Winter Palace is the October Revolution led by Lenin. A gun was placed on the Aphrodite cruiser, and the office of the “reactionist” (the Royal Palace) that was attacked was not even thought of. It has collected a total of 3 million pieces of art from the world (including thousands of rare treasures), and is known as the “Art History of Western Europe”.

In this palace, I have lived in the royal family, and my relatives are very close. There are 1,057 rooms and 117 stairs. Only one peacock hall has used more than two tons of precious malachite. Behind the throne of the throne hall, a map was inlaid with 45,000 precious colored stones. In order to raise the prestige of the court and improve the emperor’s own taste and reputation, the tsars of the past dynasties paid special attention to collecting the world’s art decoration facades, and were praised as “Athene of the North” by Catherine II, once from Berlin merchants bought 225 top oil paintings from European countries.

The Palace of the Winter Palace is Da Vinci’s two masterpieces, “The Virgin Benoit” and “The Virgin and the Son.” In addition to oil paintings, the collection of the Winter Palace and the tapestry of the Persian dynasty, ancient Chinese porcelain, Byzantine icon paintings, ancient Egyptian sculptures, Iranian silverware, and prints, drawings, reliefs, coins, jewelry, agate , amber, jewellery, ordnance, bones, furniture, etc., and even the collection of unearthed artifacts from the primitive tribes of the nomadic people, such as stone tools, between Eastern Europe and Siberia, Altai and other places between the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Products, wood products, horse corpses, mummies, wood, clothes, and even food stored in the same year. In short, the collection of the Winter Palace covers rare treasures of ancient Greek and Roman, Russian and Eastern world art and culture.

Some people have done calculations. The collection of the Winter Palace is nearly 3 million pieces. If you watch one minute for each item, you can watch it for 8 hours every day. It takes 15 years to watch it all.

Oil painting is the main object of the collection of the Winter Palace. It includes oil paintings from various European countries, historical periods and various genres in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom since the Italian Renaissance. Original works of world-class painters from the 18th to the 19th centuries in Europe, such as Da Vinci, Cézanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, and Rafael, are concentrated in several exhibition halls.

If the Winter Palace is likened to the Forbidden City, then the Summer Palace is the Summer Palace. From the center of St. Petersburg to the Summer Palace, you need to take a ferry to the Baltic Sea for half an hour to get there. From the green grass all the way to the Summer Palace, you have the illusion of going back to the era of Ekaterina.

Like the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France, the Summer Palace is divided into two parts: the palace complex and the garden. The splendid and exquisite Baroque architecture, a variety of spectacular fountains, and golden Greek sculptures create a beautiful view of Versailles, Russia.

The church is an indispensable part of St. Petersburg. Built in 1818, Isa Kiev Cathedral, built in 40 years, is the largest church in St. Petersburg, with St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. cathedral. Whether it’s outside the huge golden dome, or inside the church painted with gorgeous murals and luxurious sacred design, visitors will be amazed. If you have time, be sure to climb to the top of the cathedral, because it is the highest point in St. Petersburg, and take a lap to take in the beauty of the city.

Survey and wild land

More than 10,000 kilometers from Moscow, 9 time zones apart, is the place where Russia began, the easternmost point of Eurasia. The lost “island” of the Russian Far East sits on the most primitive and fascinating natural features of the planet. It is home to some of the most active volcanoes in the world, the unique geyser valley, huge brown bears and huge numbers of squids, sea lions, whales and seabirds.

The plane is the most common mode of transportation to Kamchatka. At present, there is no direct flight to Kamchatka in China. Before that, Beijing opened a direct flight route, but due to too few passengers, it was forced to cancel. The most convenient way to get to Kamchatka is to transfer to Vladivostok or Khabarovsk. There are many direct flights between Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Northeast. Beijing usually travels between the two places for two and a half hours: Shanghai’s direct flight to Vladivostok is about three hours, and Hong Kong’s one-way flight to Vladivostok is about five hours. Friends from the northeast can also take a train from Harbin to the Vladivostok via the Suifenhe port.

Whether you are hiking in the wild, driving a dog sledding or strolling through the city’s black sand beaches, go fishing on the river or dig into the restaurant to taste the freshest king crab, caviar and delicious fish soup… here you can Experience a realistic version of “The Song of Ice and Fire.”

Since the discovery of Kamchatka by the Danish explorer Vishas Bering in the Russian Navy, this primitive land on the edge of the Russian Far East has attracted more and more tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to join and Explore the infinite possibilities and extraordinary experiences of the original natural world.

The surveyed forest has a high forest coverage rate, sparsely populated, and the rivers and rivers cover an area of ​​470,000 square kilometers. The area is larger than that of Sweden, but the number of residents is less than 400,000. To the east of the Kamchatka Peninsula is the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The sea is constantly slapping the rugged coastline day and night.

One of the wonders of the entire peninsula is the volcanoes all over the country, with 1,000 volcanoes and 29 active volcanoes, 19 of which are world natural heritage sites. Some of the volcanic volcanoes are as stable as sleeping beauty, and some are as arrogant as bad children, forming a variety of volcanic phenomena. There are amazing eruptions in the active volcano, and the landscape is constantly being transformed. The beauty that I saw this year may not exist until next year. It can be said that the volcanic lava created this land.

In addition to the volcano, another spectacle of Kamchatka is the fountain. There are many hot and cold fountains on the peninsula. There are only 85 hot fountains and more than 20 rare geysers. The fountains are mostly concentrated in the Kronoki Nature Reserve. Because they are difficult to reach from the land, they have not been destroyed by humans. They still retain the original beauty.

There are more than 20,000 bears living on the peninsula. This is the conclusion of biologists and hunting researchers analyzing the results of the “bear bears” census. It is home to the world’s largest brown bear, and the density of brown bears is one of the best in the world.

In the summer, the Kamchatka, the snow and ice melted, and the bears of the surveying and collecting have stepped out of the nest to breed and forage. Summer is also the best time to visit Kamchatka. Throughout the summer, the cold and warm currents surround the coastline of the Kamchatka Peninsula. A few of the first batch of red snappers appeared in the rivers of Kamchatka in early summer, attracting hungry mother bears.

Squid is the lifeblood of Kamchatka. Without the squid, the entire ecosystem will collapse. A quarter of the world’s wild Pacific salmon are hatched here. The red snapper swims back to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk from the Pacific Ocean, and then goes up 40 kilometers along the Ozenaya River. At the end of summer, Lake Curry is the destination of red snapper and the largest spar spawning ground in Europe and Asia. Each year, about 8 million catfish turbulent, and the catfish die after spawning. At this time, Lake Curry became the most abundant refrigerator in the sea fishing island.

Kamchatka has been artificially blocked for many years. Nowadays, in order to develop the tourism industry, more and more animals and landscapes that only a few people have seen have begun to open to the public. However, there are still too many secret landscapes that have not yet been discovered, waiting for the world to explore.

Russia on the tip of the tongue

Russia is rich in resources, but due to the weather, there are fewer crops. Common vegetables include potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. Meat and milk are richer. Russians are also very particular about diet. Even if there are not many raw materials, Russians can also make food with their own characteristics.

When it comes to the Russian diet, people will naturally think of sour Russian dark bread, delicious caviar, beautiful red cabbage soup, tender and juicy charcoal grilled meat, Russian dumplings of various flavors, and so on. In Russia, if you want to integrate into the life of the local people, you must first understand the Russian food culture.

It is essential to visit Russia and taste the “Russian feast”. Russian food is generally divided into four dishes, which are in order, including side dishes, soups, main dishes and desserts. Each dish has its own characteristics. The side dishes include squid salad, traditional assorted beet salad, Olivia salad, aspic, etc. The soups include vegetable soup, Ackloschka cold soup and red cabbage soup. Russians are When you drink red soup, add sour cream as an ingredient.

Most of Russia’s main dishes are roasted, fried and stewed, and Chinese-style cooking is rare. Potato roast beef, Kiev chicken patties, kebabs, served with mashed potatoes or bread, these are traditional main dishes.

In the staple food, in addition to bread, buckwheat rice is the most common. Desserts include honey cream cake, tiramisu cake, chocolate brown cake and more. Russia has a wide variety of sweet varieties, and you can find the flavor you like.

In Russian cuisine, traditional drinks also have their own place. There are sweet and sour pulp juice and black bread fermented Gawas. In addition, Conport sweet juice made with dried fruit and berries and sugar is one of the traditional Russian drinks. . Alcoholic drinks are mainly vodka, with sour cucumbers, which is a paradise for Russian men.